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The advanced features at Hyundai Venue – Hyundai is one of the leading automobile brands in India. It has been in the markets for a long time.

The brand has been ruling in India for a long time. It has reached a feat that no other car could ever get.

Like no other automobile brand in Indian history has ever received the Best Car of the Year title six times, but Hyundai has achieved it.

The brand’s credibility is proven by the fact that only in SUVs it has sold 8.34 lakh units in the previous five years. Amongst it, in 2021, Hyundai managed to sell over 8.04 lakh units.

After Creta’s ruling as the bestseller Hyundai SUV, Venue has become another choice for its customers.

Besides Hyundai’s credibility and intelligent design, the Venue has several exquisite yet advanced features. A smart design, advanced technology, and better mileage make it a preferable SUV in India

Though the Hyundai Venue was launched for the first time in 2019, the crazy part remained that the brand didn’t upgrade its model.

The venue hadn’t turned the tables after its 2019 release, some updated features were missing. Yet to give a kickstart to the conventional Venue and cutthroat competition to the other SUVs, Hyundai has finally given it an upgrade.

Hyundai Venue Features

With advanced features, best-in-class Cabin Space, cost-effective price, and a bold design, it has all that you need in your SUV.

The following are the updates given to the car, consequently equipping it with advanced features.

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● Design Update:

Hyundai has planned significant modifications to the Venue on its exterior front. The model had been seen camouflaged yet being tested in Korea.

Sources have declared that the Venue will be getting an intelligent yet bold design. At the car’s rear end, you will see an inverted L-shaped tail lamp present and a connecting strip.

Besides, it is also known that the SUV will hit back the market with newly designed bumpers, new headlamps, and even a new grille.

Diesel Automatic:

The current Venue models circulating come in petrol and diesel variants. Its petrol variant does have automatic options. However, a diesel-fueled engine variant does not have automatic features.

Moreover, the current and ongoing trends in the automobile industry have a huge demand for automatic gearboxes. So, the newer Venue has the benefit of a Diesel Automatic gearbox.

● Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS

The Hyundai Creta SUV is already equipped with ADAS. Considering the same, the Venue will most likely have the feature.

If it introduces in the Venue, the SUV can give cutthroat competition to other cars in the SUV category.

The ADAS procures advanced features like the Lane Departure Warning, Keep Assist, etc. However, the Venue will most likely have level 1 ADAS.

● A Better Touchscreen:

The Touchscreen infotainment systems play a significant role in boosting any car’s sales. Hyundai Venue already has touchscreen infotainment with which the older Venue is already equipped.

Besides, Kia, which always gives tough competition to Hyundai, has adopted the norm. Hyundai Venue already has an 8-inch infotainment system.

Moreover, to compete against Kiya, results can be better fetched if the Venue comes with a more extensive infotainment system. The infotainment system has a friendly GUI.

● Ventilated seats

In the scorching heat, ventilated seats are a must. It avoids exhaustion and travel sickness, thus keeping your body maximally functional. The Kia Sonet is equipped with ventilated seats at the back, and the Venue is also venturing.

Hyundai Venue 2022, also known as Hyundai Venue Facelift Compact SUV, might be released in India in June 2022.

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