Rowan Atkinson Car Collection: Classic Cars Worth Millions

rowan atkinson car collection

Rowan Atkinson Car Collection – The English actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, famous for his role as Mr. Bean, has an estimated net worth of $175 million (£120 million), so it’s no surprise that he’s got quite the car collection to match his millionaire status.

With 4 cars valued at more than $1 million (£630,000) and 3 more worth between $500,000 (£336,000) and $1 million (£630,000), it might be safe to say that this actor has a thing for vintage automobiles! Let’s take a look at some of the cars in Rowan Atkinson’s car collection.

Rowan Atkinson Car Collection Is Impressive – Here’s the Full List!

rowan atkinson car collection list
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

It’s no secret that Rowan Atkinson, the star of Mr. Bean and Blackadder, likes cars. Most are well-worn and barely roadworthy, but they’re all on his Rowan Atkinson car collection list.

For a comedian who started out as a car salesman in his 20s, it makes sense. When he couldn’t get enough stage time to hone his skills (because people kept falling asleep), he used to amuse himself by driving around and scaring people.

Over time, that fun turned into a serious love of cars, which is probably why he still owns some pretty unique models from over 35 years ago. But just how many does he have? Find out in this full list of his incredible car collection!

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1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Lusso

1961 ferrari 250 gt swb berlinetta
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

Rowan Atkinson purchased his 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Lusso in 2003 for $5.1 million. He kept it for 10 years before selling it for $10.5 million in 2013.

This Ferrari was used to play Mr. Bean’s character and is one of three left-hand-drive examples ever produced by Ferrari.

It has a 3-liter V12 engine with 250 hp and 4-speed manual transmission, both of which are still original.

The interior is full leather and has a three-place seat which Rowan can no longer fit into comfortably after losing weight due to health reasons.

1986 Ferrari Testarossa

1986 ferrari testarossa
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

Rowan Atkinson, better known to us Brits as Mr. Bean and Blackadder, is also a car collector. In fact, he’s such a big car buff that he even made a movie in 2011 called The Bear and The Believer where his character raced vintage cars.

Although he has been spotted driving modern sports cars, such as his Ford GT40 replica (which was actually driven by James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies), Rowan seems to prefer older models.

One of his prized possessions is an iconic 1986 Ferrari Testarossa; another classic is his Renault Gordini from 1966 which can be seen in the British comedy film Top Gear: Patagonia Special.

1966 Jaguar Mk2 3.8 Roadster

rowan atkinson car collection
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

In 2010, to celebrate 30 years of being on Not The Nine O’Clock News, a show he helped create and starred in, Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson bought himself an unusual present: A 1966 Jaguar Mk2 3.8 Roadster.

He doesn’t take it out for trips around town often (to avoid raising eyebrows), but when he does, onlookers are not disappointed.

Considering its performance, including a top speed of 141 mph, it’s no wonder why Mr. Bean needed something fast when running from Inland Revenue officials who wanted him to pay back taxes in 2003.

1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

1970 ferrari dino 246 gt
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

The first car on Rowan Atkinson’s list is a 1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. This gorgeous two-door convertible boasts a 3.0-liter, V8 engine and was produced from 1969 to 1976.

This car has a top speed of 143 mph and 0–60 mph in 5.4 seconds, making it perfect for someone who wants to enjoy fast rides without having to break the bank.

The car is currently worth around $80,000, but would likely sell for more than that if it were auctioned off today.

1957 Jaguar XKSS Spyder Convertible

rowan atkinson car collection
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

When Rowan Atkinson was only 23 years old, he bought himself a Jaguar XKSS. This model is quite rare because it’s one of just 16 hand-built cars produced after World War II ended.

With 1,600 original miles on it and all its original parts in pristine condition, it sold for $636,000 at auction in 2013.

Another interesting fact about Rowan’s car? It comes with a hardtop (which adds to its rarity) and comes with paintwork that’s an exact match to his green Jacket character from Mr. Bean.

1958 BMW 507 Roadster

1958 bmw 507 roadster
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

Rowan Atkinson is a famous English actor and comedian who played Mr. Bean in his most popular series. The comedian had a successful career, which earned him more than $48 million in 2014.

He has his own car collection that includes a 1958 BMW 507 Roadster that sold for almost $1 million at an auction in 2013.

It should be noted that Rowan acquired another two identical models of 507 back in 2012 for about half a million dollars each, but it is unknown whether he still owns them.

It’s rumored that he has one of them on display at his residence, while another one is stored at a local garage awaiting restoration.

1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III LWB

1959 rolls royce silver cloud
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

The most affordable car on Rowan Atkinson’s collection list is a 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III LWB. This classic beauty was purchased by Mr. Bean himself back in 1991 and has remained his daily driver ever since.

Under its hood, it packs a V8 of 6,230 CC with 272 HP (199 kW) and takes you from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) in 7 seconds before hitting a top speed of 111 mph (179 km/h).

The Silver Cloud III is one of four models that were produced between 1955 and 1966, which accounted for nearly 20 percent of all vehicles produced by Rolls-Royce during that time period. Clearly, Mr. Bean knows how to pick them!

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The Rarest Models

rowan atkinson car collection
Rowan Atkinson Car Collection

There are a few special editions of the cars that make the collection stand out, including his 2003 Mercedes Benz CL600 and his 2013 Maserati Ghibli S Q4, which come in both coupe and convertible varieties.

The rarest model from Atkinson’s car collection is his 2010 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, valued at over $400,000.

The car was designed by Graham Humphrey, who also designed the Phantom II Continental Flying Spur and the Wraith Saloon models.

Although he is most well-known for his work with Rovers and Bentleys, it’s not hard to see why Rolls Royce wanted him to create a unique design for their cars as well.

A Brief Biography of Rowan Atkinson

rowan atkinson
Rowan Atkinson/Mr. Bean

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, CBE (born 6 January 1955) is an English actor, comedian, and screenwriter best known for his work on the sitcoms Blackadder and Mr. Bean.

Atkinson first came to prominence in the BBC’s sketch comedy show Not the Nine O’Clock News (1979–1982), receiving the 1981 BAFTA Award for Best Light Entertainment Performance, and went on to star in The Thin Blue Line (1995–1996), Blackadder (1983–1989, 2013).

But who exactly is Rowan Atkinson? Let’s take a brief look at the biography of this hilarious actor and writer to learn more about his life and career, from Mr. Bean to Johnny English.

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Early Life

He grew up in Consett, County Durham, England. His father is a mechanical engineer and his mother is a homemaker.

He had one older brother named Eric and a sister named Kim who died from meningitis at age three.

When he was young, he attended St Joseph’s School in Uxbridge, Middlesex (now part of Hillingdon), and then went on to Rydal School in Colwyn Bay, Wales from 1973 to 1980.


Atkinson has been married to his wife, Sunetra Sastry, since 1990. The couple has two children. Despite their happy union, it’s not uncommon for Hollywood stars to cheat on their spouses, sometimes with each other.

Former Cosby Show star Phylicia Rashad allegedly cheated on her husband with co-star Malcolm Jamal Warner.

And back in 1995, Mike Tyson famously bit Evander Holyfield’s ear and gave him a fat lip because he thought that Holyfield had been sleeping with his wife, which he hadn’t.


Atkinson has two children. His first child, Benjamin, was born in 1995, and his second child (with longtime partner and former personal assistant Sunetra Sastry), a daughter named Lily, was born in 2003.

In September 2011 it was revealed that Atkinson had become a grandfather after his eldest son and his wife announced they were expecting their first child. On October 3rd, 2012, Samuel James Atkinson was born to Ben and his wife Emma.


As far as careers go, you can’t get much more fun than being a comedian. And there are few things more entertaining in life than Mr. Bean, the most iconic role for British comedian Rowan Atkinson.

He’s also known for his work on Blackadder and Johnny English. Atkinson hasn’t abandoned his knack for comedy just yet.

A sequel to Johnny English was released in 2011, even though it paled in comparison to its predecessor; and another Mr. Bean film is currently under development with Universal Studios set to produce.

So if you want to enjoy your work as much as Atkinson clearly does, then consider breaking into comedy! Just be sure that you stay true to yourself (and don’t look at anyone else’s scripts).


Not only has Rowan Atkinson been recognized for his comedic work, but he’s also made a name for himself in Hollywood.

His most famous roles include Mr. Bean, which won him an award at Cannes and several BAFTAs (including best British comedy), and Johnny English, which was nominated for several awards. Both films have become cult favorites due to their mix of humor and action scenes.

His dedication to these roles is another reason why he is so respected by fans; his commitment to learning how to ride a motorcycle before filming Johnny English won him praise from critics who noted that he wasn’t just playing it safe with his performances.


From 1980 to 1985, he was educated at Newcastle University where he studied Mechanical Engineering.

While studying, Rowan developed a love for acting and joined a student comedy troupe called ‘the Seven Raymonds’ (all seven were named Raymond).

In 1981, Rowan appeared in his first play. He performed as Roderigo in Shakespeare’s Othello alongside Michael Elphick as Othello and Robert Blythe as Iago. The following year, Atkinson played Fred Graham in Richard III also by Shakespeare.

He then appeared as Pastor Manders in Ghosts (another by Ibsen) in November 1983 which was directed by future Walking With, Guide Paul Usher, a TV version broadcast on April 13th, 1985 was his breakthrough performance.

Net Worth

Currently, Rowan Atkinson has a net worth of $70 million USD. His net worth comes from his many stand-up performances as well as his movie roles and television appearances.

He is most famous for playing Mr. Bean, however, he was also known for his performance in The Black Adder and Four Weddings and a Funeral. He won a BAFTA Award in 1999 for his role as Mr. Bean in Mr. Bean.

The Animated Series; however, due to other commitments with various other roles he had to decline an OBE (Officer of the British Empire) which was offered at that time.

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A Brief Overview of Rowan Atkinson’s Financial Achievements

Rowan Atkinson otherwise known as Actor Mr. Bean is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of around $85 million.

However, his primary source of income is not from acting, but rather from his investments and property holdings. In 1997, he founded Barrel of Laughs, which produces comedy videos for corporate events, parties and festivals.

He’s also gained significant financial success from his extensive car collection, Mr. Bean’s personal car collection is worth millions!

Let’s take a closer look at Rowan Atkinson car collection list, they include some pretty valuable classic cars that are also highly unique, and one of them might surprise you!

What Does Rowan Atkinson Car Collection Look Like?

Supercars Worth Millions in Rowan Atkinson Car Collection List. The comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson’s car collection is worth millions.

The true value of his classic cars is still not known but since some of them are worth more than $1 million, we can safely assume that a lot of money has been spent on them.

Mr. Carter Motor Co, a car dealership based in London deals with private individuals who would want to buy classic sports cars, mostly vintage cars so we can expect that most of these are sold to its owner by their company for quite a high price.

Which are the most valuable cars in his car collection?

Rows of sports cars and classic and vintage cars are all assembled in a private collection. From a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider to a Lamborghini Countach to a Volkswagen Beetle, Rowan Atkinson’s car collection consists of expensive cars.

This famous actor known for his role as Mr. Bean and Blackadder started his passion for collecting automobiles at an early age.

He has never sold any car in his possession so it’s safe to say that Rowan is dedicated enough to keep them for good.

Where did Rowan Atkinson get his love for cars from?

Rowan Atkinson’s passion for cars is clear to see. Over his career, he has appeared in a number of great films such as Mr. Bean and Johnny English, however, his love for cars seems to date back much further than any of these.

If you have watched any of his work, or even if you haven’t; then you may be aware that he is actually part of an elite club.

He is one of only two people in history who are allowed to call themselves ‘Mr. Bean’ legally! The other person is Mr. Bean himself – played by fellow actor Peter Wight.

However, what has become apparent from Rowan Atkinson car collection list is that he doesn’t just own anything; he owns some pretty high-end vehicles!


Rowan Atkinson is a renowned actor, comedian, and writer who first shot to fame playing Mr. Bean, in a subsequent career path.

He has acted in many major Hollywood blockbusters including as Johnny English and even as Iron Man’s nemesis, Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer.

Despite his extremely successful acting career, however, one of Rowan’s most impressive side-jobs has always been his car collection.

Rowan Atkinson car collection is impressive. He has some really nice cars in his collection, and they are all tuned up to work at their peak performance.

It doesn’t seem like Rowan drives them too often though, as a lot of them have pretty low mileage on them.

Rowan knows his stuff when it comes to cars, so if you ever happen to run into him driving a new sports car around your town and would like to know about it.

Do not hesitate to ask him for any information about that particular sports car because he can provide you with anything that you might want or need in order to learn more about such an automobile.

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