Most Luxurious Car Interiors 2022

cars with luxurious interiors

In 2022, what will the best cars with luxurious interiors have in terms of their interiors? While some cars may have flashy exterior designs, the interiors may be lacking.

most luxurious car interior 2022

Others might focus on fitting as many gadgets into the cabin as possible, but neglect to make it feel like an inviting and comfortable place to be.

When you’re looking at buying your next car, how can you know which brands will pay attention to detail and which will forget all about it? And how can you choose the car that’s right for you?

Here Are Some of the Most Luxurious Car Interiors 2022

Luxury cars can be expensive, so luxury features aren’t always a priority for car buyers. But when you see what a few companies are doing to give drivers premium experiences behind the wheel, it becomes clear that these experiences are only going to become more common.

We’re already seeing high-end automakers incorporating large touchscreens and digital assistants into their vehicles.

Even mainstream car brands like Ford and Hyundai are moving away from physical buttons in favor of touch controls, and other manufacturers may follow suit once they see how popular these systems prove to be with customers.

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Best Luxury Cars in 2022

Luxury cars are those high-end models that offer a superior level of comfort and style.

And, while many of today’s luxury cars stand out with their sleek exteriors, even more attention is being paid to their interior designs.

To give you an idea of what to expect from cars with luxurious interiors in 2022, let’s take a look at some of today’s most luxurious rides:

Volvo V90

cars with luxurious interiors

Volvo makes solid cars with luxurious interiors, and in two years, it’ll release one with self-driving capabilities. With these features as standard, it may well become a car people covet for its fancy interior alone.

Expect to see a lot more automakers move in that direction—much like today’s luxury SUVs offer more standard features than their base models. This is where Volvo V90 comes into play.

For 2022 and beyond, expect to see many new vehicles take after the Volvo V90 approach of offering some of the most advanced technology out there and stuffing them into cars that don’t look like they were launched during Y2K.

Rolls Royce Phantom

cars with luxurious interiors

Rolls Royce Phantom plans to have some interesting and futuristic ideas in their cars with luxurious interiors by 2022.

The interior can be reconfigured depending on a person’s mood. A car could be set up so that it feels like you are in a living room, or an office, or any other way you want it to feel.

If someone wants to socialize with friends, he/she could make it feel like they are all sitting in a living room talking, eating, etc. It will also have smart glass technology.

Bentley Bentayga

bentley bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga is a top-of-the-line, luxury SUV. With rich materials like leather and carbon fiber throughout, as well as a navigation system,

it’s almost impossible to leave out these features when talking about a car’s interior. These kinds of cars represent what an ideal (very high-end) car interior would look like in 2022.

Land Rover Range Rover

land rover range rover

Most automakers are trying to impress us with luxury interiors, but it’s Land Rover Range Rover that has set a standard for elegance.

In addition to having some of the roomiest seats in their class, all Range Rovers come with comfortable and adjustable lumbar support as well as an infotainment system that rivals even Mercedes-Benz.

The cabins on Land Rover Range Rover vehicles are coated in soft leather and high-quality wood paneling.

Drivers can choose from two different seating positions: a Highway Driving position and a Tailored position that gives greater power, reach, and visibility over shorter drivers.

Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

mercedes benz s class

Known for its swoopy curves and plush interior, it’s hard to think of a car more luxurious than a Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe.

Plus, since it’s shaped more like a two-door sports car than a traditional four-door sedan, you won’t feel like you need an SUV to carry luggage or supplies around town.

The only real downside of these coupes is that they can be difficult to drive with so little surface area touching pavement. It’s best not to take one through tight city streets or winding mountain roads!

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BMW M8 Gran Coupe

bmw m8 gran coupe

If you’re looking for a car with a luxurious interior in 2022, there’s no better choice than a BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

It’ll cost you about $130,000 new and will boast all of BMW latest gadgets—like augmented reality features that help you pick out where to eat before leaving your office.

On top of that, it comes with four doors and has a big trunk space so it can double as your family car when needed.

If you like driving fast but don’t like being confined to just two seats (and front-wheel drive), consider getting an M8.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

porsche-911-gt3-rs (3)

Luxury and performance don’t usually go hand in hand, but that’s not the case with the German company’s $184,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

It is a perfect example of luxury and sports car technology coming together to create something amazing.

With its 4.0L naturally aspirated flat-six engine producing 500 horsepower, it might seem like a mouthful but from behind its large leather seats, you’ll understand why it only gets better from there.

The car features a full leather interior with Alcantara accents for optimal comfort on long drives.

You can even adjust your seat position electronically so you can drive comfortably whether driving solo or with your significant other (and two pups) in tow.

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What is the Most Popular Car Interior Color?

For those of you who have been wondering, the most popular car interior color is black, according to a recent study by BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical companies.

The top four car interior colors are black, grey, brown, and beige/taupe; these are followed by white and blue as the fifth and sixth most popular colors respectively.

Now that you know what’s most popular, here’s how BASF recommends choosing your car interior color.

Black Interior Car

In recent years, automakers have moved away from the basic black interior car. But even with a wide range of available colors and textures, black has consistently ranked as one of the most popular car interior colors.

Of course, it’s sleek and sophisticated, but some may feel it’s a little too corporate for their tastes. It works especially well in larger cars like sedans or minivans; in smaller cars, black interiors can make everything inside seem kind of crammed together.

Grey Interior Car

According to an infographic published by Statista, grey is the most popular car interior color in 2022.

Car manufacturers are starting to offer more variety when it comes to automotive color, which makes sense since so many drivers want to personalize their cars these days.

Still, there are some colors that always sell better than others – and grey just happens to be one of them. Not surprisingly, silver also ranks high on the list of top car interior colors.

Silver and grey may be a bit boring for those who like bolder statements, but they go with anything else you might add to your vehicle and make for easy cleaning.

(If you have a black exterior and black seats, you’ll know how true that last part is.)

Brown Interior Car

In a recent study, 79% of Americans said they preferred brown car interiors to any other color. Brown car interiors are far and away from consumers’ favorite, with red in second place at just 9%.

This survey was conducted by a Michigan-based commercial loan firm that also publishes an annual guide on automotive industry trends; it based its findings on responses from 1,000 survey respondents.

With so many Americans favoring brown interiors, you can expect to see more cars with these colors hitting dealerships—and more car buyers switching from black or gray cars to something with brown inside.

It’s no surprise that there’s such a huge demand for brown car interiors—the color makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.


Everyone knows that cars can be an expensive investment. Whether you’re buying or leasing, don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste by forgetting to protect your vehicle’s interior.

The car interior color and material you choose may seem trivial, but over time they will make a difference in how much value your car retains (and how much you enjoy driving it).

Did you know that lighter-colored seats are easier to keep clean and last longer than darker ones?

Additionally, one of Consumer Reports’ most popular car interiors—beige/taupe—is surprisingly easy on your eyes and has a neutral hue that blends with nearly any exterior paint job.


It is now clear that the car will become more friendly to the driver and passengers. Those computers would build a whole new world.

People usually keep their cars for 15 years, so it’s possible that at least one manufacturer will release a model in 2022 with one or more cars with most luxurious interiors features for those who want it—and who can afford it.

Fundamentally, perhaps some people settle for a smooth, utilitarian vehicle, while others want an array of luxury cars to get to work.

It’s not too hard to see that the future is sure to bring some interesting changes to our morning commute!

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