Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: The best recommendation for you

Best Car Accessories. No matter what you drive, there are a few things almost any car can use. If you want to outfit your car with some of the coolest and most useful auto accessories, this epic gadget is the place for you. This is the best gadget to complete your car decoration.

Here are some of the best car accessories that you should know:

Vodafone V Auto

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

If you wish your car was smarter but you can’t afford a new one, Vodafone is there with V Auto.

It’s a nifty device that plugs into the ODB port that most cars have, even fairly old ones. It is compatible with most cars from 2003 onwards, but also some older cars.

The included app lets you track your journeys (useful for mileage credit) and also gives you a road safety score so you know if you are really the good driver you think you are.

Many use the Find My Car feature, which can help you find a parked car when you can’t remember where it is.

V Auto also has an Auto SOS service; H. In the event of a serious accident, the device will contact the agency and call the emergency service assistant for you. This can be helpful if you are concerned about certain family members driving alone. For obvious reasons, we couldn’t test this feature.

The V Auto costs £ 85 and you then have to pay £ 4 a month as the device has an integrated V-SIM for data, GPS, and battery. It’s a lot if you don’t use all of the features, but it’s way, much cheaper than Amazon and available to everyone, not just Vodafone subscribers.


Viofo A119 v3 with GPS

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

Dashboard cameras record a continuous video as you drive, which can be used as evidence if you’ve ever been in an accident.

One of the top picks is the Viofo A119 v3 as it combines great picture quality with easy installation, all the features you could want for a reasonable price. You can read our full review here.

You can also check out our full roundup of the Best Dash Cameras.


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Amazon Echo Auto

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

The Roav Viva, which we also included here, was one of the first ways you could add Alexa to your car, but now the official Amazon product has arrived in the UK and Australia and is first launched in the US.

It’s easy to set up and use, but your car must have Bluetooth or an aux-in port so you can hear Alexa’s voice and any music streamed through your car’s speakers. It’s also important to note that as with the Viva and Nextbase dashboard cameras, you will still need your phone to provide an internet connection for Alexa.


Bestek 300 W. inverter

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

Most cars these days have USB plugs, but what you won’t find is a 3-pin UK socket. So if you need power that can’t be charged via USB – like your laptop or DSLR battery – then you need an inverter.

This gadget converts your car’s 12V DC power supply to 240V AC (or 110V for US models).

The Bestek 300W inverter delivers, as the name suggests, 300W. However, if you want to plug in anything over 150W, you will need a clip to clip it directly to your car battery.

That is enough to supply a laptop, television, or camping refrigerator with electricity. However, always check the power consumption of your device before connecting it. Products like travel irons, hairdryers, and straighteners use too much power and cannot be used.

In addition to the socket (one on the UK model, two on the US version) there are two USB ports, each delivering 2.4 A of power – enough to charge two iPads at the same time.

A switch on the back allows you to turn off the inverter instead of unplugging it from your best car accessories socket, and the internal fan is less noisy.


Mojietu inflator

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

Having to drive to a workshop to inflate the tires is inconvenient, and neither is the conventional foot pump.

Battery-operated inflators are the answer, and thanks to ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries, you can now buy something portable and affordable.

Mojietu (a sub-brand of vacuum maker Roidmi) delivers up to 150 psi – for more than you need for your car – and can pump 195/55/R15 tires out of a flat tire in nine minutes.

That’s the claim, and a strange one, because you’re more likely to be loading a tire that has lost some pressure due to cold weather or a slow leak. We found that adding 10 psi takes a few minutes for each tire – not the fastest, but easier than a cable pump plugged into your car’s 12V accessory socket.

This device comes with a zippered compartment and adapter so you can use it to pump balls and other items. And of course ideal for bicycles that use the same valves as car tires.

It has an LCD screen on top (which wasn’t bright enough on the pre-production sample we sent for testing) and this was a problem as all of the controls were touch-sensitive and we couldn’t see it except in the dark.

You can adjust the pressure for each of the four modes: car, motorcycle, bike, ball and it will stop when that pressure is reached. It also shows the pressure so you can use it to check the tire pressure.

It’s small enough to fit in a water bottle holder on your bike and weighs 750 g. The battery has enough power to pump a car tire from 29 to 35 psi six times.


Upgraded Mirror Dash Cam for Car- 12″ 2.5K 1080P Rearview Camera With Touch Screen


rear view camera with touch screen

Night vision isn’t an option in most cars, it’s mostly reserved for high-end models and is otherwise an expensive option. With the CARCHET T12, you can add a night vision device to any car for a standard price.

The 12″ IPS mirror screen and 170° field of view and 160° rear have a wider and clearer field of view than traditional rearview mirror cameras and reduce visual blind spots. The touch-sensitive full mirror camera screen makes operation easier.

CARCHET T12 mirror dash cam is equipped with a 2.5K 2560*1440P high definition front mirror camera and a 1080P backup rear-view mirror camera. High-definition video removes the limitations of ordinary rearview mirrors and gives you clearer details, which is the warmest gift for family and friends.

A parking guide helps you park safely. You can adjust the angle of the dashboard mirror when parking to eliminate blind spots and observe the surrounding situation. Then, parking monitoring helps you to clearly record everything that happens after you leave the car.


Roav Viva

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

Alexa was a useful digital assistant at home, but now you can talk to her in your car thanks to Roav Viva. (And also via the Nextbase 422GW dashboard camera and the 522GW and 622GW.)

There are two Viva models and the Pro version adds a minijack aux input and costs £ 49.99, just £ 5 more. In the US, the Pro is $ 69.99, which is $ 20 more than the regular version.

It may look like a USB car charger (because it is), but the top has an LED ring of light that works like the Amazon Echo. It’s just a square, not a circle. You plug it into the 12V accessory socket and plug it into your phone, which is used for internet connection.

You can then use the Roav app to authorize your Amazon Alexa account and then speak hands-free with Alexa.

The app offers audio output options: use your phone via Bluetooth or use your car’s Bluetooth input. Either of these is not ideal as your phone’s speakers may be too quiet and the Bluetooth input means you won’t be able to hear a car radio or other audio sources.

There is integration with mapping software including Google Maps and Waze, but you may not need that as you can just use your phone. But it does exist so you can have a sat nav and Alexa at the same time.

We also found it didn’t work in the cigarette lighter socket on at least one older car (from the early 2000s), but we had no problem with the more modern best car accessories.


Nonda Zus

Best Car Accessories and Gadgets: Recommendation for you

If you want to find your car anywhere you park it but don’t like V Auto’s monthly fees, then take a look at the Nonda Zus.

At first glance, it’s just a regular USB car charger that plugs into your 12V cigarette lighter. It can charge your phone and a second device at the same time so your passengers don’t feel left out – they’re reversible too.

But there is some hidden intelligence that offers a number of practical functions.

You can use the companion app to find out where you’ve parked the car – useful for forgetfulness – and the location can be shared when, for example, you pick someone up. You can also set parking meter alerts so you don’t accidentally lose time and get a hefty fine.

In addition, Zus can monitor the health of your car battery and notify you if something goes wrong. If necessary, you can also track journeys including mileage.

Note: We may earn a commission when you shop through a link on our website at no additional cost. Our editorial independence remains unaffected. Study again.


LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

lisen car phone holder mount

This LISEN Car Phone Holder is designed as a “Hook Shape” and forms a “Three-point grip” that can securely fasten the outlet bar and ensure it never falls under any circumstances. Mobile Phone Holder for Car was BORN FOR INNOVATION & PRACTICE, it solves the common problem of the market which is easy to fall off over time.

LISEN Magnetic Phone Car Mount with 6 built-in strong magnets, maximum carrying capacity up to the weight of 4 phones. Strong suction keeps your phone steady even when driving on bumpy roads. PLEASE NOTE:

  1. It is recommended to use the “Box Pad” on the back of your phone/case. It is more stable than round.
  2. Any device needs to use a metal plate even iPhone 12 and iPhone13.



  • This metal plate cannot work with MagSafe.

  • Without the phone case, please put the metal plate on the back of the phone.

  • With the phone case, please place the metal plate on the back of the phone or the back of the phone case;

  • This metal plate is only for SMOOTH flat surfaces, not for liquid silicone cases, leather cases, heavy case or uneven case surfaces.

  • It is not recommended to place the metal sheet between the back of the phone/tablet and the case of the phone/tablet;

  • If the back of your phone/tablet or phone/tablet case is made of glass, after cleaning, stick the PE film first and then the iron sheet;

  • This car phone holder cannot be compatible with vertical round air vents and is only compatible with horizontal type.

Handsfree Call Car Charger

handsfree call car charger

The car charger comes with a dual USB, 2 USB charging ports to charge most USB devices. 12V/24V input, 1a port with USB reading and charging function; smart 3. 1 Charging port that can intelligently identify Android or iOS devices and charge.

Handsfree also works for the built-in microphone, If you want to make a call, you must switch to hands-free mode automatically from the music playing state when receiving a call. Answer/reject/raise/remember all in one key.


FAQ About Best Car Accessories and Gadgets

How can I make my car high-tech?

Here’s our in-depth look at the technology you can add to your car to make it feel a little more like a Tesla.

  • Stereo Systems/Interfaces and Apple CarPlay

  • Dash Cams

  • Wireless Accessories

  • Vehicle Monitoring Systems

  • Smartphone Apps

Which car has the most gadgets?

High-tech Vehicles On The Road Today:

  • Rolls-Royce Wraith

  • Corvette Stingray

  • Mercedes Benz S-Class Convertible

  • Audi A4

  • Honda Odyssey

  • BMW 5 Series

  • Volvo S90

  • GMC Sierra Denali 1500

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