2022 Mazda 6 Sport: More Power and Comfort Rumored

2022 Mazda 6 Sport

2022 Mazda 6 Sport – After the Mazda 6 Sport made its debut in 2014, plenty of people were eager to see what would come next.

Two years later, we’re still waiting for the next model, but plenty of rumors are floating around about how it will look and what it will offer.

For example, many car enthusiasts are expecting that the new model will be more powerful and comfortable than the current one.

There are also quite a few rumors about how much it will cost and when we can expect to see it on our streets.

Bigger Engine

Mazda has always been a small but dependable brand. Bigger isn’t always better, but power is always fun.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Mazda roll out a sportier version of its next-gen Mazda 6 model with a more powerful engine than before.

And if we were to guess, we’d say Mazda could offer a 2.5L engine that puts out anywhere from 270 to 295 horsepower depending on what market you’re shopping in. That would easily make for one of our favorite sports sedans on sale today.

2022 mazda 6 engine
Mazda inline 6 engine specs

Is the Mazda6 Sport fast?

The 2022 Mazda 6 is fun to drive, but it can’t quite match up to its rivals in terms of outright speed. Even so, there’s plenty of power for most situations, and acceleration feels smooth.

The engine does struggle with highway merging, however, especially when paired with an automatic transmission.

But as far as midsize sedans go, it’s a solid choice for getting around town or taking a road trip on weekends.

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More Comfort

Although we haven’t seen a new Mazda sedan in a long time, there are still plenty of Mazda 6 rumors floating around.

Some of the most popular ideas claim that the forthcoming model will be more powerful and comfortable than the current one.

Although not official yet, we have learned from sources that the 2022 Mazda 6 Grand Touring will offer a higher level of comfort along with soft materials for armrests, doors, center console panels, and door panels.

Moreover, car manufacturers decided to place leather-wrapped shift knobs into every option package available in every trim model.

After these changes, buyers can enjoy not only a greater amount of power but also an increased number of advanced safety features such as an Automatic Emergency Braking System and a Lane Keep Assist System.

New Design

It seems that rumors about a new Mazda 6 design are popping up every day. Although we haven’t seen anything yet.

Some of these rumors say that the new car will be completely different from its predecessors. Others hint at an almost identical look to keep up with modern trends.

While it’s hard to know for sure until Mazda actually reveals something official, there are some solid ideas out there about what to expect from a potential Mazda 6 redesign.

Better Safety Features

With a car like this, many buyers will likely spend more money on safety features. So far, we’ve seen rumors that indicate some features that could come standard in 2022 Mazda 6 Grand Touring models.

These include high-tech monitoring systems for steering, traction control, braking, and other elements related to speed.

We also might see adaptive cruise control built into every model at a reasonable cost, which would improve safety by allowing drivers to focus more of their attention on traffic conditions instead of hitting buttons or watching screens.

Additionally, parking assist could be made standard across all models or could be offered as an extra-cost feature; either way, it would offer better visibility when backing up into tight parking spots.

Redesign Interior

Although we haven’t seen a new Mazda sedan in a long time, there are still plenty of Mazda 6 Sports rumors floating around.

Some of the most popular ideas claim that the forthcoming model will be more powerful and comfortable than before.

For example, early reports suggest that an added 25 horsepower could give it slightly better acceleration. Also, passengers should find it more comfortable thanks to improved suspension technology.

While it’s too early to speculate on its exact pricing, car experts speculate that the 2022 Mazda 6 Grand Touring price will increase by just under $6K as compared to the present 2018 Mazda 6 price. Most people won’t mind paying extra for a great upgrade like these two.

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No Compromise Driving Experience

The Mazda 6 Sport is a truly uncompromising driving experience. This car comes standard with comfort facilities such as:

  • Leather steering wheel,
  • Heated front seats,
  • Navigation, power-adjustable driver’s seat,
  • Center armrest with storage space
  • And a Bose 8-speaker Surround Sound system with SiriusXM satellite radio capabilities.

The Final Verdict

Mazda has confirmed that it’s planning to release a new Mazda 6, which will be lighter and more efficient than its predecessor.

We’re not surprised; we expect that 2022 will be a great year for Mazda as well as for other automakers, who’ll have released new models in time for summer.

There are several rumors about what we can expect from Mazda’s upcoming model: some say it will be more powerful than before, while others claim that it will feature better handling capabilities.

In addition, most of us are quite excited about its rumored safety features. However, even though most of these rumors appear to make sense (no pun intended).

None has been confirmed by Mazda or any other automotive manufacturer yet. Only time, and leaks, will tell if they’re true or not.