Review Mercedes Benz S Class 2021

Mercedes-Benz-S-Class: Interior, Infotainment, and connectivity

Mercedes Benz S Class 2021 offers a spectacular level of luxury and cutting-edge technology, S-Class Sedan is the flagship of the German company and a statement of success. While history is partly responsible for this prestige, the latest generation tries to improve on its formidable predecessor in every way.

The Mercedes S-class has larger proportions, a richer interior, innovative safety gear, and highly futuristic features. Highlights include 3D gauges, a large OLED touchscreen, steerable rear wheels for better handling, and an active air suspension that smoothes corners and secures passengers in the event of a crash.

A pair of turbocharged transmissions and standard all-wheel-drive should ensure that the 2021 S-Class sedan gets you on time for a business meeting or gala, but luxurious amenities and lounge-style rear seats can be excuses for the delay.

mercedes benz s class 2021

2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class price

While the starting price is well above that of the Mercedes Benz s class 2021 model, the new S-Class offers a number of modernizations and upgrades to justify the six-figure price tag. We think the best luxury item is a powerful engine, so we’d pay extra to own the 496-horsepower V-8 and the more prestigious S580 trunk lid badge.

Mercedes-Benz has announced pricing for the 2021 s class, which will be offered in three trim levels: Luxury, AMG, and Executive.

Pricing starts at $110,850 for the luxury version of the S500, while the S580 starts at $117,350, including a $1,050 destination charge. That’s a significant price increase over the 2021 S450, which starts at $95,300.

mercedes s500

Mercedes S500 is powered by a 3.0-liter flat-six engine that produces 429 horsepower and 384 feet of torque combined with a mild hybrid system. Mercedes s500 2021 is powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 496 hp and 516 lb-ft. If you want more power, you should wait for the AMG tuned version.

AMG versions start at $111,150 for the S500 and $121,650 for the S580. Both versions aren’t full AMG versions, and instead, just get sportier wheels and a body kit to make it look more aggressive.

The Executive model is only available as the S580 model and starts at $132,500. 2021 s class is scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2021.

Talking about the S-Class engine, transmission, and power

Mercedes offers sedans with a 3.0-liter turbo engine and 429 horsepower, in the S500 or a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with 496 hp in the S580. Both powertrains feature a 48-volt hybrid system (called EQ Boost) and are combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive.

The plug-in hybrid models that have an electric range of around 60 miles, the S560 Coupe and Convertible also have a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine but are not electrically upgraded and produce 463 horsepower.

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How reliable are Mercedes S Class?

The correct answer is they are reliable enough, but maintenance is key. A well-maintained S-Class can easily last a long time. Common issues to watch out for are air suspension (it’s a heavy car), minor oil leaks after 5 years, and hybrid blends for newer models.

New Mercedes Benz S Class interior

The interior looks absolutely stunning and the quality is excellent, although the screen behind the steering wheel looks like it’s stuck to the steering column.

new mercedes benz s class interior

Can not be trusted. The dashboard is completely fresh, with four sleek vents in the “pod” along the top, and comes in a variety of high-end finishes including piano black and luxury yacht wood. Too bad it’s just a weird piece of low-quality plastic in your eye line.

There’s a nice large touchscreen on the front and center that lets you control most of the vehicle’s functions, and the rest of the cabin has mood lighting that you can change the color of as you wish. You can choose to have a panoramic glass roof to make the interior lighter, and you can choose a three-seater or two-seater bench in the back.

The S-class rear seats also offer a little more head and legroom, an optional rear-seat with dual 11.6-inch screens in the front seatbacks, and interactive OLED interior lighting.

Do all S-Class have ambient lighting?

Mercedes-Benz S-Class always has one of the best interiors, whether it’s the quality leather, the latest technology, or the sheer number of features it has to offer. But the company is promising a more luxurious experience with the upcoming model. Mercedes has even gone so far as to describe the interior of the upcoming 2021 S-Class as “Third Place”. That means protection between home and work.

One thing to look forward to with the 2021 S-Class is the new ambient lighting. Hundreds of fiber optics of a fully transparent coating coat the door panels and floorboards, each fiber optic fixture consists of approximately 250 LED lights. The goal, according to Mercedes, is for the new ambient lighting to create a single continuous line of light throughout the vehicle.

This new ambient light feature is actually built into the driver assistance program. For example, blind-spot monitoring warns you of a potential collision by projecting a bright red animation throughout the cabin. Additional ambient lighting also works in tandem with the updated Energizing Comfort Control feature, only available as part of the Warmth and Comfort Package.

The same Energizing Comfort features from the previous S-Class and other Mercedes-Benz products also carry over. And like the options found in other vehicles today, it combines music, temperature control, seat massage function, and even fragrance to create a relaxing in-vehicle environment. Everything works either at the push of a button or via the “Hey Mercedes” voice control.

Infotainment and connectivity

State-of-the-art infotainment systems have become the hallmark of modern luxury cars, and Mercedes is upgrading them with the latest and greatest interfaces. Midfield of the S-class sedan is dominated by a large 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen in portrait format, but it doesn’t come with any touchpad or rotary controller.

mercedes mbux

Connectivity is also enhanced by Mercedes MBUX software with enhanced voice control functionality and smartphone-like functions such as facial recognition system from Fully-Verified and fingerprint scanning.

Of course, popular entry-level products like Apple CarPlay and Android Wireless Auto, and Wireless Charging come standard. Mercedes Benz S-class also has a standard Burmester 3D audio system, but a more powerful Burmester 4D stereo system is also available.

How practical is this S-Class type?

Most people will buy the long-wheelbase version, so everyone should have plenty of room. The most comfortable seats are intended for the four-seater version.

Passenger compartment

The Mercedes S-Class is not a small vehicle, so you can easily count on up to five people. With the long-wheelbase model, it can also be defined by the two individual seats in the rear, which have a large console in between. That makes the S-Class a four-seater, of course.

Behind everyone are big boots, plenty of space for a weekend clobber in Cannes or a box of champagne.

storage room

There are four large door pockets that can hold a decent bottle and a medium-sized glove box. There is a large storage space with flaps between the front seats, and in the four-seater version also between the rear seats.

Shoe room

The trunk size is decent, and the trunk cover extends all the way to the rear bumper so you don’t have to lift a heavy bag too high to fit it in the trunk.
Thanks to the electrically operated luggage compartment lid, of course, you don’t have to get your hands dirty when opening and closing. The S-Class has a through-loading facility so that you can also transport longer items such as skis.

How does it feel to drive a Mercedes Benz S-Class?

Comfortable instead of sporty driving – that’s what you expect from a Mercedes sedan. The Mercedes S-Class comes with so much autonomous driving technology that you’ll have to wait for the legislation to catch up before you can use it.

Performance and economy

The engine range includes four engines, two petrol and two types of diesel, all of which are 3.0-liter straight-six, which are connected to an all-wheel-drive via a nine-speed automatic transmission. Both are equipped with a mild hybrid system. It uses a 22hp electric motor that can take over the engine when you accelerate to save fuel and give the engine a boost when you accelerate hard.
The S350 petrol engine has 367 hp and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds. The S500 has 435 hp and manages the sprint in 4.9 seconds.

The diesel range starts with the 286 hp S350d, which is available with rear or all-wheel drive. The rear-wheel-drive car gets 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds while the 4WD car is 0.2 faster. The S400d has 330 hp and is only equipped with all-wheel drive. From 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds.

For those looking to the future, a plug-in hybrid version of the S580e is on the way and will offer a decent power range to save fuel costs. In some respects, this model is also likely to be the quietest-running S-Class – at least when it comes to battery life.
There will also be powerful AMG models for those who prefer V8 sound to the quiet.

Running part

The new Mercedes S-Class is equipped with adaptive air suspension as standard, so only a velvet-covered waterbed should be more comfortable. Because of this, it can occasionally be caught in small, sharp hills in the city.

However, he manages to combine typically luxurious driving qualities with relatively snappy driving behavior. It’s actually quite agile, although the BMW 7 Series may be a bit more interesting to drive. Mind you, who cares if most S-Class owners are likely to experience life in the back seat.

On the toll road, however, this technology can provide your driver with convenience because the S-Class can maintain a certain distance from the vehicle in front, steer the car, change lanes and bring the car to a stop if the traffic has to stop in front of you.

However, where European cars can have rear-wheel steering of up to 10 degrees, British cars do not, so Jeeves has to turn a little more arm around town. The Briton also did without an active suspension system, which tilts the body at an angle to counteract the sway. However, the high-end version from Maybach should have this technology.

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