Top 5 Amazing Facts About Yamaha Bikes

top 5 amazing facts about yamaha bikes

Yamaha Bikes, one of the best-known automobile brands, has several incredible facts about the brand that makes its industry journey unique. Today, Yamaha has an established feat in India. The coolest part is that it is a renowned automobile brand globally.

Especially talking about India, Yamaha bikes are sold here every day. Besides, it also comes with a warranty, and these reasons make it evident why Yamaha bikes’ insurance plans are offered by so many agents and companies out there. 

Yamaha sold 1.5 trillion yen bikes in 2020 globally. The sales during this time were low due to the global pandemic waive that slowed down the world economy. It was about 11% lower than the year 2019. The coolest part is that the company has restored its sales.

The most intriguing fact about the brand is that it began its industrial venture by selling musical instruments. Sticking to its roots, it even sells them now. Mainly the brand started its journey by fixing damaged reed organs in 1887. After years of sales in the industry, the founder of Torakusu Yamaha began the Yamaha Corporation with automobile sales.

There are several striking facts about the brand so let’s unleash them!

Top 5 Amazing Facts about Yamaha Bikes

Yamaha manufactures the world’s most versatile, most capable bikes. This is what the owners believe in! Each of its motorcycles is made for freedom, adventure, and expression-loving people. But in the past few years, there has been a steady change in the motorcycle landscape. Most motorcycles are now electric or hybrid, making them more environmentally friendly. They also allow for a much smoother ride than traditional gas or diesel-powered motorcycles. There are several more amazing facts about it. Let’s dig into detail!

1. Yamaha Bikes Ownership

The Yamaha Motorcycle brand has a stance as a Public limited company. Thus ownership status means several shareholders own the company’s stakes. However, as a matter of commitment, only members are involved in the decision-making process. One of them is Yoshihiro Hidaka, the President of Yamaha Co., although he’s also the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and a Representative Director. Besides, Mr. Hiroyuki Yanagi has the designation of both the Chairman and a Representative Directive. Both of them are the company’s decision-makers.

2. What does the logo reveal?

Yamaha’s logo has had several modifications since the brand’s launch. The noteworthy part is no matter whichever the logo, it always has a tuning fork in it. Well, the tuning fork signifies the company’s origin and journey. As the brand made its venture into the industry as a musical instruments repair company, therefore, tuning forks convey the fact. Now, Yamaha is a prominent automobile brand globally, yet it has three tuning forks. These signify sales, production, and technology.

3. Yamaha Bikes Price:

The Yamaha bike models range from 76,100 INR for Fascino 125, while the R15 V4 costs 1.88 lakhs INR. Yamaha bike price starts from Rs 76,100. The brand has eleven products in Petrol-powered two-wheelers. Besides, its latest model Yamaha MT-15 V2 also known as MT-15 2.0, stands as one of the leading sports bikes in India. Moreover, the Yamaha Aerox 155 is a popular scooter in India. Yamaha Automobiles is planning some more bikes like YZF R1 and the XSR155.

4. Yamaha Bikes Country of Origin

The globally recognized brand originated in Japan by Torakusu Yamaha, who is again a Japanese person. This brand complies with all the Japanese ethics, and therefore it can be called an excellent Japanese brand.

5. Yamaha Engines: 

Yamaha is well known for its incredibly manufactured engines. Though the brand doesn’t manufacture any cars yet, it manufactures car engines. These engines are used by renowned car brands, specifically Ford and Toyota, that majorly use them in their vehicles.

Yamaha bikes are known to be comfortable and less intrusive than regular bikes. They are also known for their comfort, and less noise makes them good for long drives, especially out in the countryside. The brand that initially started its journey by manufacturing musical instruments has established its prominence and reached a great feat in the Indian Automotive Industry in the 2-wheeler-segment.

For bold and stylish exteriors and incredible mileage, Yamaha has always been well-known. Be it for your regular errands or an adventurous Ling ride, the bikes will be your go-to companion everywhere.

Yamaha has an Indian subsidiary named Motor India Pvt Ltd. Its headquarters are in India, and regional production occurs here. Still, the root company remains Yamaha, having its headquarters in Japan. You know you are lucky and overwhelmed if you own a Yamaha. However, if you don’t, the brand’s bike is worth buying for adventures, sports, and even long drives to spend some quality time with yourself. It would help if you bought Yamaha bikes on Droom.

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