Best Car Accessories 2022: That Are Most Popular

the best car accessories

Best Car Accessories 2022 – Purchasing the best car accessories can make your daily commute much more enjoyable, and it will keep you from getting too uncomfortable when you’re on the road for long periods of time.

We scoured the web to find the best car accessories in 2022, and we were so surprised by how much thought was put into the design and usability of these products!

There are all kinds of car accessories available, and we guarantee that there’s at least one or two on this list that will fit your specific needs perfectly.

Here Are Some of The Best Car Accessories 2022

Have you ever wondered what the best car accessories are? The answer may surprise you. If you are looking to invest in some new stuff, there is no better time than now.

Although the auto industry is evolving at a rapid speed, not many things have changed recently. Over the next few years, we are going to see a tremendous change.

Over the last five years, more and more cars have been manufactured with cutting-edge technology inside them.

In fact, it can be argued that vehicles of today have all the required tech you will need to be built right into them to make your road trips perfect and convenient.

Whether you need privacy or luxury on board, here are some of the most important things to keep your vehicle great

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Autonomous Driving

the best car accessories

At the turn of the new decade, autonomous driving was coming into its own as a marketable technology.

And the newest cars, with assisted-driving features included, were proving that they could, on their own, improve safety and ensure driver comfort.

In 2022, it’s unclear if these cars were true autonomous vehicles or just specially equipped cars with enhanced technology.

That’s why some of the best car accessories 2022 were auto-based. While the technology had proven to be convenient and useful, it was also expensive.

Some estimated that by 2030, 25% of all vehicles sold would include some sort of assisted-driving features.

Imagine what it’d be like to get from point A to point B without worrying about making every little decision on your commute.

Car Audio Systems

car audio systems

In 2022, more advanced technology will be available for car audio systems to enhance your rides.

Your dashboard will be able to interact with other apps on your phone via Bluetooth, stream media from the cloud or radio stations, or control your smart home when you’re not driving.

You’ll also have better ways to communicate with others inside of your vehicle: An augmented reality app could let you draw out directions in mid-air or a virtual window could show real-time updates of road conditions ahead.

And, according to Volvo’s own (future) timeline, all new vehicles will have safety tech such as:

  • Lane-departure warning systems
  • Forward collision avoidance
  • Blind-spot detection
  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection systems

Car Seats

car seats covers

It seems like an obvious choice, but it’s easy to overlook one of your baby’s most crucial accessories: her car seat covers.

As parents, we want our kids to be as safe as possible; after all, every trip around town can be potentially dangerous with other vehicles on the road.

A good way to protect your little passenger is by purchasing one of today’s newer convertible seats, they support up to 40 pounds rear-facing and around 80 pounds front-facing (meaning they can convert from facing you while in your vehicle to sitting face forward while outside of it).

Keep that number handy because it might change slightly between now and 2022! That’s because federal regulators are getting ready to release new recommendations on when babies should travel facing forward.

Console Accessories

car console accessories

Although these days there’s not much to worry about with regards to safety as electronic systems are quickly becoming the norm.

With automatic cruise control, lane assist, and rear cameras your passengers can let their guard down a little bit.

These features will provide the ability to turn your full attention away from the road and into planning dinner reservations or that surprise party for mom’s birthday.

Give them the time of their lives without having to worry about where you’re headed because all of that is taken care of automatically thanks to your car console accessories and advanced technology.

Read on below as we explore more of the best car accessories 2022 you’ll be able to add in just a few short years!

Keyless Entry/Startup

startup car

Keyless entry, or keyless startup car, is an exciting feature that seems to be the wave of the future. As cars start to look more like smartphones with their connected functionality and as theft becomes more common via Bluetooth hacking.

We’re likely to see keyless entry become standard in all vehicles over the next several years. What’s more, major automakers are already seeing a significant increase in profit thanks to these security measures.

Rather than requiring new keys, dealerships can simply reprogram keys without losing customers. The best car accessories may be very useful for stylish and comfortable driving in 2022.

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Locks, Alarms & Security

locks and alarmsr car

Locks and alarms help you get the most out of your vehicle. In the event that someone tries to break into it, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe.

However, locks are more than just something to protect your vehicle, they help create an environment where you can focus on driving rather than worrying about crime.

You should also consider adding security systems (like OnStar) to ensure no one can access your vehicle without permission.

As well as remote start options so you won’t have to fiddle with frozen door handles when you drive to work early on cold winter mornings.

All told, these will be some of the best car accessories available, and they’ll come at affordable prices by 2022.

GPS Navigation

gps navigation

By now, we’re used to cars coming with an embedded navigation system. But in 2022, companies will take these technology systems GPS navigation one step further by partnering up with Google Maps and providing live updates of traffic delays and accidents directly onto your dashboard display.

Car manufacturers will also integrate Google Maps into their built-in navigation system to allow for simple voice activation.

With things like GPS-enabled maps and navigation, it will be easier than ever to get from point A to point B without getting lost, or worse, getting into an accident due to road congestion or poor driving conditions.

Power Adapters

power adapters

Here’s something to look forward to: In just eight years, USB ports will be standard. Pretty soon, every automobile will have at least two USB ports under its dash, one on each side.

These will make it possible to plug in everything from external speakers to medical devices, and more all while keeping your hands safely on your wheel.

Keep an eye out for another trend: wireless charging pads that draw power adapters directly from your car’s battery.

They might not charge as quickly as some alternatives, but they do have one big advantage: You can take them anywhere. Whether you want to charge your phone or tablet is up to you.

Power Outlets/Sockets Section

power outlets for car

While electric cars are becoming increasingly common, it’s still going to be at least six years before Tesla is as mainstream as Kia.

So if you do own an electric car, it’s likely that your charging cable will always have some slack. A simple power outlet can eliminate that issue entirely.

Instead of hiding a bulky charging cable behind your seat or under your desk, plug one end into the wall socket and hide it away with power outlets for car cover.

If you have time to spare on long journeys, grab yourself a charging dock (or even better, an automatic charger) so you don’t have to bother getting out of your seat every time you want to charge up.

Seat Accessories Section

seat accessories

There are hundreds of different seat accessories covers out there, but don’t fret, there’s one design you should aim to avoid. If your seat is fabric or leather, stay away from anything with buckles

The straps may not damage your seats, but you will. Zip-off seats are an easy fix if it gets too hot. They also provide easy access to airbags or cupholders.

If it gets cold outside during wintertime, try a heated seat cover that attaches directly to your heating system, which will keep those chilly fingers warm on long trips.

Most models can be programmed with presets to fit any temperature inside of your vehicle; just slide them on top of whatever material they are covering.

Seat Massagers Section

seat massagers for cars

It’s easy to think of seat massagers for cars as just another gimmick, but they can seriously benefit anyone who drives long distances.

For those who spend their workdays behind a wheel, muscle pain is just part of life, and it doesn’t help that so many vehicles are designed with ergonomics out of mind.

If you’re stuck in traffic or commute long hours every week, consider splurging on a high-quality seat massager, not only will it make you feel better while you drive, but your body may actually thank you later by reducing chronic stress.

If you’re looking for one of these helpful devices now, know that there are plenty available on Amazon and at other retailers.

Security Cameras Section

security cameras for cars

In 2022, most new cars come with cameras that can see objects up to 80 feet away. These high-resolution images are projected onto the driver’s side mirror, providing drivers with clear views of blind spots and helping them park more easily.

As these systems become increasingly common in luxury cars, other brands will have no choice but to adopt them as well. In just five years, it might be unusual not to have security cameras for cars.

Windshield Accessories

car windshield accessories

Self-driving cars are coming and with them comes lots of innovation, but none will be bigger than windshield technology.

They’ll soon be able to act as head-up displays that show us speed limits, turn signs, controls for our car doors, and more without being distracting.

We may even see car windshield accessories that show us important information about cars approaching from behind us or pedestrians around us.

If you’re investing in a new car anytime soon, make sure it can support upgrades like these down the road or you might find yourself stuck with an outdated model by 2022.

Best Heated Car Seat Covers In 2022: Stay Warm & Comfortable On Your Commute

best heated car seat covers

A major part of keeping yourself warm and comfortable during the long winter months is to have an effective seat cover on your car’s seat.

However, with so many different types of covers out there, it can be difficult to find which one will be the best-heated car seat cover for you.

You want to make sure that you’re making the right choice so that you can stay as comfortable as possible in the long winter months! Here are the best heated car seat covers in 2022!

Easy to clean

One of the best heated car seat covers will also be machine washable, which makes it easy to keep your car seat clean and free from spills and stains.

By opting for a heated seat cover that is machine washable, you can save time by just throwing your seat cover in with all of your other clothes instead of having to hand-wash it separately or taking it somewhere for dry cleaning.

Additionally, a machine-washable heated car seat cover will help prevent odors from building up on its surface due to microbes that thrive in moist environments.

It is also able to toss your heated car seat cover into a washing machine will allow you to kill these microbes and keep your seat sanitary.

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Has two heat settings

Nothing’s worse than sitting in a freezing car. That’s why we love heated seat covers. They not only provide extra warmth for you, but they keep your dog and cat warm too if you bring them with you on those cold days.

Our picks for best heated car seat covers feature two heat settings, making them perfect even for people living in areas where it snows often or when there’s a particularly biting chill to winter.

You can also pair them with heated floor mats so that your whole commute is always as cozy as possible.

Ultra-warm winter faux fur fabric

Faux fur fabrics come in a wide range of thicknesses and textures, and it’s important to pick one that is comfortable against your skin.

If you pick a material that is too soft, it might be hard to maintain its shape on your seat cover and won’t stay in place as well. Similarly, if you pick a fabric that’s too coarse or stiff, it may cause discomfort during long commutes.

The best heated car seat covers are constructed from ultra-warm winter faux fur fabrics to keep you warm all season long.


One of our top picks for best heated car seat covers is a model from Charger that features eight different settings for warmth and can be controlled via remote.

Another feature that we love about it is its built-in massage rollers, which will help to release tension and reduce stress while you’re driving.

This makes it a great choice if you spend long hours behind the wheel every day, especially during cold weather when you may suffer from aches and pains due to poor circulation.

The charger has made sure that its product offers users extra comfort, too, with adjustable shoulder straps and an ergonomic design.

These features will make it much easier to get in and out of your vehicle when you’re wearing it on your daily commute.

Easy Access pocket for remote control

The best heated car seat covers have an easy-access pocket for your remote control. This makes it easier to adjust your seat without freezing in place or taking off your gloves.

If you are looking for heated seat covers that use a heating pad to warm up your backside, make sure there is also a spot for you to stash away your remotes for safekeeping.

It can be frustrating when you don’t feel comfortable enough to reach down and dig out those pesky buttons without digging around with one hand while keeping yourself from freezing over with another.

When I’m driving on my daily commute, I don’t want to be busy fishing around for my iPhone or going through a plethora of stuff trying to find that remote control!


We hope that our list of the best car accessories 2022 will help make your next journey easier than ever before. If you think we missed something important, let us know!

The future is looking pretty awesome right now so why not spend some time enjoying it?

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