2022 Mazda RX7 Review: Price, Specs, and More

Mazda RX7 2022

New renderings of the upcoming Mazda RX7 2022 are being sought. The photos are encouraging, though, of course, it might be too early to get into a decent design.

In addition to its extraordinary appearance, the RX-7 or often called the new Mazda RX7 will use the latest RX7 new generation such as the SkyActiv-R, a rotary motor that was released four years ago in the RX Perspective concept.

The Japanese manufacturer has never delivered a turntable sports car. If Mazda will put it into the truth, the idea is there, we’ll see.

The Mazda RX7 4th technology is practically ready and we will provide you with all the important information. Mazda is only supposed to reveal the exact details of its new model.

What’s New for Mazda RX7 2022?

The new Mazda RX-7 2022 will be equipped with the next-generation SkyActiv-R engine. It’s a rotary engine that stays under the hood of the original RX7 sports car.

The Mazda RX7 concept car highlighted the same engine back in 2015, and Mazda has been working on it for years.

First, we will examine this machine as a range extender in the MX-30 model. Unfortunately, there is no news on the specifications of the engine and transmission.

We can’t wait for Mazda RX 7 specs to release the powertrain, including power and torque, and fuel efficiency.

New Mazda RX7 2022 to be Equipped with SkyActiv-R engine

best cars engine

Next RX7 new-generation rotary engine was revealed. Mazda has just revealed what is likely to be a new engine in their next generation of rotary sports cars.

This is a fantastic new Mazda car model with rotary engine 2022 fans everywhere and suggests that rotary engines may stick around after all.

In fact, if they can figure out how to get people excited about them again, they might even make a comeback. First off, what are these new SkyActiv-R engines?

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Mazda RX7 2022 really lives up to the concept as you can quickly see. But that’s not all, because many vehicles deviate from the same image.

The RX Eyesight looks longer, smaller, and sportier. In addition, the Mazda new rx7 has a much more intense front with a distinctive radiator grille.

The dashing windshield is an additional feature in the Internet look in the construction model. The hood is ventilated and the rims are also bigger.


New renderings look stunning. The real Mazda RX 7 2022 is a famous model, a real sports car with an excellent reputation.

Hypothetically, the 4th generation Mazda RX7 will be sportier and likely based on the RX Perspective concept.

new mazda rx7

For starters, the front houses the headlights, which are made in an almost elongated state. Next, the same lighting is put under the idea, just like the grille.

The Mazda logo is located above the grille, a design feature you’ll find on the more mature RX7 2022.

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Earlier on, in headlights, you can see blindfolds mimicking a line of exploding headlights. This is another gesture that was popular in the 1980s.

On the other hand, many fans have noticed that the front side panel looks like a combination of the Miata and BRZ front doors.

The User Profiles section appears closer to the Maserati GranTurismo model account.Interior

mazda new rx7

As for the interior, Mazda presents the Mazda RX7 Perspective 2022 concept with a minimalist design. Leather-based furniture is accessible as usual, as are the multi-spoke controls.

In addition, the cabin is also equipped with a significant amount of carbon dioxide fiber cladding. The RX-7 will abandon the concept in a number of ways. But some parts will attack creation.

Oddly enough, the new RX7 had an interior that allowed it to go into series production quickly without major changes.

The interior of the Mazda rx7 2022 has a clean and straightforward cabin design. The Creation All Set model will most likely get a slightly redesigned dashboard as well as a redesigned center console.

It will also feature a large touchscreen and the company’s latest infotainment system. High-quality materials such as lightweight aluminum and genuine leather would be preferable.

In addition, the cabin of the Mazda RX-7 2022 will have a sporty overall design that comes with a combination of 2 strengths.

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Mazda RX7 Price and Release Date

The Mazda RX7 2022 price is an added mystery. Instead, we can assume that this fantastic sports car will resume sales sometime in 2022.

The release date is likely in the last quarter of 2022. Mazda RX7 will be launched as a 2022 model.

The newest car will most likely cost nearly $55,000 for the base design. There are other tips for additional designs that can cost up to $60,000.

2022 rx7 will hit the market in the last quarter of this year. In the automotive industry, the Mazda New RX7 will face business challenges in 2022 to compete with all tough opponents such as the Jaguar F-Type, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Cayman, and Alfa Romeo 4C

Will Mazda Bring Back the RX7

The Mazda RX7 has been one of the most iconic sports cars of the 1980s and 1990s, but it has been over 15 years since Mazda produced an RX-7.

Most enthusiasts think that Mazda has abandoned this model, but the company has hinted in recent years that an RX-7 may be coming back.

With the automaker’s recent introduction of the new RX-Vision concept car, hopes are high that an updated RX-7 will be available soon.

Stay tuned to learn more about what Mazda might do with this classic vehicle in the coming years.

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What is an RX?

The Mazda RX7 series of cars is a long line of performance vehicles that began in 1988 with a twin-rotor rotary engine.

The car was called (what else?) the RX-7, and it quickly became an icon among auto enthusiasts.

As its engine type suggests, rotary engines aren’t exactly like piston engines, they rotate around a point rather than up and down as piston engines do.

Additionally, they take advantage of an effect called pumping loss to run at very high efficiency.

As one rotor compresses the air inside a sealed chamber, it causes a vacuum that helps pull fuel into another chamber from which combustion occurs.

The First Generation Series 1

The Mazda RX-7 was designed by Kenichi Yamamoto in 1972. It debuted at a Los Angeles Auto Show, but it wasn’t until 1978 that it was brought to United States Market. In fact, it became one of Mazda’s first official forays into North America.

The Series 1 had a 1,835 cc twin-rotor Wankel engine producing 130 hp and 111 lb.-ft. of torque on Japanese market models and 140 hp and 118 lb.-ft. of torque on the U.S.

The Second Generation Series 2

Mazda has taken a lot of flak for not reviving its iconic rotary engine, and justifiably so. It’s probably one of the most sought-after vehicles out there, and everyone wants to know if Mazda will finally bring it back.

The good news is that Mazda is listening to people who want a new RX-7, even though they haven’t formally announced any plans yet.

And while an exact timeframe hasn’t been given, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for 2022 to come around, it’s more likely that we’ll see a successor before then.

The Third Generation Series 3

Mazda has refused to commit one way or another on whether or not they’ll bring back the RX-7, but if we had to bet our salary for a year, we’d go with yes.

Mazda has officially said that there are no plans to do so, but they also wouldn’t tell us if they were working on a rotary engine, either.

It seems like they want everyone to know something will happen soon (before 2017), but can’t quite make it official yet.

What exactly remains in question, but we hope it means another run of rotary-powered Mazda sports cars. We can dream, right?

What Was Awesome About The RX7

The Mazda RX-7 was a legendary car, in large part because it combined lots of speed with great handling. And now there are some rumors that Mazda is looking to bring back its most iconic model.

The news comes courtesy of Autocar, who say they’ve heard from several sources that Mazda is planning on bringing back a rotary-powered sports car in 2022 (we assume they mean as a continuation of their existing range).

So when will we see it? And what should we expect? Well, with just three years to go until release, we expect a lot of specifications and details to come out over the next 18 months or so.

Looking Forward to a New RX?

Will Mazda bring back its iconic sports car, or at least an updated version of it? It’s not clear that it will, but there are certainly people out there who hope so.

For example, according to a poll from AutoGuide in 2017, 39 percent of readers would like to see Mazda bring back a modernized version of the RX series of cars – vehicles with very special names that harken back to Mazda’s rotary engines.

Today, what we call an RX-series vehicle is anything that falls into Mazda’s passenger car line and includes hatchbacks, sedans, and models of Mazda SUVs.

Would you Buy One?

Even though Mazda hasn’t officially announced plans to release a new model, all signs point to yes. Mazda has previously said it would launch an all-new rotary-powered sports car by 2021, and 2022 is exactly when we expect a new RX7 to debut.

In fact, Mazda has even hinted that it might give its iconic model a Wankel engine for maximum performance. Based on previous models.

We suspect it will be equipped with 250 horsepower or more and go from 0–60 in 5 seconds or less—all while achieving 30 mpg or better.

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How long do RX7 engines last?

According to Jean-Pierre Derdeyn of the Derwin Performance Group, a well-maintained rotary engine can easily last about 150,000 miles or more, provided you follow proper guidelines and care.

Which is better RX7 or RX8?

The 2022 Mazda RX8 reaches a top speed of 230-240 km/h in a very short time. The top speed makes it the best sports car and the best sedan at the same time.

While the New Mazda RX7 reaches a top speed of 190-200 km/h. Both the RX7, RX8, and Mazda RX9 are brilliant when it comes to acceleration.

Is the RX8 the same as RX7?

This is a common misconception, but the RX8 was never intended to be a direct successor to the new RX7.

Keep in mind that if Mazda ever builds a successor to the new Mazda rx7, it will still be called the RX7.

This is how Mazda’s nomenclature has always worked, the 2022 Mazda RX8 is an autonomous vehicle that should be viewed in isolation.

Mazda RX7 Price and Release Date

The Mazda RX7 2022 price is an added mystery. Instead, we can assume that this fantastic sports car will resume sales sometime in 2022.

The release date is likely in the last quarter of 2022. Mazda RX7 will be launched as a 2022 model.

The newest car will most likely cost nearly $55,000 for the base design. There are other tips for additional designs that can cost up to $60,000.

2022 rx7 will hit the market in the last quarter of this year. In the automotive industry, the Mazda New RX7 will face business challenges in 2022 to compete with all tough opponents such as the Jaguar F-Type, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche Cayman, and Alfa Romeo 4C.

Mazda RX7 Car Accessories

Like every other automaker in the world, Mazda has many great car accessories to provide added comfort and safety features to help you get the most out of your new Mazda RX7 car.

With that said, there are so many great accessories available today that it can be hard to choose which ones will actually benefit you most.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated Mazda RX7 car accessories currently on the market and how they can help you achieve even greater success with your new car purchase.

Rightline Gear Range Jr Car Top Carrier

The Rightline Gear Range car roof rack offers weather-resistant protection so you can transport your luggage and passengers with safety, comfort, and convenience.

Prepare with confidence, Our straps will keep your belongings dry and won’t fly off your roof, so you can use them again and again for years!

Mazda RX7 Body Kits

While Mazda isn’t a car brand typically associated with car body kits, they actually do have some.

Just go online and look up car body kit websites, and you’ll find that there are in fact Mazda RX7 body kits available.

While these do not make your car go faster or improve its engine, people like to customize their vehicles with them so they can stand out from all of their friends who have cars and trucks.

A few of these Mazda RX7 body kits are creative and look really good to design on your car if you have an artistic mind.

Mazda RX7 Lighting

The lights on a Mazda are managed by three different switches: a high beam switch that controls both headlights, and separate switches for driving lights and turn signals.

Some of these switches are located on your steering wheel. If any of these parts are not working, it might be something easy or it might require a lot of work to repair.

Canbus Vehicle LED Interior

The Canbus Vehicle LED Interior package allows you to safely convert your dashboard and vehicle interior to cool white LED lighting.

It works with no error messages, no flickering, and no blown fuses. With just a few minutes of installation time, you can have your dash looking like new.

This is a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs, so there’s nothing complicated about it – just pop out old ones and put these in their place!

You can get 100% of your car’s dash lights converted at once or just do one area at a time, either way, it’ll look great.

Mazda RX7 Exhaust Tips

One way to show your love for your Mazda car is to install an exhaust tip that sticks out from the rest. And also you can protect your car’s undercarriage from wear and tear.

There are a lot of exhaust tips for Mazda RX7 models, and surely you’ll find one that’s perfect for your vehicle’s personality.

In order to find a perfect set of exhaust tips for your Mazda, you should check out our online store today.

DC Sport EX-5016 Stainless Steel Round Muffler and Slant Cut Exhaust Tip

The DC Sports Stainless Steel Muffler is a great addition to any Mazda. The dark burnt exhaust tip will give your Mazda a unique look without destroying its performance or sound.

This muffler and exhaust tip combination was engineered for cars that want to add style and character without sacrificing performance or sound.

With minimal modifications, you can easily add one of these mufflers and tips in order to enhance your Mazda’s performance.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice performance for style when upgrading your exhaust system with a high-quality muffler like this one from DC Sport! The package includes all the necessary parts for installation on your Mazda!

Mazda RX7 Performance Parts

If you’re a true automotive enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you know all about Mazda’s most legendary sports car: The RX-7.

The rotary engine was one of Mazda’s greatest engineering feats, and thanks to its twin-turbocharging system and high-compression pistons, it was also one of their most powerful cars of all time.

That kind of power demands a lot from the body, so it stands to reason that any hard-core rotary enthusiast needs to make sure they have access to all kinds of body parts if they want their ride to look right.

Thankfully, there are lots of companies out there that make products specifically for rotary engines, and we’ve collected just a few popular ones here!

Mishimoto MMRAD-FD-93 Aluminum Performance Radiator for Mazda RX-7

When it comes to performance, sometimes you want a different look for your engine bay. Or maybe you’re looking for better cooling performance or faster warm-up times from your stock radiator and fan setup.

Whatever your reason, an aftermarket aluminum radiator is a great way to upgrade and add some style to your Mazda RX-7.

The MMRAD-FD-93 Aluminum Performance Radiator is our recommended option and features a honeycomb core with 5 rows of 1/2 tubes and 2 rows of 3/8 tubes, giving it a low-pressure drop while maintaining enough surface area to efficiently remove heat from under your hood.

What To Know About The New Mazda RX7

Mazda’s newest vehicle, the RX7, has been making headlines lately, with many wondering if the new model will be powered by a rotary engine like the previous RX7 models were before they were discontinued in 2002.

Though Mazda has not confirmed whether or not this will be the case, there are many who believe that it’s true. Here’s what we know about the new Mazda RX7 and its potential rotary engine.

A Little Bit About The History of Mazda

The company started in 1920 as a producer of grinding equipment. In Hiroshima, Japan, there was a young man named Jujiro Matsuda who studied automotive engineering and eventually started working for Toyo Cork Kogyo.

The company would change its name several times over the next couple of decades (Matsuda Motor Company and Toyo Kogyo) before finally settling on Mazda Miata 1995. It wasn’t until 1991 that Mazda introduced its first-ever car produced outside of Japan.

Manufactured in South Africa by Delta Motors. When it came time to design a sports car, Mazda opted for an in-house solution over outsourced production again.

What Does The Word Mazda Mean?

The word Mazda is a transliteration of an Old Persian word meaning possessing free will. It’s also a play on Ahura Mazda, one of two deities in Zoroastrianism, a 6th-century B.C. religion that was widely practiced across much of Persia (modern Iran).

Mazda was called Ahura Mazda, meaning Wise Lord, while his brother was named Angra Mainyu (or Ahriman), which means Destructive Spirit.

In fact, Zoroastrianism is well known for its dualistic view of good versus evil, followers believe that all things are part of an eternal cosmic struggle between those forces.

Where is Mazda Originally From?

Mazda is actually a Japanese company. The name Mazda comes from Ahura Mazda, who was an omniscient, mythical figure in Zoroastrianism.

This is not particularly relevant to their cars, however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t American at heart.

For example, founder Jujiro Matsuda lived with Henry Ford for a year in Dearborn and then shipped components for his car back to Japan.

And as far as current relations are concerned, Mazda has been producing vehicles for General Motors since 2002.

How Much Will It Cost

The cost of the new Mazda RX7 is one of the biggest sticking points for most buyers. The current models range from about $35,000 for a base model up to about $40,000 for a top-end version with all of its bells and whistles.

It may seem like a lot but considering that most luxury cars cost nearly as much, the big difference is that luxury car owners usually want what they pay for.

But since you’re getting an entry-level sports car from Mazda when you buy an RX7, you get more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

You also get bragging rights and a ton of headroom (check out the video). Overall, it’s no surprise why there have been so many happy owners over time.

Some Technical Info About The New Mazda RX7

  • The engine is a 12A model with a displacement of 1.3 liters.
  • Rotary engines have three main moving parts: rotor, housing, and apex seals.
  • Rotary engines are highly efficient due to their ability to use atmospheric pressure for intake and exhaust gas re-circulation for cooling.
  • The rotary engine has less mass than piston engines because of its lack of an upper crankcase, which means that power can be put down more efficiently through lower rotating masses, leading to a quicker acceleration in turns or after booting from a standing start.

Will There Be an Automatic Transmission Option

Automatics are usually more reliable and fuel-efficient, which is why they’re so common these days.

However, it’s worth noting that most auto-lovers still prefer a manual transmission, that is if you can find one. Many manufacturers have phased out manuals in favor of automatics.

So, before purchasing a new Mazda RX7 with a rotary engine, know that you might be out of luck when it comes to getting your dream car with a stick shift.

Safety Features On The Car

To ensure your safety and that of others, all new cars must pass certain safety tests. These tests are different for every make and model of car on the road today.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about knowing all of them before going out and buying a new car.

For example, all vehicles in New York State must undergo a crash test called front impact with an obstacle (known as FIA) when they are being certified for retail sale by a licensed independent testing facility (ITF).

Keep in mind, however, that passing these tests doesn’t guarantee it won’t fail on you at some point down the road; what it does mean is that it has passed basic crash-worthiness requirements.

9 Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Mazda RX7

There’s an old rule of car buying that says you should never buy a brand-new model in its first year of production.

The reason is simple; if you wait, chances are good there will be some technical flaws that need ironing out or safety concerns identified during crash testing.

With such obvious downside potential and few gains, it makes sense not to rush into a purchase. If you’re looking at a new Mazda rx7, make sure you stay away from model years with only one digit on their nameplate.

These cars have yet to prove themselves over time and in thousands of real-world miles, which means they lack predictability, stability, and longevity.

The Iconic Design

The new Mazda RX7 will look similar to its original iteration, however, a completely new interior and exterior design are being considered. The same chassis design will remain, but changes are set to improve performance and handling.

In order for it to match or exceed modern supercars in terms of acceleration, top speed, and fuel efficiency, engineers are looking at reducing weight by switching from steel components to lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

Power output is also expected to increase slightly when compared with the previous model in addition to numerous other changes including suspension setup, drivetrain layout, and electronic systems that aim to make driving more enjoyable.

Expect more information over the coming months about what’s planned for development for what could become one of Japan’s iconic vehicles in future years.

Lightweight Chassis

Next year’s new Mazda RX7 will also include a lighter chassis. The original Mazdaspeed 7 had a heavy steel frame, while the new car will use carbon fiber as its chassis of choice.

The benefits are multiple: lighter weight improves performance and efficiency, not only at launch but when climbing hills or accelerating through corners.

A lightweight structure contributes directly to improving performance across all metrics, including safety.

After all, every pound shed from an auto is a pound not being transported by or applied to it when you’re driving down the road.

It’s easy math: heavier cars aren’t safer cars; if anything, they increase accident risk for those inside and outside of them.

Attractive Cabin

Because we are talking about a sports car, it’s only natural that you will look at its appearance first. And who doesn’t like a good-looking interior? The seats have fabric on them so they will provide a nice feel.

Of course, there is leather as well if you prefer that option over the cloth. As for other features, you can expect power windows and door locks, and cruise control which are pretty standard these days in any modern vehicle.

The seats in your new Mazda RX7 also have cup holders so if you buy one with leather seats, those will most likely contain heating elements built into them too!

Luxurious leather seats

The new seats on the new Mazda rx7 are made from high-quality leather that is firm, comfortable, and soft at all times. It has a large variety of color options as well as designs.

The seats can also seat two people so if you don’t want to drive alone or you want someone to join in on your trip, your friend can ride a shotgun while taking in what will be a spectacular view.

Seats are usually taken for granted until they start wearing out and become uncomfortable, but when you have these new leather seats it will make any road trip enjoyable.

LED Headlights

Mazda is an industry leader in vehicle safety, providing a system that detects potential collisions and alerts drivers.

The technology, called i-ACTIVSENSE (Intelligent Awareness Camera Telematic Active Safety), operates in conjunction with driver controls such as smart cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and traffic sign recognition. But it also plays a role in handling what Mazda calls near-collisions.

The new Mazda RX7 2022 will have LED headlights, which aim in both low beam and high beam to illuminate curves ahead of vehicles ahead on the road, reducing near crashes by warning drivers when they are steering too close for conditions.

They also reduce energy use by lighting only where necessary, allowing them to shut off at all other times.

Comfort Suspension System

In order to deliver a comfortable ride for passengers in their new Mazda RX7 2022 sports car, Mazda has used a variable damper system for the suspension.

The suspension damper system used by Mazda does not have any mechanical link between dampers and shock absorbers like other cars but rather uses electronic control.

With its use of electro-hydraulic control when you set your preferred level of comfort via buttons on your steering wheel, air pressure is automatically regulated through a solenoid which regulates oil flow and thus regulates damping forces within each shock absorber.

This allows much greater sensitivity than other systems as well as better response time and an increased number of settings.

High-Quality Materials

Mazda is serious about going green, and that means even its new sports car won’t be made of just carbon fiber and Nomex.

The next generation of Mazda’s sports car is expected to have a high level of parts sourced from naturally occurring substances. According to one executive, we don’t like all these plastics and synthetic materials in our cars.

They may not sound as sporty as a carbon fiber frame or aluminum hood, but they might be more comfortable in everyday driving. If you can get along without them (in performance) then we want it that way.

Well-Designed Infotainment System

Mazda has a long history of creating cars that are fun to drive, and now it’s combining that legacy with cutting-edge technology.

The new Mazda RX7 2022 will be equipped with an infotainment system that’s built directly into the dashboard and can withstand a substantial amount of heat.

In fact, its cooling system was inspired by those used in pro video game consoles. By equipping their cars with more advanced features, automakers are placing greater emphasis on comfort than ever before.

It may not seem important right now, but as more time is spent inside automobiles, it’s bound to become an increasingly crucial factor.

Powerful Engine Options

Thanks to advancements in engine technology, manufacturers can now offer smaller engines that are still powerful and fuel-efficient. Take, for example, Honda’s K24A1 i-VTEC 4-cylinder.

It has a displacement of just 2.4 liters (the same as Porsche’s flat 6) but can deliver 172 horsepower while achieving an EPA fuel economy rating of 30 mpg on the highway.

Those figures are virtually identical to those of its larger 3.5-liter V6 brother (183 hp / 26 mpg).

With more than 400 hp and less than 3 liters of displacement, it’s one of many engines that is helping us make way for a new generation of vehicles that are not only efficient but also fun to drive.


Even with all of its amazing features, we can’t get over how stunningly beautiful it is. This thing is a work of art, and I know many people will be able to appreciate it as such.

It just goes to show that looks aren’t everything, but they sure do help us in making quick decisions about whether or not something is worth our money!

Here’s hoping that you get your hands on one soon! If you have any questions about the new Mazda RX7, don’t hesitate to ask us!