New Mazda Rotary Car | Signaling a Powerful Sports Coupe

New Mazda Rotary Car. Unlike the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexus, which convert hydrogen into electricity and drive an electric motor, a rotating engine can ignite hydrogen instead of gasoline.

Toyota recently explored a similar idea to power the Corolla with hydrogen. However, since hydrogen gas has a relatively low energy density compared to gasoline, the properties of the Wankel engine can be used well for alternative fuels without producing CO2 emissions.

New Mazda Rotary Car is also experienced with this technology. The company began developing a hydrogen rotary engine in 1991 and research continued into the 1990s and 1920s.

In 2021, the automaker launched a limited edition Mazda RX-9 that could run on both gasoline and hydrogen. At the same time, the Mazda Premacy is powered by a hybrid-hybrid rotary engine, which allows a range of 200 km.

Mazda has leaked a new patent application that has sparked rumors that the Japanese automaker is looking for a new two-door sports car.

Design for the new Mazda rotary

new mazda rotary

It’s possible that its design marks the future of the fixed-roof MX-5, but its shape is nearly identical to that of the RX-Vision coupe – a concept Mazda won’t let you die six years ago. In early 2020, the automaker launched a computer visualization of the RX-Vision as a GT3-style race car released in the video game Gran Turismo.

The latest patent report comes just weeks after the new “R” logo became Mazda’s trademark. This label is used on special rotary machine models such as the RX-7 Spirit R and RX-8 Spirit R, and its distinctive feature is the red triangle-a shape closely associated with rotary machines due to its unique design.

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Perhaps even more exciting, when the RX-Vision design concept was first unveiled in 2021, Mazda claimed to be powered by a new generation of rotary engines called the Skyactive-R.

Although New Mazda Rotary Car didn’t reveal details about the 2015 engine, in 2020 Mazda claims that the RX-Vision GT3 concept will be powered by a 2.6-liter four-rotor Skyactiv-R engine developing 419 kW and 540 Nm.

Mazda does not yet have a rotary engine plant – although it has stopped selling rotary models since 2012 – the company continues to develop rotary engines, while the single-engine 0.33-liter continues to be offered as an electric range expander. 30th

“This SkyActiv-R is only intended for sports cars. Of course, this technology can also be used for range expanders for electric vehicles, ”Kiyoshi Fujiwara told Drive in 2015 when he was researching and developing at Mazda. Fujiwara was named Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in June 2021.

“The RX-Vision is the model of our vision for our company, our engineers and our designers, i.e. for the future – I don’t know when – but in the future, I would like to include a rotary machine in the RX-Vision,” said Fujiwara. . Rides at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Rumors for the new Mazda sports car 2022

new mazda sports car 2022

The Mazda Rotary sports car rumors will never go away. In 2021, which states that Mazda board of directors has officially approved the development of the Skyactive-R rotary engine. According to unconfirmed information, it should be a 1.6-liter two-rotor supercharged engine with an output of about 300 kW.

Rumors then suggested that the next-generation RX coupe could be powered by a six-cylinder engine that would debut in the next Mazda 6 rear sedan.

When an automaker patented a concept car design, the concept was revealed years later. It’s not uncommon for concept car technology plans to be treated the same way.

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