2022 Mazda CX-50: More Stylish Appearance Compared to the CX-5

mazda cx 50

2022 Mazda CX 50 – Next year, the Mazda lineup will see a brand new model: the Mazda CX 50 2022 SUV, which will compete with compact crossovers like the Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Rogue, and Toyota RAV4.

The 2022 Mazda CX 50 will be available with four 2.5 liter atmospheric cylinders delivering 188 horsepower, or a 250-hp supercharged engine.

All models will be equipped with six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. A hybrid model with the Toyota powertrain is also being developed.

The CX-50 shares the platform with the small car crossover CX-30 and the compact Mazda 3. So we expect sporty handling.

The Mazda CX 50 is barely larger than the existing CX-5 SUV but has tough styling elements that differ from the more sophisticated Mazda design of other models in the range.

Mazda CX 50 vs Mazda CX 5 Comparison

2022 mazda cx 50

The new crossover from the Mazda CX 50 2022, seems to embody the same successful model as the existing SUV: attractive looks, luxurious interior, and driving pleasure.

Although Mazda did not specify dimensions, it appears similar in size to the CX-5, making Mazda another player in the popular compact crossover segment.

Although the two models are sold together, we expect the CX-50 to eventually replace the CX-5, as was the case with the smaller CX-30 and CX-3.

Mazda CX 50 looks like an off-road SUV, with higher ground clearance and stylish accessories that are more durable than the CX-5, but it’s still a one-piece crossover based on a Mazda-like crossover architecture 3 and CX-30.

According to Mazda, it is slightly longer than the CX-5 and offers more space for rear passengers. Mazda’s next inline-and-six-cylinder architecture won’t be seen until the debut of the larger CX-70 and CX-90 crossovers.

The styling of the CX-50 features rough corners around the wheel holes with lots of black plastic trim, front and rear bumper covers that look like skid plates, and black and silver wheels.

It is also available in a fashionable brown body called the Zircon Sand, and the model featured here has accessories such as a roof rack, hood styling, and optional all-terrain tires.

Apart from accessories, we love the modern square headlights and taillights, and we think the CX-50 looks better than the already stylish CX-5.

Under the hood, a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder with natural intake and a turbo will be known, which should make around the same 187 hp. And 250 hp as the CX-5.

All-wheel drive will be standard, and six-speed automatic transmission will be linked to both engines.

Hybrid models will be added later in the lineup, but Mazda has yet to release details of its powertrain other than the Toyota Hybrid setup.

mazda cx 50 2022

What is the difference between the Mazda CX-5 and CX-50?

Difference between Mazda CX-50 vs CX-5: The Mazda CX-5 offers higher ground clearance with the available robust accessories.

While the 2022 Mazda CX-50 is still a unibody crossover that uses the same platform as the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-30.

Mazda says it’s slightly longer than the CX-5 and claims that it has more room for rear-seat passengers. This should create more space for the rear passengers.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

All models from Mazda come with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, but you get a more powerful turbo variant with 250 hp. The base offering without the turbo will only produce 186 hp.

A six-speed automatic is standard, as is all-wheel drive, and Mazda will no doubt add sharp handling to the CX-50, continuing the company’s tradition of providing affordable vehicles that are fun to drive.

Hybrid models will later be added to the lineup with Toyota’s powertrain. We expect this to be found on the RAV4 Hybrid, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors producing 219 horsepower.

When we have a chance to test the CX-50, we will update this story with driving impressions and test results.

Power and Performance

Mazda CX 50 will use two well-known Skyactiv-G engines. Both are 2.5-liter four-cylinder units, although one is atmospheric and the other is turbocharged.

Although Mazda hasn’t announced a release yet, we know this engine very well from other products in the brand’s portfolio. In the CX 5, the base engine develops 187 hp and 186 lb-ft of torque.

Meanwhile, the 2.5-liter turbo makes up to 250 hp and 320 lb-ft. The latter is said to deliver strong performance, although Mazda has stuck with a slightly outdated six-speed automatic transmission. Interestingly, Mazda says an electrified powertrain is also coming, including a traditional hybrid.

To realize its off-road potential, the CX 50 gets the i-Activ all-wheel-drive system with Mazda Intelligent Drive Select or Mi-Drive. This system makes it easier to switch between driving modes.

There’s only one off-road mode, as Mazda feels more of these just confuse the driver. While we don’t have official approach/departure angles or other technical information, the CX 50 should be easier to use than the off-road CX 5.

How economical is the Mazda CX-50?

Mazda has not yet published an EPA rating for the CX-50. However, the CX-5 (which shares the engine) is available with all-wheel drive and uses the same gearbox, so we can have a good idea of what the EPA rating of the CX-50 will look like in the end.

Mazda CX-5 with AWD and a base 2.5-liter non-turbo engine gets a combined 26 mpg (24 city / 30 highway). If you opt for Turbo and AWD, that number drops slightly to 24 mpg combined (22 city / 27 highway). We expect the CX-50 to meet these numbers very well after the EPA test.

Shared Chassis with the Mazda CX-5

The CX-50 uses Mazda’s small platform chassis, which means it shares with the CX-30 and CX-5 SUVs.

“While the CX 50 and CX 5 are both compact crossover vehicles,” says Mazda, the “CX-50″ has been optimized for outdoor use.”

To translate, the CX-50 is said to be a butcher and less street-oriented than Mazda’s other small crossovers.

It has more space and a wider seat than the CX-5. In addition, the 1950s roof has been reinforced and the suspension made stronger for better handling of “open terrain”.

Exterior Design

The design of the Mazda CX-50 is immediately recognizable and clearly reflects Mazda’s “Kodo” imagery.

From the front wing grille to the slim profile, you wouldn’t confuse this with anything else in the compact crossover category – except perhaps with the Mazda CX 5 S Select.

“The first CX-50 was designed to inspire drivers to explore places and experiences. experiences, and challenges that can only be found in the great outdoors,” said Yasutake Tsuchida, Senior Director of Mazda Design America.

In other words, it’s more visible than the CX-5 outdoors, with sharper lines, plastic lining, and wider shoulders indicating its wider stance.

Here too, typical Mazda details are in abundance, including the round headlights and taillights you’d expect on other CX models, but everything is a bit more steroid here.

The CX-50 also gets a new, atmospheric zirconium sand lacquer option, which further underlines the robust look without resorting to the whole “desert tan”; Later this paint color will spread to other Mazda models.

Although the Mazda CX-50 is mostly used in off-road terrain, the roof is still low enough to reach., making it easier to stack items on the roof rails.

For longer items that cannot be bestowed on the roof, the rear seats can be folded down and the seat backrests lowered parallel to the main loading floor, creating a continuous sliding surface.

Interior Design

Mazda CX 50 has five seats and the interior design of the dashboard is similar to other Mazda models. The touchscreen on top of the dashboard is controlled by buttons on the center console.

The more expensive equipment variants have luxurious materials such as leather upholstery, is available in a beautiful tan and a panoramic sunroof is optional.

mazda cx 50 interior

As with other Mazda, we expect the CX-50 cabin to be a trend closer to luxury than many of its main competitors, including the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

The CX-50 will switch to a new driving mode that includes off-road and towing vehicle modes in addition to the sporty mode offered by Mazda today.

This setting optimizes functions such as throttle response, steering feedback, and Mazda G-Vector steering system tuning.

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Mazda CX 50 Price

The price of the Mazda CX 50 is another area without official confirmation. However, that’s another area we can speculate about using the current Mazda CX 5 as a base.

Mazda hasn’t released pricing for the C -50 yet, but we expect it to cost a little more than the CX 5, which starts at $27,945 with an all-wheel drive.

It will be built at Mazda’s new Alabama plant, which will be shared with Toyota and will go into production in 2022 and go on sale in the spring.

So with the focus on improving performance, luxury, style, and technology, we can expect the Mazda CX 50 to likely have a higher starting price point than the Mazda CX 5, but not by much.

We thought it was a few thousand dollars more, but the Mazda CX-50 release date will confirm or deny it.

Multi-Surface Vehicle

Despite its rugged appearance, the CX-50 hides the traditional Mazda driving characteristics inside.

Dave Coleman, manager of Vehicle Dynamics at Mazda North America, explains that even customers who go camping spend most of their time on the sidewalk, according to Mazda’s research.

“You will drive thousands of kilometers on the highway and several kilometers on mountain roads, and then at the end the drive to the campsite] maybe 10 or 20 miles on the ground.

So sacrifice everything. Driving on the autobahn just doesn’t make sense for a small upgrade on the autobahn, especially if you’re a Mazda on the road with our know-how. ”

This notion of balanced performance extends to the driving mode selector called Mazda Intelligent Drive Select or MI-Drive (pronounced “My Drive”), which has only four modes: Normal, Sport, Towing, and Off-Road.

Each mode adapts to the standard i-Activ all-wheel-drive system, the throttle response, the Vector-G control, the transmission logic, and the braking system.

“More and more companies are using the Mazda CX-50 transmission system,” said Coleman. “In every way that they drive, they try to make it unique and one of a kind. So the CX-50 behaves differently in each mode.

We take the opposite approach. Mazda pursues very consistent driving dynamics that we strive for and want to make sure the car behaves well. “In other words, the goal is to keep the Mazda CX-50 stable in driving, whatever it may be.

About the Driving Style of Sport Mode

Sport mode is similar to Mazda’s other sports modes, speeding up throttle response and requiring the transmission to stay in gear longer than downshifting after releasing the gas pedal.

The trailer mode is self-explanatory, despite the Mazda twist behind it. The CX-50’s towing mode system is very unique, as it adapts to movement when the steering wheel is fully turned. Remove the nose of the car and reduce the weight of the front tire.

“This reduces the drag-and-drop reaction and allows the driver to push the harder object..” You end up in a wobbly and tilted state that only gets worse as the trailer goes on.

So, Mazda has improved the gain control of the G-Vector so that during cornering it helps apply enough pressure to the front wheels to regain the weight you normally have on those tires and in road conditions.

(G-vectoring works subtly on engine torque to initiate weight transfer at the front of the vehicle which makes for better cornering behavior in Mazda’s trademark).

Trailer mode also reduces stress on the vehicle. “certain wheel drive. “but because we need the yaw damping that creates to damp out a little bit of the motion that the trailer creates at the back of the car.”

Quick note: when the towing capacity mode is registered, the towing capability of the Mazda CX-50 is not registered. Mazda says it will be announced later, closer to the official launch.

Only One Off-Road Mode

The G vectorization control is also used in the off-road mode. Unlike some competitors’ off-road modes, the CX-50 only offers one versatile option: no sand, mud, snow, or other additional options.

Coleman says, “We found this to be confusing on the street”. When you drive on the tarmac, you need an off-road mode. It’s very simple,” says Coleman.

Again, unique to Mazda, this system is designed for comfort and driver control, uses G-vectoring controls to improve performance on rough surfaces, and uses the first AWD system to maintain traction and prevent possible skidding.

Coleman said the CX-50 will corner as it elevates and accelerate to idle for a “smoother transition from idle to torque,” while torque converter lockup delays smooth power transmission.

When it enters the sky or crosses huge obstacles. The anti-lock braking system is used to prevent the CX-50 from returning when installed.

When the CX-50 tire is lifted while spinning, the ABS catches the brakes on the tire, and the torque “slips” to the opposite wheel.

Power and Drive

Only 2.5-liter Skyactiv G engines are currently announced as engines for the CX-50 without a compressor. However, future hybrid models are mentioned in other “electric power plants”.

When asked if it would take the electronic version of the CX-50 2022, Mazda said, “So far, this crossover uses the traditional hybrid system.

Mazda has confirmed that the CKS-50 will only be sold in the i-Activ AVD configuration, without the front-wheel-drive model. Standard all-wheel drive isn’t a bad thing, according to Mazda buyers who come here.

Every CX-50 is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, although the CX-50 i-Activ Crawler is quieter in the transmission.

Unlike other Mazda vehicles, the AWD system transfers a small amount of torque to the rear wheels until it moves easily like on a motorway, and the power is transferred to the front axle.

Mazda CX 50 Specs

While the other brings a new platform, the Mazda CX 50 will share the base with the Mazda CX 30.

Rising from an already interesting origin, the Mazda CX 50 focuses on a luxurious and sporty experience, with an emphasis on driving pleasure like never before.

One of the things that made this possible was a new engine and drivetrain. Dubbed the SKYACTIV-X powertrain.

The powertrain is said to power the Mazda CX 50 with a 3.0-liter inline-six turbocharged engine and be able to combine it with an electric motor to form the Mazda CX 50 mild-hybrid engine. Most powertrain specifications have not yet been officially released.

However, educated speculation suggests that the Mazda CX 50 will offer an upgraded all-wheel-drive system and a robust yet elegant design that suits your active lifestyle and off-road ambitions.

Other Mazda CX 50 specifications include its compact size, the expected standard rear-wheel-drive layout, and the option of LED lighting all around – even above the front bumper.

With what we know about the Mazda CX 5 and Mazda CX 30, we can speculate what the driving experience will be like.

A new powertrain would be a lot of fun, but the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control Plus technology, standard on both of today’s SUVs, is already exciting.

Given its compact size with big performance, we’re predicting this to be an agile SUV that’ll rival even sports cars for fun and performance.

 Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car, especially in rainy areas, is Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance.

If you’re not familiar with the term, it refers to how high up from the road the bottom of your vehicle sits. So what does this mean for you?

Well, the higher off the ground your vehicle sits, the less risk you have of getting stuck in mud or snow (or even getting hit by certain objects that might roll into traffic).

So how high does the Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance sit? Let’s find out!

Why Is The Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance So Important?

The understanding ground clearance can be crucial to selecting a vehicle. It directly impacts your driving experience in situations like low-speed off-roading and general clearance for bumps and hazards on city streets.

Just how does it do that, though? Here are some details about Mazda CX 50 ground clearance you might want to know before buying a new or used vehicle.

How Can I Increase The Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance?

Since it’s a compact SUV, you might be concerned that the Mazda CX 50 doesn’t have much ground clearance.

But rest assured: At 7.8 inches, its ground clearance isn’t bad at all and can take you over most obstacles with ease.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your speed down so that when something does go wrong you won’t hit anything hard enough to cause injury or damage to your vehicle.

That said, there are ways to increase your Mazda CX 50 ground clearance if you feel like it doesn’t have enough. You may want to consider some wheel spacers or a lift kit.

Do I Have To Worry About My Exhaust System On A Mazda CX-50?

Most likely not. Mazda makes a point of manufacturing exhaust systems that have no problem getting high enough to accommodate their vehicles’ ground clearance.

However, if you’re really concerned, you can always ask your local mechanic to double-check.

After all, he or she will be able to determine whether or not anything could go wrong down the road with your system (or with anything else on your vehicle).

It may seem unnecessary but it never hurts to cover all your bases! If nothing else, at least you’ll know what precautions (if any) need to be taken in order for you and your car to remain safe on and off-road.

Should I Get A Mazda Certified Preowned Vehicle (CPO)?

Like most manufacturers, Mazda has a certified pre-owned (CPO) program. The certification is given to used vehicles after they’ve gone through a rigorous inspection process.

To be considered, cars must have less than 75,000 miles on them and have been owned by someone other than an employee of Mazda or one of its dealerships.

CPO models come with a powertrain warranty that can cover up to 100,000 miles and carries over into your personal warranty at no additional cost.

You also get roadside assistance for 3 years/36,000 miles, even if you buy used. And you can access special financing rates for up to 60 months, again even if it’s not new.

5 Ways to Increase Mazda CX 50 Ground Clearance

The Mazda CX-50 is the ideal car for those who want something fun to drive, but also want something with a high degree of versatility.

However, the Mazda CX-50’s high ground clearance isn’t suitable for certain circumstances, so you might wish you had a way of improving it. Here are five ways to increase your Ground Clearance Mazda CX 50 of yours.

1. Add Wheel Spacers

If you are looking for a way to increase the ground clearance on your Mazda CX-50, one quick way is with wheel spacers.

Spacers allow you to get wider wheels and tires on your vehicle while maintaining fit at a standard ride height. This improves your tire’s overall contact patch and, in turn, traction and offroad prowess.

And it’s easy to do, you can have the spacers installed by the professionals or DIY right at home! With both options available, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

2. Raise the Springs

If you’re really looking for a way to increase the ground clearance on your Mazda CX-50, installing a lift spring is one way that will give you an extra inch or two.

You can also lower your Mazda by about an inch if that’s your thing. Spring lifts are usually paired with stiffer shocks and lower-profile tires for maximum effect.

But remember, it’s also important to have good tires (like those offered in Tire Rack) to protect yourself on bumpy roads.

3. Remove the Plastic Cover

One way to increase the ground clearance of your Mazda CX-50 is to remove any plastic covers that may be present at the moment.

This allows for increased airflow above and below your vehicle, helping to reduce pressure and reduce the chance of friction.

Remove this cover as soon as possible after you buy your car. Over time, they will become more damaged and brittle, reducing their effectiveness.

Removing it will also make it easier for you to clean under the vehicle and give you peace of mind when traveling along bumpy roads.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the plastic cover that is already installed.

4. Change to Bigger Wheels

One way to increase the ground clearance of your Mazda CX-50 is to replace your car’s built-in wheels with bigger wheels. While it may not seem like much, bigger wheels can actually give you extra space under your car.

If you replace both stock wheels with 16-diameter rims, for example, you can expect an increase in ground clearance of about 0.75 inches.

However, before doing so, make sure you check that it will not affect other parts of your vehicle (for example if it will rub against any part of your suspension).

You also want to make sure that the bigger wheels and tires won’t get in the way of your steering performance.

5. Install Skid Plates

If you want to increase the ground clearance of your Mazda, consider purchasing a set of steel skid plates.

The skid plate is specially designed for off-roading and will protect your engine compartment from debris on rough terrain.

The distribution of your vehicle’s weight, especially on four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, can help you traverse steep grades by distributing traction between the front and rear wheels and across all tires.

A set of steel skid plates will reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, and because these plates are generally made of heavy-duty metal such as stainless steel or titanium, they can weigh up to 25 lbs less than a comparable set of plastic skid plates.


To increase Mazda cx 50 ground clearance Mazda cx 50, first, you should consider whether you want added stability, maneuverability, or both.

The type of driver you are and your current terrain will influence your decision in part two.

Once that’s been decided, it’s time to look at four points where suspension components can be changed for better clearance: springs, shocks, struts and bump stops.

The Mazda CX-50 was created as an inexpensive compact SUV with sporty styling and handling, so it is no surprise that adding ground clearance is possible through these four areas without sacrificing performance or comfort.

Now all you have to do is decide what works best for your situation!

Does The Mazda CX-50 Have An Auto Or Manual Transmission?

The Mazda CX-50 has an Auto transmission. This means you can shift gears without using a clutch.

It allows you to focus on things like acceleration and steering while using your foot to control how fast or slow you move in each gear.

If you want more information about transmission types, please check out our guide below:

What Transmission Type Does My Car Have? (CX-3, Mazda3, Mazda6, etc) You can also read up on what type of engine your car has by looking at our Engine Types Guide: What’s In My Car? (By Engine Type).

Mazda CX-50 – Do You Want An Auto Or Manual Transmission?

A car’s transmission, more commonly referred to as the gearbox, plays an important role in both performance and fuel economy.

In fact, manual transmissions are the better choice if you want greater acceleration and overall performance, while an automatic transmission will give you more consistent fuel economy.

So what’s the answer? Does the Mazda CX-50 have an auto or manual transmission? Let’s find out!


Mazda CX-50 is a great little crossover SUV, not just for its compact dimensions but also for its sporty drive.

And with Mazda’s renowned quality and reliability, you’ll find it to be an excellent choice as a vehicle that will last a long time.

However, there are two transmission options with it: automatic or manual (though only one of them offers 5 speeds).

That leads us to our question: what transmission option do you prefer? Here’s some info on both of them in order to help you make your decision…

How To Choose Between Automatic And Manual Gearbox

When choosing a transmission for your Mazda CX-50, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you need to consider how often you plan on using your vehicle, how many people will be riding with you, and what type of terrain you’ll be driving on.

If all of these things indicate that an automatic transmission is preferable, we recommend opting for one over a manual gearbox.

However, if it looks like a manual is going to work best for your lifestyle, go ahead and choose one! Overall durability will ultimately decide which is right for you.

Automatic Gearbox

The Mazda CX-50 comes with an automatic gearbox as standard. This is a fantastic choice for drivers who are prone to careless mistakes since it makes driving much easier.

With an automatic transmission, you don’t have to worry about accidental gear changes because your car will do all of that for you.

When learning how to drive manual transmissions, new drivers must focus on making sure they change gears at exactly the right time, otherwise they could seriously damage their engine and their car.

However, because an automatic transmission does all of that for you automatically there is no need to think about when or where to change gears which means accidents are far less likely in a vehicle like a Mazda CX-50 than in one with a manual transmission.

Automatic Vs Manual – Which Is Better?

The debate over automatic or manual transmissions has long raged on, and there’s no clear answer for everyone.

However, if you’re looking to buy a Mazda CX-50, we can help break down your options and help make an informed decision.

The Mazda CX-50 is available with either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

While both have their benefits and drawbacks, one of them might be more suited to your needs than the other.

What Are The Pros Of Automatic Gearboxes In Vehicles, In General?

The pros of automatic gearboxes are pretty obvious. The automated transmission is easier to use.

Whether you’re an experienced driver or just beginning to learn how to drive, you’re still going to be able to operate a vehicle with an automatic transmission more easily than one with a manual transmission.

When it comes time for someone who isn’t that skilled with driving stick shifts to get on the road, they’ll likely have an easier time if they have an automatic.

That’s why so many first-time drivers gravitate towards automatics and why so many older drivers stay away from them.

That being said, if you don’t mind driving an SUV that feels like it could be a cross between a high school bus and a boat, then by all means go with whatever transmission you prefer.

But if you’re looking for speed and performance, even over fuel economy, then stick with an automatic over a manual transmission.

Mazda CX-50 Built For North America

Mazda confirms that the CX-50 is the first Mazda based on the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM) plant in Huntsville, Alabama. Mazda says the facility will enable the two companies’ ideas and engineers to produce around 300,000 vehicles annually, split equally between the two Japanese brands.

“This $2.3 billion facility will create nearly 4,000 new jobs directly across Alabama, several thousand of which will be provided by our suppliers,” said Jeff Guyton, president, and CEO of Mazdas North America Operations.

“This is a very important Mazda project and I would like to take the time to pay tribute to the employees in Huntsville and all the hard work they put into this introduction.”

At this time, the EIA has not been disclosed. Mazda once again promised that the cx 50 2022 dealerships would be revealed at a later date and other details will be revealed at a date closer to the Mazda CX-50’s arrival in dealerships.

Mazda CX 50 2023 Coming Soon | With Increased Off-Road Capabilities

mazda cx 50 2023

Mazda CX 5 is arguably the best overall crossover vehicle to date and certainly one of the best-selling SUVs in Minnesota. From great looks to sporty engines to top features, the CX 5 has it all.

This is the ideal mainstream SUV, but with the Twin Cities market trending towards more powerful off-road vehicles, Mazda didn’t have much choice until now.

Mazda CX 50 2023 is the solution. This is a vehicle capable of doing a lot on the road. However, it’s more than just a rugged version of the CX5. This new CUV has many features that set it apart from its urban design cousins.

We hope to see the new Mazda CX 50 2023 in April, but hopefully, they will all go on a presale before they get there.

Find out more about our Walser Mazda pre-orders here. A first look at the Mazda CX 50 will tell you that it’s made for off-road driving. Here’s your upgrade:

  • Increased ground clearance
  • Multi-terrain driving mode
  • 4WD on
  • Model-specific accessories (like the roof rack in the reveal video)
  • More to come as the release of the specs is soon!

Size Comparison

Having more space is a selling point for crossover SUVs. While the Mazda CX 5 is no slouch digester-wise, the Mazda CX 50 takes it to a whole new level.

While the two nearly identical vehicles are built on the same platform, Mazda has used clever engineering to make the CX 50 longer and wider.

That means more room for your head and legs. It also means you have more cargo space on the plane. As a result, you can load up your vehicle with more off-road and hiking gear or some skiing gear for the Minnesota winters.

2023 mazda cx 50

Updated powertrain

new mazda cx 50 2023

New Mazda CX 50 2023 will have robust construction. Although we don’t know all the specifications yet, we do know that the new model will have:

  • The new upgraded power distribution system for the 2022 Mazda CX 5
  • Normal all-wheel drive
  • Tweaked transmission for maximum durability
  • Significant increase in towing capacity

Mazda CX-50 Hybrid

mazda cx-50 hybrid

Mazda will work with Toyota on an upcoming hybrid version of the 2023 CX-50 crossover, as vehicle dynamics engineer Dave Coleman confirms that the SUV gas-electric powertrain will be from Toyota.

The company hasn’t shared any further details about the CX-50 hybrid, but it will be Mazda’s first hybrid model since the Tribute, the Ford Escape’s twin.

Mazda CX-50 already has ties to Toyota, as it will be built at a new plant in Alabama shared by the two automakers.

However, Mazda CX-50 Non-Hybrid, which uses the Mazda platform and Skyactiv petrol engine, shares no parts with the Toyota Corolla Cross, also manufactured there.

The two crossovers are built on separate lines and fall into different size brackets, with the Corolla Cross competing with the subcompact SUV and the CX-50 serving as a compact entry-level model.

We believe the Mazda CX-50 Hybrid will use the same setup as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which has a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder petrol engine and two electric motor generators.

A hybrid version of the Corolla Cross is also available, but due to its smaller size, the powertrain doesn’t seem powerful enough for the larger Mazda CX-50.

Expect to hear more about the 2023 Mazda CX-50 release date Hybrid models next year, as Mazda is likely to release details a few months after the non-hybrid model goes on sale in the spring.