Mazda CX 5 Accessories: Recommended For You

mazda cx 5 accessories

Mazda offers a variety of original Mazda CX 5 accessories created to give you access to special equipment that enhances your driving pleasure.

With more than 1,000 different items at your disposal – including cargo liners, running boards, and ski racks – it’s easy to customize your Mazda based on what you want to do.

In fact, you could outfit a full car with different components in an hour or two. Simply add those parts to help make Mazda vehicles uniquely yours.

Mazda CX 5 Accessories: Explore all the genuine Mazda accessories, and personalize your new crossover SUV

Mazda CX 5 accessories have been designed and created to satisfy every driver’s personal needs and desires. That’s why we have crafted this page with all the genuine Mazda accessories, so you can personalize your new crossover SUV New Mazda CX-5 according to your preferences and tastes. Make your SUV unique!

Car Seat Cover Fit for 2022 Mazda CX-5

car seat cover

Protect your car’s interior from spills and stains with a Car Seat Cover. You can even use it as an extra layer of warmth during those cold winter months.

This universal design makes it easy to install with adjustable straps, giving you a great fit on any type of seat upholstery. Fits most sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons for years in classic black color.

Floor Mats Compatible with Mazda CX-5

floor mats

Floor mats from YITAMOTOR not only protect your vehicle’s carpets from messy scratches but also add a touch of class to any automobile.

The floor mats are designed using top-quality materials to provide optimum comfort while driving.

Available in an array of sizes to fit vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs such as Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS, and many more.

While these custom floor mats are made keeping in mind different vehicles of popular auto brands including Audi A3, BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 5 Series, and Volkswagen Tiguan.

They are specially crafted using non-skid material at their base to keep them firmly in place regardless of whether you drive on rough roads or smooth surface streets.

Rightline Gear Range 2 Car Top Carrier

rightline gear range 2 car top carrier

You’ll want to protect your vehicle from anything that can cause damage. The Rightline Gear Range 2 Car Top Carrier is designed to be lightweight but sturdy enough to handle any weather condition.

It also comes with a thick rainproof roof for added protection. The cargo net is elastic so it’s easy to pack up when not in use.

The cargo bag also includes velcro straps that allow you to secure it firmly in place on top of your vehicle while driving down the road.

With its simple design, you won’t have trouble putting it on or taking it off at car shows or other events where you would like to display your Mazda cx 5 accessories.

Screen Single Din Android 10.0 Car Stereo for Mazda CX5

android car stereo

In-car electronics are becoming more important than ever. If you’ve got Mazda cx 5 accessories, you can explore everything from a dash cam to remote starters.

One of our favorite options is an aftermarket stereo so you can use voice commands via Bluetooth or Android Auto with your car’s navigation system.

The Dasaite 10.2 inch Large Screen Single Din Android 10.0 Car Stereo features a built-in USB port, Apple CarPlay support, SiriusXM ready capability, HD radio ready capability, and Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities so you can enjoy all of your favorite music sources while driving.

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Door Sill Scuff Plate Door Sill Protector Cover Trim for Mazda CX 5

door sill scuff plate

These are stainless steel door sill scuff plate cover trim for Mazda cx 5 accessories. High-quality fine workmanship; Easy to install; Durable for long time use; Keep dirt outside of the car.

Fit with most vehicles, including Mazda 3/6/CX-3/CX-5. Weight is a registered trademark. If you have any questions, please contact us freely! Hope you will like it!

Apple Carplay Adapter Compatible with Mazda CX-5

apple carplay adapter

This revolutionary Apple CarPlay adapter lets you use a touchscreen to control your phone. Simply plugin and switch on! No technical knowledge is required as there’s no need to connect any wires.

You can make calls with voice commands, access messages through Siri hands-free functionality, enjoy music from iTunes or Spotify – all in crisp resolution. Visit CARABC for more Mazda CX-5 accessories.

Cargo Liner for Fold Down Seats

cargo liner for fold down seats

If you want to keep your cargo area looking clean, you’ll need a durable liner for seats that fold down. The 4Knines Cargo Liner is perfect for Mazda vehicles because it fits like a glove and has a non-slip backing that keeps it firmly in place when driving on rough terrain.

It also comes with headrest straps so it can be used as an aftermarket seat cover. It’s 100 percent waterproof and features deep wells to catch spills from dirty shoes or muddy paws.

There are even pockets on both sides of the cargo mat to hold things like keys, sunglasses or small toys.

The 4Knines Cargo Liner is available in several colors to match any vehicle interior; choosing black will help hide stains better than lighter colors.

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Car Wireless Charger Mount fit for CX5

mazda cx 5 accessories

Innovative wireless charging technology allows you to charge compatible mobile devices without needing to plug a wire into a wall outlet.

The wireless charger is built into an amount that fits securely into the existing CD player slot in dashboards or consoles, giving you easy access to your phone while driving without having to remove it from its case.

Car wireless charger mounts are ideal for frequent travelers since they allow you to keep your device charged up throughout trips.

This product is only compatible with smartphones that support Qi induction charging. Charging time will vary depending on device type and remaining battery power.

However, it typically takes about 1 hour for a full charge. For extra convenience when traveling long distances, it also serves as an in-car GPS mount.

Trunk Liner Floor Mat Compatible for 2022 Mazda CX-5

mazda cx 5 accessories

OEDRO cargo trunk mat can effectively eliminate scuff marks on the back of the Mazda CX-5. It will keep your car trunk clean and tidy.

OEDRO Cargo Trunk Liner Floor Mat Compatible for 2022 Mazda CX-5 is a multi-purpose heavy-duty rubber liner that protects most surfaces in your vehicle from scratches, stains, or dents caused by cargo in your trunk.

With Carpet surface is designed to trap water, sand, or dirt from shoes so you don’t track them into other areas of vehicle floorboards.

Custom Fit for Sunshade For Mazda CX-5

mazda cx 5 accessories

Custom Fit Sunshade for Mazda CX-5 is a tailor-made sunshade made specifically for your vehicle. Your auto sunshade blocks sunlight from every angle; it keeps out heat when you want to cool down.

When you don’t need it anymore, simply roll up your sunshade and store it in any convenient space in your car.

This auto accessory is great for blocking sunlight during travel so that passengers can sleep comfortably or enjoy more privacy while they are in the car.

It’s also useful for protecting belongings from fading or other forms of damage from exposure to light and heat.

The TGBROS Auto Sun Shade comes with a lifetime warranty; when it’s time to replace, simply contact us!

4 PC All Black Roof Rail Rack + Cross Bar for Mazda CX-5

mazda cx 5 accessories

Your Mazda is already on point. You’ve bought one of those new or near-new crossovers from Mazda, which makes a reliable family car that’s also pretty flashy to look at.

Now it’s time to explore how you can really make it yours. This 4 PC All Black Roof Rail Rack + Cross Bar for Mazda CX-5 is just one of many great options in Mazda cx 5 accessories from AutoAnything.

The sidebars are 36 inches long and sit just 7 1⁄2 inches off your windshield when installed properly. If you’re looking for an easy way to carry kayaks or other large items on top of your vehicle, then these roof racks will serve you well.

Weather Floor Mats for Mazda CX-5

mazda cx 5 accessories

Weather Floor Mats are great for cars that see harsh weather on a regular basis. These floor mats are made to combat dirt, mud, snow, and salt. The 3D sidewalls help trap small spills before they become stains.

These rear floor mats also feature large openings to allow for greater ease in shifting your feet around in between pedals. The rubber nibs help prevent slipping from heavy boots or other shoes with excessive traction.

Stainless Car Door Sill Scuff Kick Plate

mazda cx 5 accessories

Keep your Mazda CX-5 looking good with a shiny new trim piece. The MTAWD Stainless Car Door Sill Scuff Kick Plate Protector Trim for Mazda CX-5 is made to replace worn or damaged door sills that are original equipment from Mazda.

The plates use OEM adhesive, so installation should be relatively easy if you’re handy with a screwdriver. (Amazon)

Remote Starter for Car

mazda cx 5 accessories

The Mazda CX 5 is one of those cars that’s simple to operate without any additional gadgets. That said, there are a couple of devices on today’s market that have made driving even easier—one being remote starters.

And lucky for you, we’ve found one specifically designed for Mazda CX 5 owners that work seamlessly with start-stop technology in today’s vehicles. But don’t take our word for it; click here to learn more about how easy it is to use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a remote start on Mazda CX-5?

Mazda CX-5 makes a great car to start with when looking at aftermarket accessories because it is a crossover SUV and the interior has a lot of space for tinkering. One of these popular upgrades is installing an aftermarket remote start system.

Not only does it allow you quick access to turn on your car for warm-up on chilly mornings but it also allows you hands-free entry into your vehicle and ensures that no one can break into your car if they try to start it remotely.

How much does it cost to install a hitch on a Mazda CX-5?

The Mazda Connect system is plugged into a custom harness which is installed by a Mazda-certified technician, when they’re done the installation, you don’t have to worry about your system being plugged in for fear of hurting the wiring or components.

The best thing about using a custom wiring harness is that if anything ever changes with a vehicle, you can get our technicians to install a new one for $100. Who else offers lifetime free wiring?

Can you install a hitch yourself?

If you plan to pull a trailer or carry lumber or construction materials, you’ll need a hitch. Most vehicles are equipped with a receiver hitch (also known as class III or IV), which can be used with most types of hitches.

These come in two different types: bumper mounted and drawbar mounted. If you don’t have any experience installing hitches yourself, we recommend you hire professionals to do it. It can affect both your safety and your fuel efficiency and even the handling of your car.

Do I need wiring for a hitch?

If you’re thinking about installing a hitch on your Mazda CX-5 but are wondering if you need to add wiring as well, we have some good news.

Most models don’t need to be fitted with any sort of additional wiring. If you’d like to install a hitch on your Mazda, our team is here to help. Contact us today for more information.

What is the difference between tow package and trailer package?

When buying a car, many buyers are unclear about what a tow package and a trailer package are in relation to one another.

The former is for buyers who plan to have a hitch on their Mazda CX-5 for pulling a trailer, the latter is for buyers who want a hitch on their Mazda CX-5 for pulling another vehicle.

Contact an authorized Mazda dealership to find out more information about what requirements are needed for each of these options.

Installing these parts onto a Mazda car is an efficient way to carry heavy loads without impacting your car’s performance.

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