Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

Mercedes G-Class 2021, previously been around for over 40 years. In 2018 the legendary off-road vehicle was completely renewed. The road test clarifies the quality of the current generation.


  • Crash tests, technical data, engines, and prices.


  • 585hp petrol engine with seat, 286hp and 330hp diesel engine.
  • Thanks to the 49cm longer wheelbase, there is no more space in the rear.
  • Indistinguishable form the interior: with the widescreen cockpit as standard.
  • Prices starting from 99,446.80 euros.

At first glance, the current Mercedes G-Class can also be considered a particularly complete restyling of the 463 series, built since 1989. But the new generation of the avant-garde classic, which hit the market in early summer 2018, has clear differences. It has become about five centimeters longer and twelve centimeters wider – this is especially noticeable on the back. There is a lot of space here now.

Smoother design thanks to rounded edges

The Mercedes G-Class 2021 has a smoother appearance. This is mainly due to the more rounded fenders and bumpers, but also to the slightly more curved windshield. Also impressive are the redesigned headlights and taillights, which thanks to LED technology look more modern than before.

Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

While the Kraxler’s bulky exterior blends seamlessly with the ancestral gallery, a clearer change has taken place inside. Since a refurbishment in the summer of 2021, round analog instruments are finally a thing of the past.

Even in basic equipment: the previously optional widescreen cockpit, in which two 12.3-inch screens are combined under a common window, is now part of the standard equipment. As well as the new “Desert” steering mode for maximum traction on sandy roads or the Park Pack with reversing camera.

Interior: a cabin with large screens

Mercedes G-Class, there is also an optional active multi-contour seat with heating, cooling and massage functions, as well as an inflatable cheek air cushion for lateral support. Typical G details are retained, such as the handle in front of the front passenger or the three buttons in the middle for the differential lock.

Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

Despite all the new comfort features, the G-Class remains a true off-road master, especially when the three-hundred percent differential locks. The buttons in the center of the dome have also been activated, it is clear that the “G” type is not yet an ordinary SUV, but a very resistant off-road vehicle.

V8 petrol or diesel

The Mercedes G-Class engineers also made many improvements to normal road operation. Thanks to a new electromechanical steering system and transition from solid axle to multi-link axle, including optional adaptive suspension for diesel versions and standard adaptive suspension for AMG models.

So far, two petrol engines and a new powertrain have contributed greatly to the sovereignty. However, Mercedes pulled the 422hp G 500 from the program along with a facelift. The AMG G 63 remains (from 154,309 euros) with 585 hp, a maximum of 850 Newton meters, eight V-cylinders, and a displacement of four liters, including a turbocharger.

Those who want to drive the G-Class every day without a problem of conscience should opt for the three-liter inline six-cylinder diesel variant. The G 350 d develops 286 hp, offers a powerful torque of 600 Nm, and, at a base price of 99,446.80 euros, remains the only version of the G under the magic bar of 100,000. The G 400 d, which is no longer a model specific to the normal model, develops 330 hp, 700 Nm, and a base price of 102,694.80 euros.


Overall, Mercedes has significantly improved in many areas and made the car more usable for normal operation. However, hardly any buyer will use the full off-road potential and therefore would be best served with a regular SUV. But for many here, you don’t just buy a car, you buy a tradition, an image, and a feeling.

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