Mazda 3 Trims 2022: Which is Best For You?

mazda 3 trims 2022

Mazda 3 Trims 2022 – If you want a fun, sophisticated vehicle at a reasonable price, the Mazda3 from 2022 is an excellent choice.

Drivers may choose between sedan and hatchback trims, which provide them with all of the functionality they need.

In addition to its superb looks, the Mazda3 has good fuel economy, a comfortable cabin, and a plethora of safety features.

Take a look at our Mazda3 inventory, or get advice from one of our experts to choose the best car for you.

With the Mazda3, which has eight distinct trim levels in total, you have a wide range of options.

Mazda 3 Trims 2022: What’s New?

2022 mazda 3

Depending on the trim model, the Mazda 3 sedan vs hatchback is still available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drivetrain.

A Carbon Edition trim, which sits between the Preferred and Premium trims, has also been introduced. The starting price for a sedan is $27,415, while the hatchback is $28,415.

In comparison to the base 2022 Mazda 3 variant, the Carbon Edition features a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G four-banger with 186 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque.

The front wheels are torque-rotated thanks to a six-speed automatic. However, AWD is not available in the Mazda3 Carbon Edition.

Additional features include 18-inch alloy wheels, a Bose audio system (with aluminum speaker grilles), gloss black mirror covers, and red leather seating.

The 2022 Mazda 3 Carbon Edition has a unique color called Polymetal Gray Spray.

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2022 Mazda Trim Level Comparison

If you’re looking for an entertaining and sophisticated vehicle with a fair price, consider the Mazda3 in 2022. This automobile comes in two styles: a hatchback and a sedan.

The interior of the vehicle will have a premium feel thanks to the leather-like materials utilized. Including the soft-touch material used throughout the cabin will give the driver a luxurious impression.

What are the Mazda 3 trim levels? The 2022 Mazda 3 offers eight trim levels, including models: 2.0, 2.5 S, Select, S Preferred, S Carbon Edition, S Premium, and 2.5 Turbo and 2.5 Turbo premium Plus available with MSRP starting at $21,150.

mazda 3 hatchback trim levels

2022 Mazda 3 2.0 S

The 2022 Mazda 3 2.0 Sedan is a small car with refined style and defined performance, powered by a 155-horsepower engine and rated at 28 city/36 highway MPG by the EPA.

One of the most popular technologies on offer is Mazda Connected Services, which is available for a three-year trial via the MyMazda App.

The Mazda3 2.0 Sedan 2022 comes standard with Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go, which serves as a safety feature.

  • 155 horsepower
  • Mazda Connected Service
  • MyMazda App
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go
  • EPA-estimated 28 city and 36 highway mpg
  • Black cloth interior

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S Sedan is powered by the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 DOHC 4-cylinder engine with VVT, which produces up to 186 horsepower and has an EPA-estimated 26 city and 35 highway mpg, which is not far off from the 2.0 Sedan’s efficiency rating.

This model is also equipped with several additional technological features for current Mazda drivers.

Including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, as well as an 8-speaker audio system with Mazda Harmonic Acoustics for a smoother listening experience.

You and your passengers can enjoy every journey to the fullest with the Mazda3 2.5 S Sedan, which comes with a black-cloth interior.

  • 186 horsepower
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration
  • 8-speaker audio system
  • Black cloth interior
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go
  • EPA-estimated 26 city and 35 highway mpg

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S Select

This trim of the 2022 Mazda 3 2.5 Select has several exterior design improvements and additional advanced technology, making it one step above the more basic model.

For starters, the Select comes standard with stylish 18-inch alloy wheels, which Mazda drivers and purchasers will appreciate.

Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry and Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert is two intelligent systems available on Select, which will allow you to get around more safely and confidently.

The Mazda3 Select 2022 has the most sophisticated seating options, including a standard black leather interior.

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry
  • Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Black leatherette interior

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S Preferred

As the more sophisticated model of the lineup, the 2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S Preferred comes equipped with numerous interior upgrades.

A power sliding glass roof on the Preferred, as well as an 8-way electric driver seat with 2-position memory and heated front seats, are among the latest features available on the Preferred model.

The Mazda3 2.5 S Preferred also comes with a black or gray faux leather interior.

The SKYACTIV-G DOHC 4-cylinder engine with VVT and FWD or cylinder deactivation is standard on this vehicle, giving it more dynamic performance.

The next level is the Preferred, which features a sliding glass roof with one-touch-open features and interior blinds, as well as a glossy black front grille and front bumper décor.

  • Power-sliding glass moonroof
  • 8-way power driver’s seat with 2-position memory
  • Heated front seats
  • Black or greige leatherette interior
  • SKYACTIV-G DOHC 4-cylinder engine with VVT
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Body-color, dual-folding, power side mirrors with integrated turn signals and memory positioning

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 S Premium

The Mazda3 Premium Adaptive Front Lighting System provides excellent visibility and a much quieter ride, which will benefit Mazda drivers.

The Mazda3 Premium 2022 has a more intuitive safety system with traffic sign recognition and a vibrant Active Driving Display projected onto the glass.

  • Leather-trimmed seats
  • Black or white leather interior
  • Bose premium audio with 12 speakers
  • Centerpoint 2 and AudioPilot technologies
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Windshield-projected full-color Active Driving Display
  • Adaptive Front-lighting System

2022 Mazda 3 Carbon Edition

The new Mazda 3 2022 comes in a Carbon Edition version, which offers a unique design on the outside and inside.

The Mazda 3 Carbon Edition, for example, features 18-inch black alloy wheels and a unique Polymetal Gray metallic paint that set it apart from the rest of the lineup.

For those who want a little more daring and thrilling, Mazda3 Carbon Edition 2022 red leather trim is also available.

Because of a SKYACTIV-G 2.5 DOHC 4-cylinder engine with VVT and front-wheel drive, this model is EPA certified to have a 26 mpg city and 35 mpg highway rating.

  • Polymetal Gray metallic paint
  • 18-inch black alloy wheels
  • Red leather-trimmed seats
  • SKYACTIV-G 2.5 DOHC 4-cylinder with VVT
  • Front-wheel drive
  • EPA-estimated 26 city and 35 highway mpg

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo

The 2022 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo trim level features the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine, which produces up to 250 horsepower and is driven by the i-ACTIV AWD system.

This combination gets you the EPA-estimated 23 city and 32 highway mpg of the 2.5 Turbo.

The Mazda3 2.5 Turbo comes standard with 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, black-finished signature LED headlights, combination taillights, and leatherette-trimmed sports seats in black or greige.

Because of its leather-wrapped steering wheel, paddle shifters, and gear selector, as well as heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, this Mazda is a sporty and exciting option.

  • Up to 250 horsepower
  • Standard i-ACTIV AWD
  • 18-inch black alloy wheels
  • Signature LED headlights and combination taillights
  • Leatherette-trimmed sport seats in black or greige
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifters and gear selector
  • Heated seats and steering wheel

2022 Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus

The final trim level in the Mazda3 lineup is the new Mazda3 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus 2022.

The 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus features a black rear lip spoiler and black or white leather interior, as well as additional design improvements for Mazda drivers.

The 2022 Mazda 3 is powered by a SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo and an i-ACTIV AWD engine.

The 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus comes standard with front and rear parking sensors, as well as a 360-degree Vision Monitor that allows you to see into your environment better.

  • Black rear lip spoiler
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 360-degree View Monitor
  • Black or white leather interior
  • Wireless charging pad
  • 250-hp SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does SKYACTIV mean on Mazda?

Mazda’s SKYACTIV automobile technologies improve fuel economy and engine performance, and they are marketed under the brand name SKYACTIV.

New engines, transmissions, bodies, and chassis debuted in Mazda vehicles beginning in 2011 as part of the Skyactiv technologies announcement.

Are Mazdas as reliable as Toyotas?

Mazda is now the most reliable car brand in the US, outperforming traditional reliability champions like Toyota and Lexus.

This data is according to Consumer Reports’ 2020 Auto Reliability Survey, which collects data about its members’ collective ownership experiences with more than 300,000 vehicles in the US.

What is the difference between Mazda 3 Preferred and Premium?

On the Preferred trim, you can get the infotainment and comfort upgrades. A premium 12-speaker Bose audio system is standard on the Preferred trim, which includes SiriusXM satellite radio functionality.

The driver’s seat is eight-way power-adjustable, while the front seats are heated.

What’s the difference between Mazda Premium and Premium Plus?

What is the Difference? The 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus version combines the new 2.5-L turbo engine with the Premium’s features.

The back lip spoiler, for example, is a little more daring. The wheels are black, just like the 2.5 Turbo.

What is the difference between Mazda3 select and preferred?

The base model Mazda 3 is available with the Select trim. The Standard trim includes extra amenities like a power-adjustable driver seat, whereas the Preferred trim is identical to the Standard.

The Premium package includes the greatest interior and technological features, such as heated and genuine leather seats.

The Final Verdict

If you want a car with all-wheel-drive and leather seats, however, if you don’t need navigation or a premium Bose sound system, the Preferred trim level is for you.

If, on the other hand, you want spectacular performance and canyon carving thrills, but if performance and canyon sensation are what you need.

Then this Mazda3 Turbo model will meet your needs with an engine that produces 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque through all four wheels.

To put it another way, you’ll be happy with your Mazda 3 Trims 2022 for years to come, regardless of which one you purchase.

It’s no surprise that in such a competitive market, this small near-premium compact car can perform so well. It’ll be worth watching how it develops in the future.

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