5 Easy Tire Modifications for Your Truck

5 easy tire modifications for your truck

Tires are one of the most important elements on your truck, though you might not consider them, as the only time you probably notice them is when they lose their integrity.

With the right set of tires, though, this rarely happens. Suspension kits for trucks, for instance, allow for bigger tires, which are not only ideal for off-roading but tremendously powerful. There are several reasons to invest in tire modifications for your truck.

1. All Terrain Tires

For drivers who take their trucks off-roading, or even for those who simply live in places that experience rainy and snowy conditions, all-terrain tires are a game-changer.

These tires feature aggressive treads that are wider than other tires, which allows them to grip the ground better, whether it’s pavement, gravel, or dirt.

2. Tires for Speed

Mickey Thompson Classic III tires are not only rugged and durable, but they can help you get the speed that you need, too. All tires are rated for speed. A tire’s speed rating is the optimal speed that the tire can maintain over time.

The speed rating chart will show you which tires are maxed out at particular speeds and which might be the best for your particular needs.

3. Tires for Strength

Your truck’s payload is equal to the amount of weight that it can carry in the cab and the bed. Most mid-sized trucks have a payload of between 900 to 1600 pounds.

Your tires also take the brunt of that weight and, as they are sitting on the ground, the risk to them is real. 

Consider carrying heavy cargo that is maxing out your payload. You can feel it when your acceleration is sluggish.

The potential damage that your tires will face if your vehicle hits a deep pothole is real. That’s why you want a set of tires that feature reinforced sidewalls. 

Reinforced sidewalls ensure that your tires can bear your truck’s payload. Another benefit of these reinforced tires is that, in the event of a puncture, they will maintain their integrity.

This is good news in any scenario, whether you’re on the highway or a logging road because it means that you’ve got that much longer to get to a destination suitable for a tire change. 

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4. Tires for Longevity

When you’re looking for longevity, you want to consider tires that are rated for 100,000 miles or more.

This means that they will maintain their integrity over time, no matter what kind of driving you’re doing.

You can tell when a tire is beginning to show signs of wear by checking the depth of the treads, which will diminish over time.

5. Tires for Comfort

Whatever tires are on your truck, you want them to provide an easy, comfortable ride. Highway truck tires provide a smooth ride at high speeds, while also demonstrating the rugged toughness needed for more intense scenarios.

Modifying your truck’s tire situation, from stock tires to something more suited to your particular needs, is an important consideration. There are plenty of tire and wheel packages out there that will undoubtedly suit your needs.

Visit an online auto parts dealer today and check out the inventory of truck tires so that you can ride safer and more efficiently tomorrow.

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