2023 Mazda 6 Price, Specs, and Release Date

mazda 6 next generation

What will the Mazda 6 2023 look like? The new Mazda 6 next generation will adopt a new platform with a longitudinal engine layout and rear-wheel drive.

This allows for more passenger room, cargo space, and an available third-row seat. See what it might look like in the photos below.

The next generation of the 2023 Mazda 6 will be an entirely new car, not just an update of the current model.

Expect it to adopt a new platform with a longitudinal engine layout and rear-wheel drive, along with updated safety and infotainment technologies, and styling cues from its Japanese stablemate.

The Shinari concept car, and its sleek styling that channels the Nagare design language were first seen on the Mazda CX-5 2022.

The Mazda 6 4th generation will be available as both a sedan and a hatchback, though we can’t give you any hard numbers about their possible engines yet.

mazda 6 next generation

The Latest Platform of the New Mazda 6 Next Generation

The New Mazda 6 next generation will take advantage of a new lightweight chassis that is based on Mazda’s latest Skyactiv technology. The new platform will be used across all models and engines, including diesel and hybrid vehicles.

This means that a future 2022 Mazda 6 Sports car might share its platform with models of Mazda SUVs, something completely unheard of today.

This lightweight design should help Mazda achieve its goal of improving fuel economy by 20 percent without sacrificing safety or performance.

It’s quite impressive given how difficult it can be to build a strong, safe vehicle even when using super heavy steel platforms as you find in older BMWs or Volkswagens.

The trick to achieving such power is an architecture consisting of lightweight high-strength steel and aluminum.

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2023 mazda 6 next generation

Engine Specifications

The next-gen Mazda 6 RWD will be powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that offers 275 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

The base car is expected to be front-wheel drive, but rear-wheel drive will be available as an option for enthusiasts.

Opting for Mazda 6 all-wheel drive means losing one cylinder, dropping to 254 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Mazda plans to have both front and all-wheel drives in dealer showrooms by late 2021.

A gas sipper? We’ll have to wait until 2022 for an official estimate from Mazda, but don’t expect much better than 30 mpg combined with front-drive or 27 with rear or all-wheel drive.

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Exterior Design

2023 mazda 6 hatchback next generation

The new Mazda 6 next-generation adopts a more modern and aggressive design that is closer to what we have seen on the New Mazda 3 Hatchback.

The wheelbase has grown by 10 centimeters, while the length, width, and height have all increased.

So, although it will be bigger than its predecessor, it should look lower and sportier when compared to today’s model.

As usual with the new 2023 Mazda 6 (well at least with recent ones), we can expect Kodo design language to be at work here.

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The new Mazda 6 next generation is a product of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. The engine will be very powerful with Skyactiv-X compression ignition technology delivering a high compression ratio while simultaneously keeping diesel levels low.

Mazda said they are focusing on the reduction of fuel consumption, which means it should end up as one of its most efficient vehicles. Like everything else in life, power and efficiency don’t come for free, though.

The next-gen Mazda 6 will probably lose a few pounds with further weight reductions achieved by aluminum used as an engine frame, transmission, and chassis components.

Expect around 300 horsepower from Mazda’s revised 2-liter turbocharged engine; there might even be another version closer to 400 ponies.

Interior Design

mazda 6 2023 interior
Mazda 6 2023 Interior

Aesthetically, Mazda 6 2023 interior design team has clearly put a lot of thought into these prototypes.

Both new concept cars have a more complex dashboard than what we currently see on Mazda’s current generation of cars, with ergonomics and safety seemingly at top priority.

Despite all of that complexity, however, it still looks clean and simple to use, particularly when compared to some other infotainment systems found in other cars right now.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mazda will follow through with these designs or something else entirely by next year, but either way, it’s exciting to see how far they could go if they did decide to go forward with them.

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2023 Mazda 6 Release Date

When is the new Mazda 6 coming out? Mazda has officially announced that they will have their 2023 Mazda 6 release date on January 15, 2023.

This news is estimated since last month reported by Automotive News that Mazda has renewed its trademark for the next generation.

Although no further details were given regarding which engine will be equipped with or what chassis configuration it would have.

Is the Mazda 6 getting a redesign? It is believed that Mazda 6 redesign will adopt a new platform with a longitudinal engine layout and rear-wheel drive.

Mazda 6 was first released in 2002 so it’s about time for a redesign, hopefully, Mazada offers more info as time passes.

New Safety Features

With its new platform, Mazda will be able to incorporate even more safety features into its midsize sedan. We’re talking forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic braking.

In fact, a range-topping Mazda 6 Grand Touring model will have all these features as standard! That’s a big change from what we know about today’s Mazda 6 next-generation, standard safety equipment only includes traction control and stability control (if you’re lucky).

By adding those extra features on top of a standard rearview camera, we’re predicting that Mazda 6 owners might actually pay attention to road signs and speed limits. Finally.

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Price Range (New vs Old)

The Mazda 6 2023 price of the vehicle can vary based on several factors, including exterior color, optional equipment, and location.

The 2021 Mazda 6 base MSRP was $27,075 as of September, while new models typically begin at $24,000 or more. But what if you want to get a slightly older version?

Depending on the model year and other factors, you may be able to find a used Mazda 6 2018 for about $8,000. This figure is significantly less than newer versions because older models tend to depreciate faster.

Some small numbers may lose up to 40% of their value in just one year!

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The Future of Mazda 6: Rear Wheel Drive Platform

Automakers are releasing all-new vehicles at an incredible pace. The Mazda 6 has been in production since 2003, and yet the car receives constant upgrades to keep it fresh and competitive in its segment. For Mazda 6 2022 there’s an all-new platform with rear-wheel drive and a hybrid option.

These changes place the Mazda 6 facelift 2023 more directly against the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, and Chevrolet Malibu than it has ever been before, but it’s still not quite as good as any of them overall.

What happened to the Mazda 6?

For a long time, Mazda enthusiasts like you and I wondered when Mazda would bring back its sweet-handling sedan. After all, it’s been gone for more than a decade now.

With its demure styling and compact size, it was the perfect family car; one that handled corners like nothing else on American roads at that time.

Sadly, though, consumers wanted bigger cars, think Ford Taurus or Toyota Camry, and Mazda abandoned rear-wheel drive in favor of front-wheel-drive platforms.

It wasn’t until just recently when Mazda announced they would reintroduce their sporty sedan with a new rear-wheel-drive platform that they finally delivered what we all desired.

Does this mean the death of front-wheel drive in Mazda vehicles?

The recently released Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback both use a front-wheel-drive platform, but it’s also been known that Mazda was developing a rear-wheel-drive platform for larger vehicles.

This new information confirms those rumors to be true. As many will recall, front-wheel-drive platforms require more substantial drivetrains with all-wheel steering and other gear.

Combined with their smaller size and lower weight, Mazda is aiming to create fun-to-drive vehicles without sacrificing refinement or cargo space.

In addition to the development of a 2023 Mazda CX-90 and a larger crossover vehicle, the development of the next-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster has already begun as well. What do you think? Is it time for a rear-wheel-drive Mazda?

Is rear-wheel-drive only for sports cars?

Many have wondered why Mazda has spent so much time and effort engineering a rear-wheel-drive car. To understand why we need to look at what Mazda is doing and where they’re going.

Mazda has always been known for offering affordable, fuel-efficient, and performance-oriented cars that are fun to drive.

They introduced their SkyActiv engines that produce more power with less fuel than most other vehicles on the market today.

And most recently, they announced their new G-Vectoring Control system that improves steering response by reducing steering input during hard braking maneuvers or accelerating when a driver lifts off of a gas pedal.

That said, it should come as no surprise that Mazda is positioning itself to compete in markets with similar offerings like Mini Cooper S, Ford Focus ST, and Volkswagen GTI.

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How does this change affect sales?

Mazda has been struggling to establish itself as a serious competitor in the American market for years. The company’s small cars have impressed, but its larger offerings, namely, is Mazda CX-9 and the best Mazda CX 5 SUVs, have struggled to gain traction, particularly in large markets like California.

This new platform should be able to dramatically reduce costs by reducing complexity; Mazda hopes that it will appeal directly to cost-conscious US consumers.

What about SkyActiv Technology?

Mazda will be making a big shift in 2023. It’s still going to be zoom-zoom, but it will also be much quieter. The next-generation Mazda 6 is expected to have a rear-wheel-drive platform and Mazda’s all-new SkyActiv technology, which means engines will be more efficient and sportier cars.

The next-generation Mazda 3 is also supposed to use SkyActiv technology as well, which would make for some extremely exciting vehicles.

What about SkyActiv Technology? It refers to three specific areas – combustion, weight reduction, and smoothness – that help improves fuel economy without losing performance or giving up style.

Mazda 6 2023 Will Be Making a Big Shift

mazda 6 2023

A lot of people have been wondering what the future will hold for the Mazda 6 2023 and it seems as though we might finally know.

Earlier in Mazda 6 2019, the company announced that it would be shifting some of its focus away from its vehicles, although they weren’t specific about which models would be included in this shift and which ones wouldn’t.

Many people were concerned that this meant they were planning to discontinue their best-selling car, but it seems that isn’t going to be the case after all.

The all-new Mazda 6 year model has already become one of the most talked-about vehicles of the next year and beyond.

While the Mazda 6 2023 won’t be available in showrooms until 2020, we are now getting our first good look at what to expect from the new version of this popular car.

Today, we are here to take a look at everything that everyone can expect from this exciting new model and what we can tell you about it as it gets closer to its Mazda 6 2023 release date.

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First, the bad news

all of us will be working longer, harder, and more efficiently. After all, it’s clear that the new Mazda 6 2023 is no place for people who crave low stress or are looking to coast through life.

Instead, the new Mazda 6 2023 offers rich opportunities for advancement and adventure, but they’re only available to those who know how to work. The good news? No matter where you go in your career, you can expect great rewards.

According to Farrisee Tabaargh: In the new Mazda 6 2023, few are there at the top because of luck or connections. Instead, they’ve earned their seats through determination and desire.

Then, the good news

while we’re excited to share what’s in store for you, it’s still more than a year away. But, since Mazda is all about making life lived with joy and excitement – whether on two wheels or four – we thought we’d get you pumped.

It’s time to live Mazda every day. Starting now. Again, just as soon as the new Mazda 6 2023 shows up at your local dealer, and stays put for 30 days or more, that test drive you book on us becomes true love.

After that, we will whisper those details to you and give you one great memory of a life lived with joy and joy, however long it may be.

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Details of the new model

Mazda is going to make some big changes to their Mazda 6 2023 models. By taking feedback from their current users, they are trying to create something very revolutionary and interesting for everyone in need of an affordable luxury car.

They have also put a new focus on keeping more current with tech trends and even shifted a lot of their advertising budget towards social media; therefore, having a different approach than competitors to raise awareness about Mazda’s innovation capabilities.

Being more involved with other companies will help them make their experience better for everyone, which should ultimately drive sales.

In addition, Mazda is going to update each engine (except for those from diesel) making them all much better than before.

Review and analysis

Over 12 million people buy a new car each year. As technological advances make their way into cars, sales numbers will increase as well.

Two hundred years ago horse-drawn carriages were standard transportation and we’ve come a long way since then.

New Mazda 6 2023 is taking some bold steps to ensure they are not left behind in our high-tech world of driving today.

Mazda has been running ads for years with taglines like zoom zoom and drives like it has wings now it’s time to deliver on that promise.

Is Mazda coming out with a new 6?

Once those are sold, the current, aging 6 is set to go out of production at the end of the 2023 model year.

The fact that Mazda is a tiny firm may mean that reviving the company’s largest car as a premium RWD car based on the Mazda 6 2023 coupe concept isn’t feasible.

Why are so many drivers switching over to hybrids?

It’s hard to imagine why, but there are now more hybrid vehicles on American roads than conventional ones.

Drivers choose Mazda 6 Hybrid for several reasons: They cost less than fully electric cars, they get better gas mileage, and they come equipped with standard backup cameras.

A new generation of fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel cars is starting to emerge that will challenge hybrid supremacy.

The Mazda 6 2023 will be one of them, we’ll have to wait and see how long it takes until hybrids cease to be relevant in America.

How fuel-efficient is this new model going to be?

More importantly, is it going to be any more fuel-efficient than its predecessors? Mazda has been known for making some of their vehicles extremely fuel-efficient and good on gas, so much so that you really don’t have to worry about spending too much at your local gas station.

Since Mazda is known for being one of those types of vehicles, we can only hope that Mazda 6 2023 will also be that way.

It would be nice if people could switch over to alternative methods of transportation without having to worry about paying for too much gas every month.

It’s pretty amazing how far technology has come in such a short amount of time. We’re sure there are many excited fans waiting anxiously to see what changes they might see with the Mazda 6 new model.

Third Generation Mazda 6 Sedan Production Year:

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What kind of power can we expect?

At first, it seems like it might be too soon to expect Mazda to jump right on board with hybrid or electric powertrains, it’s only been three years since Mazda discontinued its long-running RX7 line.

But while both lines were great and typically brought in many accolades, they weren’t hugely popular when compared to competitors, and that was an issue for Mazda’s bottom line.

Now that Mazda has put its new i-Eloop system into use, it may be just what they need to keep their cars competitive while helping them reach broader markets.

We’re eager to see how exactly they intend to incorporate i-Eloop technology and can’t wait until we have our own new Mazda 6 2023 in our local driveways. Our safety is worth Mazda.

When can we get our hands on it?

The first Mazda 6 2023 models should go on sale around late Mazda 6 2021 or early Mazda 6 2022. But it’s possible that we could see a few prototype models as soon as 2020 to test out new features, designs, and technology before they go on sale.

Once available, Mazda dealerships should have plenty of Mazda 6 2023 Wagon and Sedans in stock so you can take one for a test drive. Be sure to check with your local dealership to find out if they’ll be holding any special events or sales.

There will likely be some perks for being an early adopter, especially when buying something with so many upgrades.

We’re excited about this car, what about you?

We’re excited about the new Mazda 6 2023, as it features everything we want out of our cars: spirited handling, smooth power delivery, and high efficiency.

The 2022 model is still one of our favorites in today’s market. But by 2023, we should be ready for something new; how about you?

Take some time to head over to your local Mazda dealership and take a look at what they have in stock. You might be surprised just how much there is to love about their vehicles.

If you need help deciding on which vehicle is right for you, don’t worry, our experts can help figure that out! We’re happy to assist with any questions or concerns, just give us a call.

Is Mazda 6 Made in Japan?

Where Is Mazda6 Made? The Mazda 6 is only manufactured at the Hofu plant in Yamaguchi, Japan.

The Mazda 6 was previously constructed at AutoAlliance International’s Flat Rock, Michigan site for the North American market.

The Mazda 6 2023 was previously constructed at AutoAlliance International’s Flat Rock, Michigan site for the North American market.


Mazda 6 next generation will bring more advanced technologies and better driving performance, making it a breakthrough product that Mazda hopes will help it return to profitability. It will be launched in late 2022 or early 2023.

Despite reports that say otherwise, BMW won’t be working with Mazda on any future projects, which should also help push profitability by freeing up valuable resources for Mazda.

When launched, it will be one of a few vehicles at its price point to offer turbocharged engines and a 2023 Mazda 6 manual transmission as standard options.

Combined with other new technologies it’s sure to make headlines across North America, Asia, and Europe.

As many manufacturers move towards electrification, a high-efficiency turbocharged engine could quickly become one of the most sought-after powertrains on the market.

2023 Mazda 6 Specs and Price

Mazda 6 Sedan

Mazda 6 ModelsSPECSPRICE
Atenza2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$50,490
GT SP2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$47,090
Sport2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$34,890
Touring2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$39,290

Mazda 6 Wagon

Mazda 6 ModelsSPECSPRICE
Atenza2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$51,790
GT SP2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$48,390
Sport2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$36,190
Touring2.5L, ULP, 6 SP AUTO$40,590

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