Mazda Sports Car 2022: What Does it Look Like

Reports that have come out of Japan indicate that we will soon be getting a new Mazda sports car 2022, a company better known for its budget-friendly sedans and SUVs.

While details are scarce, it seems like 2022 will be when we can expect to see some hard facts about what is next in Mazda’s line of vehicles, although nothing is set in stone at all.

As far as rumors go, though, they’re pointing towards a car similar to Alfa Romeo’s 4C—and with good reason.

If you haven’t seen it already, definitely check out how it looks by visiting your local dealership. It sounds like a great combination of fun performance and reliability that might not need to break the bank.

What We Know About the New Mazda Sports Car Release Date

new mazda sports car 2022

As more details emerge about the new Mazda sports car 2022, there’s still one burning question on the minds of many car enthusiasts and Mazda fans everywhere: when will the Mazda sports car come out?

We’ve collected all we know so far about this exciting new vehicle in order to answer this question, as well as inform you of other details, like what it’s called and how much it costs.

Will it be manual or automatic?

Mazda hasn’t said a whole lot about their upcoming sports car but we do know that it will be manual. The company is known for its manual transmissions, in fact, they were one of a handful of manufacturers who still offered them across their entire lineup.

Mazda tends to stick with what works and judging by how popular manual transmissions are with performance cars, they may have gotten it right.

As far as automatic goes, Mazda hasn’t ruled them out entirely but from what we can tell from our research, you shouldn’t hold your breath for an automatic version of their new sports car.

Will there be an all-wheel-drive option?

All-wheel drive is an increasingly popular feature on cars, and it’s particularly beneficial in snow-prone areas where driving in winter conditions could become dangerous.

Even if you don’t live in an area that gets a lot of snow, it may be worth considering purchasing an all-wheel-drive car.

The all-wheel-drive uses a series of sensors to monitor your driving conditions and adjust power distribution between front and rear wheels accordingly.

This ensures better traction, braking response, and stability during inclement weather or poor road conditions.

All-wheel drive is available on most of the new Mazda sports cars 2022 (such as the CX5, CX3) but it isn’t available as standard on any model.

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When will you be able to buy it?

Mazda hasn’t released any details about when or where you will be able to buy a new Mazda sports car2022. Once we do know more, we’ll update our page with all of that information.

In addition, we will send an email alert so that you can stay in touch with us and make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to get in on Mazda’s next sports car release date!

The best way to stay up-to-date is through their newsletter, so sign up for that if you haven’t already. And be sure to check back here regularly for more updates.

Will they stick with Mazda’s Kodo design language?

In 2021, Mazda finally ditched its long-in-the-tooth Nagare design language in favor of a clean and modern Kodo design.

It was an exciting move for Mazda as it helped inject some much-needed youth into its styling language.

However, what’s not clear is whether Mazda will stick with Kodo for its future sports car or if it will switch back to Nagare.

It’s important to note that both Kodo and Nagare are designed by the same man—Hiroaki Okamoto—so they have a certain consistency to them.

Things to Consider Before Buying One of The New Mazda Sports Car 2022

Think about how and where you’ll be using your new car. Will it mostly stay in a garage, or will you need to fit in many passengers? Does it need to make long commutes or frequent trips into your local mall?

Will you be driving on bumpy roads, or does it need to make runs up mountains? A lot of sports cars can’t handle these challenges as well as a family-friendly crossover SUV.

By thinking through what you want out of your vehicle before getting in line for a test drive, you can decide if buying one of the New Mazda Sports Car 2022 is right for you.


Of course, none of what we know for sure about when a new Mazda sports car 2022 will arrive is set in stone. A quick look at history shows that automakers often push back release dates.

In some cases, these are just simple changes to keep things on schedule; in others, there can be legitimate causes for concern as companies try to ensure they don’t rush something out to market before it’s ready.

Given all of that, it makes sense to take all new information with a grain of salt. Of course, if and when official information becomes available from Mazda, we’ll be sure to update you with anything else we might have learned about when a new Miata is coming out—so stay tuned!

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