Mercedes G-Class 2021: Driving and Crash Test Reports


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been around for over 40 years, but in 2018, the iconic off-road vehicle was completely renewed, and no longer bears any resemblance to its previous generation.

While retaining many of the same features that made it so popular with avid off-roaders, it’s now also fully capable of navigating everyday city streets in comfort and style.

For more information on this next-gen SUV, check out our full road test review below:

2021 Mercedes G-Class Crash Test Results – See How This Luxury SUV Stacks Up

Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

The first thing you notice when looking at the 2021 Mercedes G class is its size. This car is long and wide, with a powerful engine that will take you from 0 to 60 in just 5 seconds.

But does this luxury vehicle have what it takes to compete with the other SUVs on the market? Let’s take a look at the crash test results for this SUV to see how it stacks up to other SUVs on the market today.

Crash Test Process

Crash tests are a series of engineering simulation tests in which an object is purposely crashed into another to determine the amount of damage that would occur.

These simulations are used to determine the crashworthiness, or how well a vehicle will hold up in a crash. The Mercedes G Wagon crash test process has four stages: Vehicle Crash Simulation, Structural Crash Testing, Occupant Safety Testing, and Collision Safety Assessment.

To perform this test on the 2021 Mercedes G-Class, engineers simulated crashes at various speeds onto different surfaces to evaluate their performance in a collision.

After crashing into each surface with predetermined forces, engineers inspected the car’s exterior for dents or other damage.

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What About Rollovers?

The 2021 Mercedes G-Class is a large luxury vehicle that has been around for over 40 years. While this vehicle does have a great track record of safety, many people are wondering about the risk of rollovers.

There is no denying that this vehicle has an elevated center of gravity, which could make it more prone to tipping over when driving

Plus, the weight of the car can also make it more likely to tip or overturn when driving off road. With a high center of gravity combined with heavy weight, there is greater potential for rollovers in these vehicles.

However, what about rollovers? The good news is that there hasn’t been one recorded rollover accident in these vehicles since they were first released back in 1979.

Head Injury Criteria (HIC)

The Head Injury Criteria (HIC) is a way to measure the severity of head injury after an accident. The higher the HIC score, the more severe the head injury. This is often used by insurance companies to determine how much they will pay for injuries.

The 2021 Mercedes G-Class has an HIC score between 1026 and 1588. This means that the 2021 mercedes g-class has a low chance of causing serious or fatal head injuries in an accident.

New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Rating

The New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) is a crash test system that rates the safety of new cars. NCAP is managed by the Monash University Accident Research Centre, in Melbourne, Australia.

The program involves four phases, including frontal offset tests at 64km/h, side impact tests at 50km/h, rear crash tests at 50km/h and pole impact tests. In these NCAP crashes, dummies are used as crash test subjects to measure injury risks.

The 2021 Mercedes G-Class has been evaluated by the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), receiving an overall five star rating for occupant protection.

Mercedes G-Class 2021: driving and crash test reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Mercedes G-class a safe car?

The 2021 Mercedes G-class is an extremely safe car. It has standard safety features that include the following: ABS brakes, seat belts, airbags, front and rear crumple zones, an electronic stability program (ESP), and a traction control system (TCS).

The 2021 Mercedes G Class AMG has six airbags. The headrests in the seats are designed to protect the head from whiplash injuries in the event of a collision. The doors can be unlocked remotely with a button on your key fob.

Is G-Class bulletproof?

The Mercedes G-Class is not bulletproof, but it is able to resist gunfire. It’s been given a marginal protection rating by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS also said the vehicle has been rated as poor on their front overlap crash test.

The G-Class has an engine power of 288 horsepower, which can be increased to 422 horsepower in the AMG version. It is one of the most powerful SUV engines on the market today.

Where does Mercedes rank in safety?

Safety is one of the most important aspects for car buyers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a system for rating vehicles on a scale from 1 to 5 stars based on safety ratings, with 5 being the highest.

The NHTSA rates vehicles in four categories: frontal, side, rollover, and rear crashes. Depending on the rating in those four categories, it may be awarded more stars.

A vehicle that earns a 4 star rating in all 4 categories would have an overall score of 16 points, which could get up to 18 points with an additional 4 points for a Vehicle Stability Control ranking of Good. The 2021 Mercedes G-Class has been awarded five stars in all four categories with 18 points.

The crash test was also done at 50 miles per hour with only front airbags as standard equipment and got a Good Vehicle Stability Control rank. The test drivers were very happy about the control over the vehicle during aggressive braking maneuvers.

For off-road driving conditions like sand, dirt or snow, they felt the ride was smooth without feeling like they had less control over handling the SUV. For these conditions there is optional all wheel drive available that many drivers prefer to purchase.

Which Mercedes-Benz is the safest?

When it comes to safety, there are many cars that offer the same level of protection, but none of them can match the level of safety offered by the Mercedes-Benz.

The company’s slogan is Protect what you love, which sums up their mission perfectly. The company takes great measures to ensure all occupants are safe on board and also as pedestrians when involved in an accident with another vehicle.

They prioritize safety at every stage from design to manufacturing so that they can be confident in the product being delivered to customers.

Conclusion on Safety Ratings

The 2021 Mercedes G-Class has a 5 out of 5 safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The G stands for the vehicle’s ability to go off-road, but it also means that the car is safe on the road.

In order to receive a five-star rating, an automobile has to have a great crash test score as well as numerous safety features.
A new feature that was added to the 2021 model of the Mercedes G-class is a 360-degree protection system, which protects you from all sides of your car.

This compact SUV can be driven just about anywhere without worry because it is safe in any type of environment.

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