Top of The Most Stolen Cars as of 2022

most stolen cars
Most Stolen Cars

Post the pandemic outbreak, the rate of car theft (reported) has significantly increased mostly because of economic factors. In the United States, car theft has become a serious issue.

However, out of various car models, surprisingly some car models have become a common target for thieves.

That’s mainly because of factors like these models are easy to steal, easy to dismantle, and sell illegally in multiple pieces.

Whatever might be the reason, returning to the car parking space and finding your prized possession missing is the worst nightmare one can ever have.

By implementing top anti-theft techniques & devices, and some extra precautions one will be able to protect their car from getting stolen.

In this article, we have shared top car models that are reportedly the most stolen cars of 2022.

Top 5 Most Stolen Car Models

1. Chevrolet Pickup

Topping the list, the Chevrolet’s full-sized pickups have somehow become the most appealing model for car thieves in the US.

As this model has become pretty popular among buyers, the demand for these cars has significantly raised, as a result, thieves can earn a good amount by selling these second-hand cars.

Also, the Chevrolet Silverado almost makes up 1.55% of the total number of cars on road. Since pickups in general always have valuable goods in them, it has become a 2-in-1 target option for thieves.

2. Ford Pickup

Due to similar reasons to the Chevy Pickup, the Ford pickup to has become an attractive and easy target for thieves in the US.

The F-series being the most desirable from the most popular car list in the US has become a common target for car thieves.

Earlier this year, approximately one million dollars of profit has been made by thieves from a factory car spot in Michigan!

3. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord approximately makes 3.05% of all the cars on road in the US. Not only in 2022, but the Honda Accord also falls under the category of most stolen cars in the US in the past ten years!

4. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of the most owned vehicles in California. It’s one of the top 3 Honda models of this current year.

As this particular model is manufactured for more than a decade, it likely has lesser security features compared to modern models and can be dismantled in different parts easily. As a result, it’s prone to theft.

5. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular and older models that the company has been manufacturing for years.

As a result, it has lesser security features compared to modern cars, thereby becoming an easy target for car thieves.

How to protect cars from theft?

Car protection should be of top priority for all car enthusiasts. If your car is an older model you need to invest some extra bucks on added car security features.

Also, you need to park your car more carefully in public areas. In short, every car owner should know basic anti-theft techniques and implement them to protect their car from getting damaged or missing due to theft.