2022 Ford F150 Review: Price, Specs, and Release Date

2022 ford f150

2022 Ford F150 Review – With a wide range of trim and body styles to choose from, the 2022 Ford F150 is a workhorse suited to a variety of tasks.

Contractors and fleet managers will appreciate the low cost and utility of the Base XL, while oil barons and wealthy ranch owners will feel right at home in the King Ranch or Limited versions.

A range of powertrains are also on offer, including hybrid and diesel engines, and the all-terrain Tremor model promises to take you just about anywhere. Ford F150 has the guts to get the job done.

It’s not quite as comfortable to live with every day as its main competitor, Ram 1500, but a large number of buyers have historically been swayed by the Ford F-150’s reputation and the wider range of features available.

We’re sure a few of you will regret your purchase, so we’re delighted to add the Ford F150 to our Editors’ Choice list.

Latest Ford F150 Models

Ford F150 2022 is offered in six main trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. There are also off-road-oriented Tremor and Raptor models that fall outside the traditional range.

There are three cabin styles – regular, SuperCab (extended), and SuperCrew (crew cabin) – and the length of the three beds depends on the style of the cabin. In addition to the many trim levels and cabin styles, the F-150 offers six available powertrains.

All are equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive except for the Raptor which only uses 4WD.

What does XLT mean by Ford?

The original meaning of “XLT” was “Extra Luxury Truck”. That was – if I remember correctly – in 1969 when a fourth trim level for an F-Series light truck was offered for the first time.

The previous top trim – the Ranger – was given the ‘XLT’ suffix to distinguish the new top trim, hence the ‘Ranger XLT’.

Ford f150 engine range includes:

  • 3.3-liter V6 (290 hp, 265 lb-ft of torque)
  • Turbocharged 2.7L V6 (325 hp, 400 lb-ft)
  • 5.0-liter V8 (400 hp, 410 lb-ft)
  • 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 (400 hp, 500 lb-ft)
  • Raptor-only 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 (450 hp, 510 lb-ft)
  • A hybrid powertrain (Ford’s PowerBoost) that combines a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with an electric motor and battery (430 hp, 570 lb-ft)

What is the Lariat black appearance package?

The 2022 Ford F150 Lariat Black Package includes 20-inch gloss black aluminum-alloy wheels, 6-inch angled step moldings, black headlight surrounds, dark taillights, matte black F-150 tailgate decals, and an exclusive hood with black grille and accents.

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2022 Ford F150 Price

Ford F150 is available in multiple body styles and bed lengths. While the XLT model is an evolution of the base XL work truck, we prefer the added luxury of the Lariat.

It costs nearly $10,000 more than the XLT, putting it out of reach for some buyers, but it has the best mix of features and affordability.

While Ford has announced the base Pro model at an attractive entry-level price, it doesn’t offer many conveniences. We will be using the more desirable and better-equipped XLT fairing.

XLT trim is an interesting choice. Midway through the lineup, the XLT isn’t as naked as the XL while avoiding Lariat’s hefty premium price tag.

It offers some intuitive additions to the feature set and also brings some interesting exterior changes. Fairing XLT is available with the Off-Road Tremor Package or the Splash Appearance Package.

We also want to add the 302A equipment group, which will offer folding mirrors, heated front seats, remote ignition, etc.

Price based on trims:

  • XL: $31,685
  • XLT: $38,325
  • Lariat: $47,835
  • Tremor: $52,430
  • King Ranch: $58,805
  • Platinum: $61,585
  • Limited: $76,030

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The 2022 Ford F150 is available with several engines. The first is an f-150 engine 3.5 l v6 with 290 hp, the V-8 comes with a 5.0-liter engine with 400 hp.

The 2.7-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine has 325 hp, while the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 has 400 hp and the 3.0-liter V-6 -Diesel engine 250 hp.

ford f150 specs

Whichever engine you choose, the F-150 is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission. For the first time, the Ford F150 is also available with a hybrid drive.

Ford claims a new 400-horsepower hybrid powertrain consisting of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6, 35-kW electric motor, and 10-speed automatic transmission will provide a range of up to 700 miles per tank of fuel.

The hybrid powertrain can also provide power to the onboard generator to keep power flowing at the job site or during a power outage. Buyers can choose between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive with one of the available F-150 powertrains.

On our test track, we saw acceptable driving behavior and pleasant handling during our test run; High-spec models like the King Ranch are equipped with a variable-assist steering system that sharpens low-speed response for a more agile feel.

The Tremor model promises the greatest off-road capability, also featuring 33-inch all-terrain off-road tires, upgraded suspension, a limited-slip rear differential, and an all-wheel-drive transfer case borrowed from the mighty Ford F150 Raptor.

On our test track, the Tremor accelerated to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds, just 0.1 seconds behind the more powerful Raptor.

Ford F150 Towing Capacity

While the towing capacity of the Ford F150 with the base 3.3-liter V-6 engine is 8200 pounds, models equipped with the 400-horsepower 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6 twin can do up pull to 14,000 pounds. Using the respectable 5.0-liter V-8 means a maximum towing capacity of just 13,000 pounds.

ford f 150 towing capacity

The V-6 diesel engine can tow up to 12,100 pounds and the hybrid model can tow up to 12,700. Payload capacities range from 1840 to 3250 pounds.

This towing and payload capacity allowed the new F-150 to continue to compete with major competitors such as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, and Ram 1500.

Can a Ford F-150 tow 10000 lbs?

Ford F150 can tow up to 14,000 pounds and has a payload capacity of 3,325 pounds. With a crane capacity this high, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble hauling 10,000 pounds

Ford F-150 Interior

ford f 150 interior

The interior performance of the Ford F 150 almost matches the luxury cabin of the Ram 1500, especially on the higher-end King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited Ford models. Quality materials are used throughout and the cabin is filled with plenty of storage space.

Additional comfort functions should make it easier for those who use the F-150 as a mobile workplace. For example, the 10-speed automatic shifter folds flat against the center console to create a large, flat work area.

Likewise, the Ford F150 can be ordered with a flat-folding front seat that can provide a place to sleep. The passenger compartment is very spacious, with the four-door crew cab being the most spacious and family-friendly.

In the rear bed F-150, An optional onboard generator delivers up to 7.2 kW of power to cover the electricity needs on the construction site or at tailgate parties.

Infotainment Ford F150

ford sync

Ford offers an 8.0-inch infotainment screen with an upgraded version of the brand’s Sync 4 software as standard, while a much larger 12.0-inch unit is optional.

It matches the Ram 1500’s optional 12.0-inch vertical orientation display, but the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are available with the larger 13.4-inch display.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, as are Wi-Fi hotspots; Navigation, SiriusXM radio, and Bang & Olufsen stereo are optional.

The new Ford Sync 4 software provides over-the-air updates for future software releases, traffic and weather updates via an optional navigation system, and onboard telematics for fleet customers to track vehicle location and usage.

Can you watch movies on Ford SYNC 4?

It’s basically an Android device that can take over your CarPlay screen. So you can install apps like Netflix, Youtube, video games, etc into the box and they will appear on your Ford SYNC screen.

Which Ford models have SYNC 4?

To date, the Ford F150, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Ford Bronco are the only vehicles equipped with the all-new Ford SYNC 4 system.

Given the positive feedback on this new system, Ford is working hard to equip more vehicles with this innovative technology.

Ford F150 Specs

2022 Ford F150 Tremor

Vehicle Type

  • front-engine, rear/4-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-pickup


  • Base/As Tested: $51,200/$69,595


  • Twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6, aluminum block and heads, port, and direct fuel injection
  • Displacement: 213 in3, 3497 cm3
  • Power: 400 hp @ 6000 rpm
  • Torque: 500 lb-ft @ 3100 rpm


  • 10-speed automatic


  • Suspension, F/R: control arms/live axle
  • Brakes, F/R: 13.8-invented disc/13.2-invented disc
  • Tires: General Grabber A/TX – 275/70R-18 116S M+S TPMSF


  • Wheelbase: 145.4 in
  • Length: 231.7 in
  • Width: 79.9 in
  • Height: 79.3 in
  • Passenger Volume: 136 ft3
  • Curb Weight: 5562 lb


  • 60 mph: 5.3 sec
  • 1/4-Mile: 13.9 sec @ 100 mph
  • The results above omit a 1-ft rollout of 0.3 sec.
  • Rolling Start, 5–60 mph: 5.9 sec
  • Top Gear, 30–50 mph: 3.0 sec
  • Top Gear, 50–70 mph: 3.9 sec
  • Top Speed (gov ltd): 108 mph
  • Braking, 70–0 mph: 193 ft
  • Road holding, 300-ft Skidpad: 0.74 g


  • Observed: 15 mpg
  • 75-mph Highway Driving: 19 mpg
  • Highway Range: 680 mi


  • Combined/City/highway: 18/16/20 mpg

2022 Ford F-150 Lariat


  • front-engine, rear-/4-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door pickup


  • $66,345 (base price: $46,350)


  • Twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve 3.5-liter V-6, 400 hp, 500 lb-ft; permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor, 47 hp; combined output, 430 hp, 570 lb-ft; 1.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack


  • 10-speed automatic


  • The suspension (F/R): control arms/live axle
  • Brakes (F/R): 13.8-invented disc/13.8-invented disc
  • Tires: Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT, 275/65R-18 116T M+S


  • Wheelbase: 145.4 in
  • Length: 231.7 in
  • Width: 79.9 in
  • Height: 77.2 in
  • Passenger volume: 136 ft3
  • Curb weight: 5794 lb


  • 60 mph: 5.4 sec
  • 100 mph: 13.7 sec
  • Rolling start, 5–60 mph: 5.9 sec
  • Top gear, 30–50 mph: 3.3 sec
  • Top gear, 50–70 mph: 4.0 sec
  • 1/4 mile: 13.9 sec @ 101 mph
  • Top speed (governor limited): 107 mph
  • Braking, 70–0 mph: 203 ft
  • Road holding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.72 g
  • Standing-start accel times omit a 1-ft rollout of 0.3 sec.


  • Combined/city/highway: 24/24/24 mpg