1940 Lincoln Continental: A Unique American Classic Car

How do you know when a car has made it into classic status? For many, it’s simple: the car has been around long enough to be considered an American classic car.

With cars from the 1940s, however, that often isn’t the case. The fact of the matter is that while manufacturers were still churning out plenty of vehicles during that decade, WWII was on the horizon.

They weren’t as eager to make large investments in luxury vehicles as they had been before and during the Great Depression.

Three things set the 1940 Lincoln Continental apart from any other American classic car. First, it had very distinctive styling that was unlike anything else on the road at the time.

As well as many years after its release; second, it was the first American car to offer power steering and power brakes as standard features; and third, in its new Continental trim package.

It was specifically marketed to affluent buyers with discerning tastes that allowed them to get their hands on the brand-new car of their dreams in exchange for a higher price tag than any other Lincoln had ever carried.

Today, the term classic car evokes images of enormous automobiles from an era when cars were the size of boats and powered by V8 engines.

However, not all classic cars are equal, and not all of them are big. Some vehicles don’t even fall into the traditional automobile category at all, like motorcycles or airplanes.

One such vehicle that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the 1940 Lincoln Continental car model.

Which was recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful cars ever made in America by Hemmings Motor News, a magazine that specializes in collectible automobiles.


Looking back, it’s difficult to imagine a time when cars weren’t an integral part of America.

For more than 100 years now, these vehicles have been ingrained in our culture, in a way that no other piece of technology has ever been.

Of course, while riding horses or walking was once our primary form of transportation, early automobiles quickly became invaluable tools for both commercial and personal use.

In fact, before long, there were entire highway systems dedicated to aiding drivers in getting around.

And then there are classic cars like the 1940 lincoln continental cabriolet. Of course, things have changed a bit since those days…

The Elegance of Lincoln

In 1940, amid a sea of high-speed, high-riding vehicles, Lincoln chose to stand out with its new generation of styling.

In fact, some even say that it was ahead of its time with styling that embraced clean lines and proportions.

From chrome accents to gorgeous convertible tops and hidden headlights, the 1940s were well worth drooling over.

Even today these beauties are still breathtaking automobiles worthy of any car enthusiast’s garage.

If you’re in search of a great classic car that evokes nostalgia for The Greatest Generation, it doesn’t get much better than a 1940 Lincoln Continental cabriolet.

It is no surprise that car enthusiasts everywhere continue to cherish these grand machines as fine examples of automotive elegance in an era long past.

In Search Of The Perfect Vehicle

Cars are a pretty big deal for most Americans, we spend about 15% of our income on them, according to one study.

As we wait for driverless cars and hoverboards to make their way from science fiction to reality, it’s unlikely that major changes will be coming any time soon. For now, it’s up to us to find cars that fit our lifestyles and needs.

And when you look at all of your options, few vehicles come as unique as the 1940 Lincoln Zephyr or 1940 Lincoln Continental Convertible.

From gas mileage and engine power to seating arrangements and storage space, both vehicles offer something different.

However, they also have features in common, namely beauty, safety features, and luxury touches, and they rank extremely high in each category.

What Did This Car Mean For Drivers?

This car was a unique piece of American history. Known for its distinctive styling, many people have been drawn to it through different decades and generations.

The 1940 Lincoln Continental convertible is one of a kind and has been historically admired for its bold styling, as well as its luxurious interior. Because of its unique design, there are only about 48 in existence today.

If you’re looking for something that looks nothing like other cars on the road and is still distinctly American in style then you should consider getting yourself one!

If you want to be driving a classic piece of American history but with an added touch of class, then look no further than 1940s Lincoln Continentals; there’s certainly nothing like them on today’s roads (or elsewhere).

Commemorating this car today

The 1940 Lincoln Continental was a different kind of American classic cars. Released in 1938 and featured a sleek body with a long hood and an extremely short rear.

It came in both two-door coupe and four-door convertible body styles, which may be its most distinctive feature from other designs at that time.

The vehicle had an impressive engine, which was high for that time period; it had a 335 horsepower V12.

These are all that make it one of America’s best classic cars from that era, as well as being one of its first vehicles to be completely made out of steel instead of having any wooden parts in its body.

Where Are They Now?

The 1940 Lincoln Continental may not be a household name in car culture, but anyone who’s a fan of classic cars knows exactly what we’re talking about.

The 1940 Lincoln Continental is one of those cars that was always stuck between being a true showpiece or an everyday driver (like it was back in its day).

Today, it remains mostly forgotten. If you’ve never seen one, here’s why you should start looking for one now.

In short, 1940 Lincolns are unique American classics with plenty of charm and appeal…And if you don’t believe us, check out how cool they looked back in their heyday!

Why Invest in This Historical Jewel?

Investing in an investment vehicle like a classic car is far from new. However, these days, many investors shy away from classic cars because of a perceived lack of liquidity.

Since cars are traditionally considered money pits that take up way too much time and effort to properly maintain and store, they often aren’t on your average investor’s radar.

But as with any asset class (in fact, as with anything), there are opportunities in which risks are outweighed by rewards.

And 1940 Lincoln Continentals can be one such opportunity for someone willing to spend some time researching their purchase.

What Happened After World War II?

After World War II, car manufacturers were determined to make a name for themselves by introducing high-end luxury vehicles that were bigger and more luxurious than anything on the road at that time.

In 1940, Lincoln was right there with them, unveiling two new models – a convertible and a coupe. Both vehicles had large V8 engines, chrome accents, and room for six passengers.

Today’s classic car collectors have taken a real shine to these models from yesteryear; in fact, both of them are now worth more than $15,000 in mint condition.

But how much do you know about 1940s Lincolns? Let’s fill in some gaps by taking a closer look at those unique cars from way back when…

Final Thoughts

The 1940s Lincoln Continental is one of those unique cars that was larger than life. No other car like it existed.

Its styling has been credited to E designer Virgil Exner who is also known for designing JFK’s first presidential limousine.

As well as several GM concept cars including The Oldsmobile F-88, Buick Wildcat II, and of course The Ford Thunderbird.

So maybe it isn’t so surprising that a single car can be so symbolic for three different automobile companies at three different times in history.

In fact, if you had to pick a single era or decade that embodied everything that is an American classic car, wouldn’t you have to say its styling looks just right?

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