Sylvester Stallone Abandoned House Location in Maryland

sylvester stallone abandoned house

Sylvester Stallone Abandoned House in Maryland, also known as the Gage Mansion, has been abandoned for years after it was foreclosed on in 2010.

Built-in 1879 by Isaac Gage, the mansion was later home to wealthy bankers and financiers until the 1920s, when the Gage family lost their fortune in the stock market crash of 1929.

The building then passed through several other hands before being abandoned again shortly after World War II ended in 1945.

Sylvester Stallone Abandoned House: What Problems Is He Having?

sylvester stallone abandoned house

Sylvester Stallone abandoned house has been a site of scandal for quite some time now. In 2010, it was reported that various items were stolen from his abandoned house in Maryland including 60 pairs of shoes, 30 bags and suitcases, 20 watches, and 10 suits.

To add to the saga, a few years ago Sylvester Stallone’s abandoned house was sold at an auction after he failed to pay property taxes on it.

However, despite all of these scandals Sylvester still maintains his interest in properties located along Chesapeake Bay Watershed in Maryland and New York with a real estate portfolio estimated at around $37 million dollars.

The History

Sylvester Stallone abandoned house is a large, fortress-like mansion situated at 1501 33rd Street, Northwest in Maryland, next to its marginally less famous sibling estate.

The Josephine Butler Rockwell House—another example of Victorian elegance and high society in late 1800s America. It was constructed around 1899 by Dr.

Samuel Ayer with his wife Bertha for $150,000 (worth over $3 million today) on a 36×60 lot of land bought from Mrs. Sarah E Foggy Bottom and built as an English Tudor Revival style castle or manor house with huge stone walls 12 feet thick!

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The controversial history of the place

The estate at which Sylvester Stallone abandoned his house has had a long and dramatic history of its own.

The main structure was originally built in 1738 as a corn mill, but it’s known that several buildings were added between 1840 and 1864 to turn it into a farmhouse.

In 1998, Sly bought the property with plans to tear down some of those additions and restore some of its historic characters.

To date, he has done neither, instead deciding to concentrate on building up another residence behind what is now one of Hollywood’s most notorious ghost mansions.

Why Did Sylvester Stallone Abandon His House in Maryland?

For some reason we have never heard of, superstar and legend of action movies, Sylvester Stallone has abandoned his mansion.

Of course, as a celebrity with millions and millions at his disposal, he had every right to do so. It is only baffling that such a star would just leave their home behind and not care about it anymore.

While we can’t answer that question yet, here’s what else we know: A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge has ordered him to pay $12K per month on mortgage arrears for a property he owns in one of America’s wealthiest counties.

Not only did Sly leave it behind though – but also an empty swimming pool filled with feces! Gross!

Why did he need to abandon the property?

It seems as though every celebrity has their crazy stories, but Sly’s tale is by far one of the most interesting.

According to TMZ, Sly abandoned a home he owned with his now-ex-wife Jennifer Flavin after purchasing it for $1.8 million from former MLB all-star Jim Eisenreich back in 2006.

The estate was later placed on sale for $10 million, but no one bit and now it sits empty and unoccupied.

This led many to believe that Sly had been foreclosed on or had left owing thousands of dollars – neither of which were true. Turns out that it was actually a tax scam that was to blame for all of this!

Why is he selling it?

Sylvester Stallone had many ups and downs during his life, but despite his current financial troubles, it’s hard to imagine that he would give up such a special piece of real estate for no reason at all.

Some people speculated that perhaps it was because he has changed so much overtime that he didn’t feel like it was a reflection of him anymore, or maybe because of some bad memories from his past.

Others believe that he was just looking for a change in pace and an excuse to move on to bigger and better things.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: people around these parts will always remember him fondly as one of our own who rose to fame by making our home town famous first.

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What is happening with it now

While there’s no evidence of a financial crisis, it seems as though Sly didn’t want to invest much time or money into an old property that he only planned on being a temporary home.

The land was purchased for $450,000 and then transferred back to Stallone two years later for just $250,000.

Sly paid $200K for renovations and then listed it for sale shortly after moving out with a price tag of $4.9 million—that’s where things get interesting.

The mansion was originally listed at $10 million but quickly dropped to just under 7M before settling on 5M (note: we never saw pictures of all 7 rooms).

With no takers, it sat on the market until being taken off altogether.

How it Was Found Sylvester Stallone Abandoned House

His most recent house sits on a sprawling 20-acre plot, where many of his neighbors appear to be horse farms or estates owned by some of Maryland’s wealthiest elite: ambassadors, politicians, and lawyers with Ivy League degrees.

But even in its grandest neighborhood, it sticks out as odd for its sheer size and strange layout: The main house is almost as big as a McMansion, but there’s no garage—and no driveway at all—to speak of.

The property doesn’t look like it belongs to an actor who made millions of dollars playing Rocky Balboa; instead, it looks like a stately home that belongs to someone who inherited their money.

What They Found Inside Sylvester Stallone’s Abandoned House

A Sylvester Stallone abandoned house is a single-family home built in 1900, owned by actor Sylvester Stallone and his ex-wife Sasha Czack from 1986 to 1990, and bought for $850,000 at that time. It sold for $3 million when it was put on sale in 2016 following its renovation.

Most of these kinds of homes used to be made from logs cut from huge walnut trees on nearby plantations that were covered with white-washed plaster inside and out, sometimes enhanced with decorative wood panels or motifs such as hearts.

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Today – Will It Be Torn Down?

The house, which was left vacant for years after a previous owner filed for bankruptcy protection, has been used for parties and films since 2009.

The iconic home was used in films such as ‘The Newest Pledge’ (2012), ‘LOL: Laughing Out Loud’ (2011), and ‘Saving Lincoln’ (2013).

More recently, it appeared on My Strange Addiction with a young woman who claimed she was obsessed with visiting mansions – including that of Sylvester Stallone – and being photographed by her boyfriend while doing so.

It is unknown how long it will remain abandoned or if it will be torn down to make way for future development.

Other Sylvester Stallone Residences

A $32,000 payday from a small part in Paradise Alley led to stardom and Sylvester Stallone abandoned house Maryland can be seen all over Hollywood, with homes in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami Beach.

One home that did not make it on his tour was a large property outside of Tampa, Florida which reportedly had a large fishing pond on the property as well as an almost Olympic-sized swimming pool (Stallone also owned another waterfront home in Miami Beach).

If you are looking for Sylvester Stallone’s abandoned house Maryland, you can buy it now for just $2 million dollars.

Abandoned Old Mansions: A Haunting Look at Sylvester Stallone’s Past

abandoned old mansions

How creepy are these images of abandoned old mansions? Sylvester Stallone must be crazy to have lived in them. What do you think happened in these homes that would cause someone to move out?

I’m so glad my family and I moved into our new home and didn’t have to deal with some of the weird things that must have occurred in these places when they were occupied by people.

Why Does Sly Have So Many Houses?

According to a 2006 report by Elite Daily, Sly has lived in over 16 houses since 1984. In addition to his main house, he also owns mansions in Miami and Los Angeles.

Given that Sly bought his first mansion when he was just 26 years old, these houses make for an interesting story.

The only problem is that it’s hard to know where all of them are located because Sly is extremely protective of his privacy.

However, his former housekeeper has spilled quite a few beans about what it’s like inside one of Sly’s abandoned old mansions.

The Mansion Built By His Grandfather In New Jersey

In 1929, Stallone’s grandfather, Mario Montez (whose name was later changed to Mariolo) immigrated to New York from Cuba.

Once he got established in America, he bought a two-story brick house on Hewitt Street in North Bergen, New Jersey.

The house was equipped with a maid’s quarters and a full basement—likely due to Mario Montez’s status as a high-ranking Cuban military official. Unfortunately for his son Frank Stallone Sr., there was only room for one man of power in that household.

In 1953, Frank Sr. lost control of his family when his father ordered him to move out of their home and into an abandoned mansion just down the street.

The House At The Bottom Of Rocky’s Stairs

While Sylvester Stallone rose to fame after buying a then-abandoned old mansion in 1975, that doesn’t mean that he was always wealthy.

In fact, just five years before buying his famous Santa Monica home, Stallone had been working as a freelance cartoonist and took on other odd jobs to make ends meet, including building sets for adult films.

While everyone loves an interesting story about celebrity origins (especially one involving adult films), we doubt that anyone would have guessed these facts about Rocky’s story.

Despite an incredibly rough start to his career, Stallone soldiered on and is now one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. We can’t say we wouldn’t do exactly the same thing!

His Home In Malibu (Which Is Now On The Market)

When looking at a property, it’s important to do your research and find out everything you can about its history. In 2008, Sylvester Stallone purchased a stunning two-acre Malibu property for $10 million.

The legendary actor reportedly paid $1 million to have it torn down and replaced with something more modern, but that mansion is still worth close to $10 million today.

If you ever wanted to live in an abandoned old mansion, his home in Malibu would be a perfect place to do so, but you might want to look into living thereafter he’s moved out of it! When one door closes, another opens… right?

His Most Recent House, Originally Owned By Elvis Presley

In January 2017, Sly and his wife Jennifer Flavin listed their most recent home for $7.2 million. The Spanish-style, five-bedroom house was built in 1937 and was formerly owned by Elvis Presley 1957, who rented it to Marilyn Monroe during the filming of The Prince and The Showgirl.

In addition to three bedrooms and four bathrooms (including a spa-like master bathroom with his-and-her sinks), there are stone fireplaces and an outdoor courtyard with a private pool. There’s also a guesthouse on-site that’s been converted into a gym.

Sylvester Stallone Abandoned House

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