Infotainment Mercedes Benz MBUX Launches The Latest Version

Infotainment Mercedes-Benz MBUX launches the latest version

In the past, we had doubts about the Mercedes Benz MBUX. Most revolve around a strict user interface that requires you to take extra actions/steps which can be an easy task with some infotainment systems.

While the Mercedes-Benz S-Class aims to lead the way in luxury interior options by 2021, the S-Class also counts on being a pioneer in infotainment technology.

To this end, Mercedes has released an updated version of the MBUX software with a new look. Thanks to us, Mercedes has resolved this complaint with the new version of MBUX.

Instead of a rotating menu door that allows swiping, the latest design has a one-way street by including icons for each possible sub-menu on the main home screen.

According to rumors, a revised Infotainment Mercedes Benz MBUX will come into the new S-Class

The new one-screen strategy was made possible by the new hardware design and, above all, by the new user interface philosophy.

All previous latest MBUX Mercedes Benz software played in a widescreen format that only displayed three giant icons on the home screen at once.

Infotainment Mercedes-Benz MBUX launches the latest version

It will look good, but it’s not that hard to use because you have to constantly swipe through the carousel icon.

There are eight icons that are practical and common, but because the screen is so large, the new user interface doesn’t ignore the positive effects of the previous screen.

The options you use often now appear private when you start in this easy-to-read format, as they should be.

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We’re glad Mercedes doesn’t fix what isn’t broken. Anyone familiar with MBUX with some modern Mercedes products also knows the clarity of infotainment.

You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a better-looking MBUX Mercedes because it has beautiful graphics and the flexibility to express the idea of Mercedes’s luxury and power.

Mercedes tries to maintain the concept of physical luxury with a haptic response to screen input. This is almost a weak solution, but without it, facial expressions will improve.

As we mentioned in our full S-Class interior review, it lacks many of the nice Mercedes buttons and switches.

The tactile climate of the MBUX display is easy to use but doesn’t offer the beauty or feel we’d expect from traditional Mercedes switchgear.

Infotainment Mercedes-Benz MBUX launches the latest version

Instead, we have found a lot of gadgets. In particular, you may discover new features and functions in these infotainment systems months or even years after purchasing your vehicle.

Even if you didn’t like the voice control in previous cars, you should definitely try the Mercedes voice assistant. The latest version of MBUX is even more powerful and expands its ability to understand context and dialogue in the car.

You can ask them about buildings near you (cars know where they are), and random general knowledge questions, and they will even provide animal sounds if you want.

Basically, this system is getting closer to Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant every year. The drivers in the back seats also have the same control and access to the car’s settings via voice control, as many S-Class owners actually drive in the back seat.

Speaking of the rear: if you opt for the rear entertainment package, Mercedes has attached an 11.6-inch touchscreen tablet to the back of the front headrests and a 7-inch tablet between the seats. From here you can control all aspects of the car that are available to you.

Another nice innovation is the S-Class instrument cluster, an extension of the infotainment system with several rotating screens.

Infotainment Mercedes-Benz MBUX launches the latest version

Mercedes MBUX uses 3D display technology that makes the screen appear physically appears like it is in a 3D movie (Genesis has something similar).

With a specially designed camera, the car tracks your face and continuously adjusts the view to make it appear in 3D without the need for glasses to make it work.

We found it a bit annoying at first, but quickly got used to the technology. It doesn’t quantitatively improve your life over a standard digital display, but it’s definitely cool, and you can turn off 3D mode if you want a normal on-screen experience.

An increase in performance can be achieved by using other advanced cameras. Mercedes uses this camera, for example, as part of its biometric authentication system (face recognition technology) and for better sleep detection so that you do not fall asleep at the wheel.

The last piece of technology that is sure to surprise you when trying out this new MBUX variant is the new augmented reality function from Mercedes.

Use the navigation system in the car and as you approach the turn/junction you will see a live camera feed on the infotainment system with arrows on the road telling you where to go. This section is like Cadillac’s new AR navigation.

However, Mercedes MBUX went a step further and applied AR to the huge heads-up display as well.

You don’t have to take your eyes off the road for a second as distances and arrows are “projected” onto the road in front of you to communicate where the turn is. This is without a doubt the most luxurious and modern navigation system we have ever experienced.

This feature sounds much more useful on narrow city streets with close turns, where traditional navigation systems can create confusion about which turn to take.

Of course, with the latest MBUX, Mercedes also provides some basics that we want to see in an infotainment system.

You’ll get wireless via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The surface of the smartphone also takes up all the screen space that is not used by the air conditioner, so you can take full advantage of this function.

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Can MBUX be updated?

The new electronics architecture of the Mercedes S-Class enables over-the-air updating of more than 50 control units within and throughout the MBUX system, including the central display.

Mercedes-Benz continues to expand the list of programs and systems in vehicles that can be updated through over-the-air (OTA) updates.mbux update 2022 Completely new features can be downloaded to vehicles already used by customers via the OTA system. “Not only MBUX software update 2022.

But also features that have not even been discovered can be downloaded (to older vehicles),” says Georges Massing, Head of Digital Vehicle & Mobility at Mercedes-Benz.

This MBUX software update 2022 is available for Mercedes vehicles with the MBUX infotainment system as standard.

In addition, Mercedes Benz MBUX customers can order and add additional services and special equipment worldwide in the Mercedes me Store.

Functions already available in newer models are available for download in older vehicles, depending on their age.

Mercedes A-Class customers who have been using MBUX since 2018 currently receive an OTA for the additional streaming services TIDAL and Amazon Music as well as access to the Mercedes me Store on MBUX.

Customers can use the Mercedes me Store to add features such as smartphone integration such as CarPlay or Android Auto, in-car office, or DAB+ digital radio for optimal radio reception. The store also allows quick renewal of services whose subscriptions have expired.

Some features like the voice assistant “Hey Mercedes” don’t even need to be updated. MBUX is a hybrid system that relates to data and software stored in the vehicle and information stored in the cloud.

The language assistant is constantly learning new words and phrases through the exchange with the cloud. In addition, current traffic and weather information is continuously transmitted to the vehicle.

How much does it cost to update Mercedes software?

It is possible that a Mercedes Authorized Dealer will charge you $300 or more for the Mercedes MBUX Navigation Update.

What is a Mercedes software update?

Your new Mercedes-Benz is equipped with the latest technology for modern upgrades to keep you connected wherever you go.

Your luxury car is getting more sophisticated, so it is necessary to MBUX update 2022 the software on your Mercedes-Benz, Coupe, or SUV to keep it up to date.

MBUX Software Update 2022

If you have the possibility to upgrade the MBUX system software to enable the Text (SMS) function and read and reply to emails, application software and bootloader software need to be installed.

A USB adapter is also required. Here are the three steps that need to be taken for an MBUX software update in 2022:

Reading the current Media Interface Plus software version:

Select “Playlist first, then select Settings, and then search for Show MI plus software version“. It displays the current software version.

Before installing new software, the MIP should NOT read the following software versions as shown below, as this means the new software is already loaded into the MIP.

Install application software:

To install the application software, the “” folder must be unzipped to a compatible flash drive (USB stick) using Winzip. If required, enter “MBUSA” as the password.

Please make sure carefully that only the “REL_0057” folder and two files “do_update” and “update.cfg” are present in your flash drive directory.

With the MIP connected to the Media Interface output, select Music > Playlists > Settings > MI plus software update.

When the Bluetooth® MIP icon turns blue, it indicates that the MIP is being updated. After about 20-30 seconds, the light goes out and the USB stick can be removed.

Disconnect and reconnect the MIP to the Media Interface Outlet. After the boot process is complete, select “Playlist > Settings > Show MI plus software version”. The software version should now read “00.57 2 00.47, xx 14 4”.

Install Bootloader software and Extract Bootloader software:

“” to a compatible flash drive (USB stick) with Winzip. IF YOU ARE ASKED FOR A PASSWORD, PLEASE ENTER “MBUSA”.

Make sure that only the Bootloader software is on the USB stick and that the application software has been removed.

The USB stick should only contain the following files “REL_0055” and the two files “do_update” and “update.cfg”. Follow the same steps as installing a new software application.

EQS Intelligence with MBUX Hyperscreen

mercedes mbux hyperscreen

Visually impressive, easy to use, and easy to learn: the Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen is one of the highlights of EQS.

It’s one of the high-end models of fully electric artificial intelligence: it has a large, curved screen unit that extends almost across the entire width from the left to the right A-pillar.

In addition to the sheer size, the high-quality and detailed design also ensures a “wow” effect. This aesthetic high-tech display is the emotional dimension of the MBUX Hyperscreen.

In addition, there is Artificial Intelligence (AI): With adaptive software, the display and operating concept adapt completely to its users and make personalized suggestions for various infotainment, comfort, and vehicle functions.

You no longer need to scroll through submenus or give voice commands with layer zero. Top-level application in views is always offered situationally and contextually.

That’s not all: the Infotainment MBUX Hyperscreen is also a caring assistant for passengers. Which makes an appearance and accepts its own application area.

How much will the 2022 Mercedes EQS cost?

mercedes eqs priceStarting at $125,900, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS has the highest base price of any luxury hybrid and electric car.

That’s for the base EQS 450 single-motor, rear-wheel-drive trim level, two taller fairings with this powertrain setup add a few thousand to the cost.

Digital/Analog design fusion

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience radically simplifies operation. Launched in 2022 in the current S-Class, more than 1.8 million Mercedes-Benz cars worldwide now use the MBUX Hyperscreen.

The second generation of this adaptive system made its debut in the new S-Class a few months ago. Now the next big step follows in the form of the new EQS and the optionally available MBUX Hyperscreen.

MBUX Hyperscreen is an example of a digital/analog design mix: multiple displays appear to blend seamlessly into one another, resulting in curved screen bands that impress users.

Analog ventilation openings are integrated into this large digital surface to connect the digital and physical worlds.

Integrated Ambient Lighting

The MBUX Hyper Display is surrounded by a stable front frame made of plastic. The visuals were painted with a sophisticated three-layer silver shading process. Due to the very thin inner layer, this coating system creates a very high-quality surface impression.

The integrated ambient light, which is located at the foot of the MBUX Hyper-Display, gives the impression that the display is floating above the dashboard.

Passengers also have their own screen and workplace, which makes the journey more enjoyable and interesting. The content can be customized for up to seven profiles.

However, passenger entertainment is only available during the journey under national law. When the passenger seat is empty, the screen is digitally decorated. In this case, an animated star appears, especially the Mercedes-Benz model.

MBUX upgrade, can I do it myself?

The MBUX is an impressive piece of technology, and it’s only going to get better over time as updates are released, with your car’s software becoming more functional and intuitive with every patch.

While many drivers love the idea of having some of the most cutting-edge technology at their fingertips while they drive, not everyone wants to pay thousands of dollars to upgrade their vehicle’s software right away or go through the process of taking their car into the dealership so that they can install it themselves.

What you need to know about upgrading

When you buy a new car with MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), you’re getting an almost brand-new car that’s packed with a ton of innovative tech and in some cases up to five years of Apple CarPlay.

For most cars, that means you won’t be able to bring over your own iPhone because it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay.

But what about upgrading your current MBUX system? Mercedes says it is not possible, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying. Some have even succeeded.

However, changing out modules could void your warranty or worse: render your vehicle inoperable.

How long does it take?

Typically it takes about 10 hours of work to complete an MBUX upgrade. You will have to remove your seats and carpeting which can be time-consuming.

If you aren’t comfortable doing these kinds of tasks then you may want to leave them up to a professional.

Once everything is removed from underneath your dash look for a panel that covers some wiring on your driver’s side door trim.

You need to open that panel and find two small screws underneath one of them in order to get access to some wires.

The Benefits of DIY vs. Professional Upgrade

Upgrading your MBUX may seem like a daunting task at first, but there are several benefits to upgrading yourself. First and foremost is that you’ll save money by completing your own installation.

MBUX upgrades usually require more than one individual to complete a full installation. Also, think about all of the time you’ll save because you won’t have to make an appointment with your local dealership.

Finally, you have more control over customizing your vehicle if you tackle it yourself! This means purchasing your own touchscreen and installing it exactly how you want it positioned in your vehicle.

Do all Mercedes have Hey Mercedes?

That depends on whether you have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle with MBUX. If so, then yes! But not just any service center can handle MBUX upgrades, you’ll need to bring your car to an MBUX Service Center.

You can find one by either asking at your dealership or logging into your Mercedes-Benz account (if you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one in order to log in).

Once logged in you will be able to see all of your appointments and upgrades that are booked through my Mercedes-Benz.

Keep in mind that new releases might not yet be available for your particular model year and make sure you check back regularly for updates.


Yes. Though MBUX systems are typically quite durable, they can be made better with a little DIY magic. Before you start modifying your own car.

However, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s not as simple as popping off a trunk and swapping some parts around.

Your dealer is an excellent resource for information on MBUX upgrades, they should be able to help you out even if you aren’t purchasing your vehicle through them.