Ratchet Straps Uses for Common Day-to-Day Activities

Feayured Image - Ratchet Straps Uses
Ratchet Straps Uses

Ratchet straps are pieces of equipment commonly seen in the trucking industry that help secure cargo and keep said cargo from moving or getting damaged while in transit. Ratchet straps are easy to use and have been in use for a very long time, and in that time, these straps have evolved from being solely a trucking tool to a common everyday tool that people have used for DIY projects, camping trips, and much more. Here are some more ways ratchet straps can be used.

Diverse Uses of Ratchet Straps

Normally and usually, the ratchet strap is used to secure and ultimately that’s its entire purpose. These can’t be used for bungee jumping or walking your dog (though you can, it would just be odd), securing is what this was made to do, but how it’s secured and what it’s securing is how the usability varies.

Ratchet Straps helps in DIY Projects

Picture this, you’re making a table, nothing too major but it requires you to use wood glue. In order to keep these pieces joined together, you need to clamp them down. You go and search for your clamps but you can’t find them! The only thing around you is your ratchet straps.

Luckily, you can use your ratchet straps to hold those glued pieces together just as you would a clamp, and it can cover a large area too! Endless ratchet straps would be a perfect pairing for this type of project since you want to wrap the strap around the table. You could use hook ends, but endless straps are perfect for keeping everything close and tight.

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Use Ratchet Straps while Camping

Ratchet straps come in handy a lot more than you would think when it comes to camping. In fact, there are tents on the market that are compatible with ratchet straps so you can suspend your tent in the air so you wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping on the hard woodland floor, and on top of that, it keeps you dry during rainy seasons! Hammocks also work the same way.

Use Ratchet Straps while Camping
Use Ratchet Straps while Camping

You used to have to drill into trees to suspend your hammock in the air, but now with ratchet straps, all you need to do is wrap it around the trees instead of damaging the tree with a hook screw. Speaking of which, if you’re worried about animals getting your goods ransacked in the night by animals, you can also wrap them around a tree with the straps. These straps are so versatile for camping that their uses are seemingly endless!

Use to Secure Vehicleslike ATVs, Motorcycles, and Cars

This may shock you, but did you know that ratchet straps can be used to secure vehicles like Motorbikes and ATVs? I didn’t believe it at first but it’s true! In all seriousness, ratchet straps are made for transporting large and heavy things like these. In fact, there are ratchet straps, and tie-down equipment made specifically for these types of vehicles. Required special and heavy-duty high-quality ratchet straps to secure large goods and heavy cargo on trailers where cargo rules and regulations are matters.

Secure Vehicles
Secure Vehicles

Usually, these vehicles are tied down with chains but it’s much better to be tied down with a strap as straps won’t scratch the paint or plastic. However, if you’re planning on moving a car, a pickup truck may not be the best option. Pickup and Hotshot trucking generally are for quick and light cargo loads. Whether it’s a bike or a sedan, a ratchet strap is a perfect tool to use.

Ratchet Straps for Moving

Moving is a very stressful time. You’re going from one well-known place to a completely new not well-known place. And on top of that, you’re taking all of your valuable possessions with you in a truck that you’ve never driven before on a road you probably don’t know that well. It could be bumpy or full of potholes.

You shouldn’t have to worry about shifts cracking your TV, or a pothole loosening all of your boxes. Ratchet straps are actually one of the most recommended pieces of equipment for moving since most moving trucks are equipped with E-Tracks for suitable straps. If your truck does not have an E-Track installed, endless loop straps can work by grouping together items so they don’t move as much. 

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Ratchet Tie-Down Straps for Large Appliances

Of course, as stated before, cargo is the most common item that needs to be secured with ratchet straps and that’s sole because of the size of said cargo, but we’re not talking about pallets of goods or giant spools of wire, we’re talking about heavy appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, anything you have that is too heavy to carry and can be loaded on the back of a pickup truck.

Ratchet straps are perfect for large appliances moving due to the high working load limit and pickup trucks usually are equipped with tie-down points for straps.

Heavy-Duty Ratchet Straps for Vehicle Recovery

So you’re taking a drive through the forest after a heavy rain, and you may have misjudged just how much rain actually came down. All of a sudden, you’re suddenly going much slower than usual, almost as if you’re trapped in mud. You fully come to a stop and realize you’re stuck in the mud. Getting a tow would be costly in terms of time and money.

However, you have some ratchet straps and there are trees around. All you have to do is wrap the ratchet strap around the tree and then securely on your vehicle and start cranking. If you don’t know if one strap is enough and you have two, it’d be safe to use both just to be sure it doesn’t snap when you’re pulling it out.

Secure Kayaks Using Ratchet Straps

The best and safest way to secure a kayak to your car will always be ratchet straps. Sure, you could use rope, but the rope is so brittle compared to ratchet straps. Not to mention you can only get it so tight and held down with rope. Meanwhile, a ratchet strap can go hand tight and beyond that so there’s no worry about losing it going fast speeds down the road. To secure it, all you have to do is wrap the straps over the kayak and around the roof of your car through the windows. It’s best to use two or more to make sure the kayak is fully secure.

High-Quality Ratchet Straps use to Secure Cargo

If you’ve ever been on the highway for a long road trip, there’s a high chance you’ve probably seen a flatbed carrying pipes, or palletized cargo, getting strapped down with ratchet straps.

Secure Cargo
Secure Cargo

Ratchet straps are the most reliable way to tie down cargo for truckers due to the high working load limits, breaking strength, and the fact that minimal damage can occur in transit.

Ratchet Straps for Slacklining Activity

Now if you’re looking for a little bit of fun, slacklining has become increasingly popular for backyard activities. What used to be a daring feat seen in heavily tourist-driven and populated spots can now be performed slightly safer in the comfort of your own backyard.


What do you need? Well, all you need is two trees or strong poles, and a ratchet strap wrapped around both of them. Luckily, this kind of activity has become so widespread and popular that you can buy a ratchet strap designed exclusively for this activity. That’s pretty neat!

Secure Luggage with Ratchet Straps

If you’re storing luggage or transporting somewhere, then luggage straps are a must-have. Imagine having all of your valuables and belongings come loose and fall off somewhere while you’re driving or worse. A luggage strap is just what you need to keep your luggage in place while in transit and it’s specifically made with luggage in mind so you don’t need to worry about whether it’s the right fit or not.

Ratchet straps are a very versatile tool that helps not only truckers, but the average everyday person keeps their things together. Though the uses don’t stop with what I listed, the possibilities are as endless as an endless ratchet strap! When used properly, a ratchet strap can become your most important tool.