Alfa Romeo Stelvio Towing Capacity: Combination Package

alfa romeo stelvio towing capacity

Alfa Romeo Stelvio towing capacity – Stealth Hitches offers two towbar packages, namely the rack package or the combo package.

The combination package contains everything a luggage rack package has to offer, as well as all the components required for towing.

The same vehicle-specific cross member and the same vertical lock are used in both packages – so you can later convert to towing by purchasing a conversion kit.

Accessories For Cars Exterior
2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Rack and Towing

What’s Included In The Package Accessories For Cars Exterior?


  • Drawbar carrier (bolt version)
  • Locking mechanism made of stainless steel with integrated lock
  • Detachable square rack receiver (2”) NOT FOR TOLL


  • Drawbar carrier (bolt version)
  • Locking mechanism made of stainless steel with integrated lock
  • 7-pin connector and mounting bracket
  • 7-way to 4-way adapter (enables both connection types)
  • Removable ball holder (standard base from 18 “ball)
  • Ball (2 “)
  • Chain anchor (for safety chain connection)
  • No need for the detachable receiver in a stand (2 “)
  • Safety rope


alfa romeo stelvio towing capacity

The fully welded stealth towbar for accessories for Alfa Romeo Stelvio towing capacity is strong and durable with a lifetime warranty.

The combination of stainless steel hook block and powder coating provides excellent rust protection, so you can enjoy environmental adventures and not have to worry about the function of your towbar.

Hitch Towing Capacity
-6,000 lbs – gross vehicle weight of the trailer (GTW)
-600 lbs – tongue weight (TW)
Rack receiver capacity
-350 lbs – 2 “receiver (standard)
– 300 lbs – 1-1 / 4 “receiver

*Do not exceed the permissible weight of the tow bar, trailer, or vehicle.

*For ratings, see the trailer and vehicle manufacturer’s information.

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-Made in the USA.-No cuts are visible on the bumper.
-Completely hidden.-No welding or drilling is required.
-Protect the crumple zone of the vehicle.-There are no permanent attachments hanging under the vehicle.
-Every foot-operated hatch release remains active.-No knee or shin bangs.
-Integrated anti-theft lock and key.-Ideal for bikes, extra cargo, skis, and more.


Accessories For Cars Exterior

Stealth Hitches offers a rack-only plan and a combo package of crane and rack options. The same cross members and vertical hook blocks are used for all packages.

So if you need to upgrade to a crane later, you can do so with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio conversion package.

The Hitch Alfa Romeo Stelvio luggage rack is a standard 2-inch portable luggage rack that can accommodate the latest bike racks, ski racks, cargo beds, and other square tube accessories.

Wiring harnesses are not required if rack connections are the customer’s only application.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio combined towbar package has a detachable ball-head attachment that does not work like normal square towbars.

When inserted into the stainless steel receptacle block, it creates a firm connection to the vehicle frame, avoiding the bumps and bumps associated with jamming the square tube receiver when starting and stopping.

This fixed connection reduces the wear and tear on the vehicle’s transmission and makes the journey more pleasant for the passengers.


Our “stealth” wiring harness and wired control were specially developed for monitoring and duplicating rear light functionality.

Drawing electricity from the taillight circuit can lead to vehicle errors, especially in European vehicles. Our controller draws power directly from the battery to eliminate this problem.

For vehicles with many trailer lights, the stealth harness was developed to increase the current Alfa Romeo Stelvio towing capacity from the typical 5 amp solid state limit to a full 20 amps.

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